Happy New Year, 2016

January 01, 2016

Another opportunity for a new beginning,…
Another year to dream big…
Another year of endless possibilities!

As we ring in the New Year and look back at how quickly 2015 flew by, and how much has happened in just one year, it is thrilling and overwhelming, both at the same time! The only thing constant about 2015 was, change, changes we have tried to own and embrace, and changes we have swiftly adapted to!

A quick recap of the last 365 days…
We welcomed 2015 Hawaiian style, hoping and wishing that it would be a year as rocking and rolling as 2014. Well, it certainly was several steps ahead of 2014, in every which way. 2015 came with its own twists and turns – some unexpected and some anticipated, some encouraging and some unnerving. Nonetheless, it was yet another year full of excitement and adventure.
We are thankful for all…
the opportunities time has presented,
the blessings life has bestowed upon us,
the loving moments we got to cherish with the entire family,
the new people we have met who have touched our lives,
the new places we have been able to explore.

On New Years Eve, as we counted down the clock to strike 12, it dawned on me that this was the first time in 6 years that we celebrated New Years away from our favorite bunch in New York, the first time in 6 years with no wild drunken house parties, the first time in 6 years of no million pictures with my darling girlfriends, and the first time in 6 years away from our second home, NYC! 

Living in a new city means an opportunity to begin new traditions that we can cherish for a long time to come. I welcomed 2016 with my darling hubby and dear brother, gazing at the Space Needle and awestruck by its spectacular fireworks! 

And as I write this blogpost on day 1 of 365, I tell myself (and the rest of you) – 
face your fears,
follow your heart,
embrace change,
dream big,
go after what you love,
and most importantly, live life one day at a time!

Heres to another year of new adventures, new experiences, and lots and lots of fun! Wish you and your loved ones a very Happy New Year - one that is filled with love, laughter and happiness!!

Looking forward to all the amazing things 2016 has in store for all of us! :) 

How did you ring in the New Year?

‘Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits’.

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