Valentine's Day | Seattle Celebrations

February 16, 2016

Hope you all had a lovely Valentines Day/Weekend! If you know me, you know just too well that I go all out to celebrate Birthdays, Valentines Day, Anniversaries or for that matter, any other special occasion. To me, love (life) is a beautiful thing, which should definitely be rejoiced and celebrated every single day (and I do), but there is no harm in dedicating a day to go all out and make it extra special!

When it comes to Valentines Day – people either love it or love to hate it (and I get that)! V-Day has a reputation for being a (commercialized) Hallmark holiday - the added pressure to spend $$ on gifts, flowers, chocolates, dinners, etc., but why should doing something nice for your loved one be viewed as such? Dont we all give into other pleasures and spend money every year on many un-important things? And who said one has to spend hundreds of dollars on it anyway? A simple yet thoughtful gesture is all it takes to express ones love!! And even if you are single, why not indulge a bit and celebrate love for yourself? 

V-Day has another special significance for me – years ago, on Feb 13th, I first spoke on the phone to the then stranger, now my darling husband, and our conversation carried on for over 7 hours, into the wee hours of Feb 14th, no kidding (like we were bound to fall in love ;))!! I have no recollection of the conversation itself but it happened, all I do remember is that I just couldnt stop blushing after days to come and I still do every time I think about it (like right now as I type this post) :)

Though we usually plan a vacation during Valentines Day, this year we stayed put, but the celebrations have been ongoing.  As I said in this post, its a month of love and celebrations on the blog (and in the house).  We kick-started celebrations the day I started making V-Day special dishes for the blog, recipe here and here (hubby couldnt have been happier ;)). 

A week before V-Day, my hubby sent this super sweet message and took me out for a relaxing spa session (he is such a darling, isnt he, I totally needed an hour of R&R doing nothing). 
‘Baby, you do so much for me that I can't even keep track of it! You are the best best! Now it’s my turn to do something nice for you. Lets kick back, relax and enjoy this experience together, muah!’ 

For the V-Day weekend itself, we had every intention of celebrating it true Pacific Northwestern style, by which I mean going for a hike (more on what else we find romantic here). But Washington chose to rain on our plans, like literally!! And we just made the most of our time indoors. On Saturday, we enjoyed a five course home cooked meal (recipes to hit the blog in the coming weeks), watched a movie and drank to our hearts content. On Sunday, I put on the white dress my hubby presented and we went for a stroll in the drizzling rain and took in Seattles way of celebrating love. We then watched Deadpool in a dine-in theater and laughed unstoppably to Ryan Reyonlds brilliant performance. Theres just something so romantic about a dine-in theater – it was a perfect ending to the weekend of love! 

How did you celebrate Valentine, Galentine or Singles Day? <3

“Love doesn’t make the world go ‘round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile”.

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