"Seven Days Without Exercise, Makes One Weak!"

March 14, 2016

(Insert singing tone) step, Walk, STride, and RUN, and huff, and puff, and sweat, anddd repeeeat!!! 

Dont laugh at me you, this was my plight over the weekend when I realized its already mid-March and I am sooo off my workout goals for the year, UGH!! Though disappointed with myself, I do NOT feel miserable about having missed my goals (read on to know why...), but I am ready to tackle my lack of workout discipline, HEAD ON…
And if you are anything like me, we need some extra push this year, yes? So lets motivate each other to get back on track, pronto!!!

Lets start with what working out means to each one of us – to me, it is a way to stay fit, energetic and healthy! Sure, it feels great to shed a few inches around my waist, but that to me is just an added bonus!! 
So jot down, what does working out mean to you?

Over the years, my hubby and I have tried several different workouts on the path to staying fit and healthy – starting 2012 with Insanity (Shaun Ts 60-day workout program, he kicks your a**) to multiple variations of the latest HIIT craze, you name it and we have most likely already tried it! 
What workouts have you tried in the past?

Insanity / T25
Jillian Michael's 
Running / Jogging
Gym Workouts
Spinning Classes
Bollywood / Dance workouts (Belly dancing) (me)
21 Day Fix (me)
and a gazillion other workouts on Youtube
Whats your favorite workout program?

The hubs and I both like variety in our workouts, it's hard (not to forget boring) to follow the same workout regimen everyday. And the truth is, we simply can't see through an entire workout program. Take Insanity for example – we started the program several (like several) times in the last 4 years but have only been at it for about 3-4 weeks at a time (seems like a fateful pattern ). Life always gets in the way, you know what I am talking about. 
What is your workout pattern like?

It seems as if the whole universe is conspiring against every individual that wants to get into a workout routine – there's always that festival, some social gathering, vacation or those never-ending office deadlines. Familiar? Yes? Tell me about it! No? Huh!!! You are probably one of the super-disciplined ones that I wish I was – discipline, I tell ya, is HARD work (so hats off to you!)
Are you always disciplined with your workouts or do you (just like me) make excuses?

In the past, once I strayed off my workout routine, I almost always ended up feeling miserable for not being able to push myself through a complete program, so miserable that I wouldnt workout for weeks (sometimes even months) And it would be forever before I put some sense in my head to get back to working out again, double UGH!!! 
Are you sailing in the same boat, or are you mentally stronger than I am to push yourself and follow through?

But now, I don't feel miserable about missing workouts anymore and have made my peace with it. Think about it, it does NOT really matter which workout routine we follow or if we complete the entire 60-day Insanity program. What matters is that even if we skip our routine, we are resilient about getting back to it and huff, and puff, and SWEAT, and make that damn (annoyingly stubborn) fat cry while getting stronger and healthier. That to me my friend, is MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! 
What gives you that sense of workout accomplishment?

I mix it up, I pick a workout program based on whose routine I feel like that day, and confusing my body works wonders for me, and also doesnt bore me to death. Thats not to say that you shouldnt follow a workout program, just saying workout regardless…. To me, I know I am healthier and more fit than I was yesterday and that is what's more important to me.
How do you keep your workouts interesting? Do you strictly follow a workout program or do you go with the flow?

My long-term workout goals: I have come a long way since the first time I got my Insanity on (4 years ago)! I always thought of myself as a physically strong woman with amazing stamina (I still do despite being petite) but Insanity kicked my butt. So, to please my ego, I do eventually want to complete Insanity (Shaun T, I am coming for you!).
How are you doing with your workout goals for the year? 

Lets take those notes and turn them into actions! We have got this! Now, lets hit the floor…

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“When life knocks you down…do a burpee!!!”

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