Love The Skin You Are In | Timeless Wrap Dress

March 11, 2016

About a month and half ago, when I posted my first fashion outfit post, I got an offer to collaborate with the fabulous Visette Boutique located in Seattle and I couldnt be more thrilled, I was literally on cloud nine! It is a fairly new but an upscale and trendy boutique, so it meant a lot to me (and my new blogging journey)!

This Wrap Dress (designed by Sezin Karabulut, is from Turkey) is the first dress I picked up from Visette Boutique; it really was love at first sight when I saw it. Wearing this dress I felt like a diva walking around the streets of Seattle! Every time I wear something from Visette boutique, strangers shower me with compliments and this one is no exception (and oh yes, I will take it, who here doesnt like compliments?)! 

Wrap dress is a wardrobe essential – it is a day-to-night outfit, both sexy and sophisticated, looks great on anyone, and most of all, it is timeless! This wrap dress is feminine, edgy and I basically love everything about it - the perfect fit, the silky material, the grace it flows with, the high-collar-V-neck combo (OMG!) and the gorgeous color. The first thing that occurred to me when I laid my eyes on the dress is, This is such a great color for any woman, no matter her complexion, and thats proved to be right as many ladies of all complexion have expressed their love for this color on my Instagram :)

And that brings me to a topic very close to my heart…

I grew up with a huge inferiority complex as a child. While young and naïve, I was often a victim of being treated unfairly due to my skin complexion. There were always narrow-minded folks (certain teachers at school and extended family members) who thought only fair-skinned people were beautiful (Indians have quite a skin color diversity and there are still plenty who have an obsession for fair-skin). You know, when they treated the fair-skinned kids well but didnt even so much as acknowledge my presence, it did have a very negative impact on me as a kid. My skin color used to upset me for days and I would cry, even resorted to using fairness creams (one of my mistakes having been an indirect advocate)! It wasnt just me, but plenty of kids and adults alike were (and still are) subjected to such cruelty!!! 

But as I grew up, my perception changed. I realized the problem isnt the color of my skin and I am not the one that needs to be ashamed of being dark-skinned. On the contrary,, people who judge and mistreat others based solely on their skin color (or any such petty biases) are the ones who are dark on the inside and should be ashamed!!! I decided that I do not need such people in my life and I couldnt care less if they acknowledged my presence or not, for I seek genuine and meaningful relationships (as I said in this post). I slowly started to embrace and grew to love my dusky skin complexion (I wouldnt have it any other way). Dusky is sexy, yes?

And thats a very valuable lesson I learnt, which I apply to all walks of my life and want to share with you all today; Love the skin you are in – we should all be proud of how we look and what we are, no one can make us feel any inferior unless we let them. Skin color discrimination is certainly not a thing of the past, we still witness it all around us, so lets do our part to not encourage its existence, lets stand up to it and if at all possible, fight it! 

Beauty isnt about having a pretty face.
Its about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and a pretty soul.

And thats exactly some of the reasons I love collaborating with  Visette Boutique; Visal Sam, the owner is a warm and down-to-earth person. Visal advocates embracing ones inner beauty and will make you feel like a million bucks! She knows all about fashion and carefully handpicks dresses and accessories that are independently created all over the world. If you are a local, I urge you to stop by her Boutique on  Capitol Hill, Seattle and check out her collection, but if you are not, feel free to shoot her an email and she will be happy to assist you. 

Outfit Details
Wrap Dress : Visette Boutique
Booties : Aldo Shoes (Similar)
Gold Bracelet : Express (Similar)

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.” 

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