Valentine’s Month | LOVE | Burlap DIY Gift

February 01, 2016

Its February you guys, 2016 is 31 days old, can you believe it??? Feb is my favorite month of the year, cuz love is always in the air; its the month of cupid (Valentines Day) and the month I found my lifetime valentine (Wedding Anniversary), so a bazillion reasons to celebrate. I am kick-starting the month of love on the blog with this easy and quick DIY gift (and stay tuned, lots of love'-themed blog posts to follow). 

But first, let me say…
I am a hopeless romantic, I am all hearts and flowers (and I am proud of it ;)). I wonder why being a romantic and doing sweet/silly things for the person you love is mostly tagged cheesy (now, I think thats just silly, pssst!!). When people go about showing anger and hatred without an ounce of hesitation, why the hesitation to show love, really?  Anyhow, expressing love, no matter how, is sweet and romantic, but not at all cheesy to me – its the simple pleasures in life! 

And, my idea of romance; the list is rather long, but heres a quick snippet…
Walking by the beach at sunset holding hands,
Cozying up on the couch watching a romcom while sipping wine,
Road trippin,
Sweating with the hubby (now, now, don't let your imaginations run wild), I meant doing Insanity workouts at home (while Shaun T screams at us, ' push yo, push, push, push it through'),
Catching the sunrise,
Going on a hike with the hubby,
Hours of conversation (and pointless arguments :p),
Gazing at the sky on a starry night
Going for a run together when the weather is beautiful,
Or, the good ol candle light dinner!
Whats your idea of romance?

Alright, back to the DIY project…
Last summer, when I was shopping for our new apartment, I spotted a super cute burlap pouch that said HOME and I decided to DIY it, but with LOVE instead. This darling LOVE burlap art now adorns my living room gallery wall. It makes such an adorable handmade gift that you can customize for any occasion (V-day, birthday, party favors, etc.), and so easy to make that even kids can try their hand at it.

Materials needed & Instructions

Burlap pouch (or any jute cloth) : Michael's Craft Store (similar here)
Acrylic paint : Blick Art Supplies (similar here)
Brush : Aaron Brothers (similar here)

Decide on a word you like and choose paint colors that stand out on the burlap material, I went with black and turquoise (duh!). Squeeze some paint onto the brush and write directly on the pouch with the brush. Apply at least two coats of paint (wait 5 minutes between coats). Let it dry, and thats it, you are done and your artwork is ready to go up on the wall or be gifted to your valentine…easy-peasy!!! 

I love burlap and theres plenty of ways to play with it, this is just one of my many favorites! 
What is your favorite burlap DIY project?

“Love is a gift - if you get it, appreciate it. If you don’t, don’t be sad… Someone, somewhere is still wrapping it for you”.

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