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March 08, 2016

It feels like forever ago and yet feels like it was just yesterday, when we tied the knot and took the seven holy steps (Sapthapadi)! 

Sapthapadi: The Seven Holy Steps…
With the first step – Promise to nourish each other
With the second – To grow together in strength
With the third – To preserve wealth
With the fourth – To share all joys and sorrows
With the fifth – To care for family
With the sixth – To be together forever
With the seventh – Promise lifelong friendship

5 years ago, I sent my wedding invitation to friends and wrote…
Little did I know that the new decade would start off with my most momentous years - when I would find my 'prince charming' and get married to him!!! We complement each other in every which way and are eagerly looking forward to the adventure (or should I rather say mystery) that lies ahead! ;).

Growing up, as practical a person as I tried to be, the girly girl in me always lived in a fairy tale world and fantasized about a prince charming who would one day find me and sweep me off my feet (can you blame me, I grew up watching (Indian) Bollywood movies ;)). It often scared me that I would end up being disappointed and hurt, but feelings are feelings, and I have never been successful at making my heart listen to my mind.
Fast-forward several years since that fantasy world, and 5 years since that invitation…
I have been happily married to my prince charming, who in every which way has (effortlessly) made my life far better than any fairy tale I ever imagined. And for that, I thank my stars every single day, for marriage is sure a mysterious adventure and I couldnt have asked for anyone but my husband to embark upon the wonderful journey that it has been! It often makes me wonder how two people, despite all the differences, despite all the flaws, can still be so perfect for each other. #touchwood

They say, marriage is hard, but touchwood, in 5 years I have never once felt that way! They say, marriage takes away your freedom, if anything I have always felt as free as a bird in my marriage, I have never once felt restricted to do anything I ever wanted to! Its what we make of the lemons that are thrown at us, right? Its all in the perspective; its what we choose to focus on…
Our lives arent perfect, and whose is? 
We have our ups and downs, just like everybody else!
We are both very different and yet very similar!
We argue and fight over the silliest things, but we instantaneously agree when it comes to the things that matter! 
We believe in being happy and celebrating life!  
We believe in being positive, loving, caring and sharing!
And, we try to make the most of each day, everyday, and thoroughly enjoy the simple pleasures in life! 

I often wonder; How did I end up with the most perfect man for me? Maybe I am as happy as I am in my marriage because…
I never gave up on my dreams, I never gave up fantasizing (thats not to say I am telling you to too), I never gave up on believing in love (no matter what the circumstances were), and I never gave up on the existence of a soul mate. I never gave up on life! And since being married, I have not one day taken my marriage for granted. I value my marriage more than anything in life and thank my stars everyday for all I have been blessed with. I fall hopelessly in love, every single day, with the man of my life!! #touchwood
I am no marriage expert; being happily married for just 5 years might not seem like a lot (especially when my parents and in-laws have been there and done that for over 30 years now). And yet, I am writing this, to say, its ok to dream, its ok to be vulnerable, and its ok to have loved and lost. I speak from experience when I say this, dont ever give up on the existence of love itself, the wait is worth it. I am not saying dont be practical but just saying that give love (and marriage) a chance. When in a relationship give it your all, and dont wait around for the magic to happen, make it happen!!!  
Remember, someone somewhere is made for you!

And I couldnt agree more with this quote; 
Diamonds Adventures Are Forever!!!
I truly dont care for diamonds but care about the adventures I embark upon with my husband and the memories we make along the way!
And talking about adventures, each year, my husband and I love to celebrate our union in different parts of the world (because, travel surely is a huge part of our lives).  And, I also express exactly how I feel and write a little note on Facebook on each anniversary, which I am sharing here with you (because, love/marriage is beautiful, and we need to embrace and cherish it)…
Year 1: West Coast (US)
An incredible road trip across the coast, a Hugo Boss watch and a coach bag – a perfect way to celebrate 365 days of tying the knot, with a more than perfect husband!

Year 2: Hawaii
Neednt be a high school sweetheart…
Neednt be a college crush…
Neednt be an office fling…
To make a fairy tale marriage spring to life!
With you, my hubby dear, everyday has been a celebration since the day I met you!

Year 3: Scotland, UK, South Africa
I never wanted a fantasy wedding, always wished for a fairy tale marriage, but you, my dear husband, have showed me, who needs a fairy tale when you can have the real thing! You put up with all my tantrums, you know exactly when to accelerate and when to hit the brakes, how well you handle me is a mystery even to me! You give me wings to fly, you make all my dreams come true, and most of all, you make me love you a bit more, every single day!.

Year 4: New York City
Celebrating in New York for the very first time (for more reasons than one). 5 years of togetherness and 4 years of wedded bliss…a lot has changed and a lot more is the same, but the fact remains that I am smitten by you, all the very same, always feel on top of cloud #9 for when I found you!!!

Year 5: Australia
"We might have different styles, but we will always be a perfect pair...I love that, and I love you'. Let the celebrations begin…"
We celebrated our fabulous five in the land down under and just returned from a two-week anniversary-vacation. More pictures over on my Instagram, and stay tuned for our memoirs from Australia to hit the blog soon.

At Loch Ard George, Twelve Apostles: Looking back at five fabulous years of being blissfully married and our incredible journey thus far! #touchwood

How long have you been married for (or are in love)? And what is your favorite thing about being in love/married?

“The greatest marriages are built on teamwork. A mutual respect, a healthy dose of admiration, and a never-ending portion of love and grace.” 

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