A Day Cruise & A Versatile Cocktail Dress

March 17, 2016

If you have been following my blog, last week I ever-so-enthusiastically published the Wrap Dress look I put together for Visette Boutique. Today, I am sharing another one of those versatile looks that can effortlessly be worn day to night…

When the hubs and I went on a two-week vacation to Australia last month, I told myself, I am not going to go to Australia and not carry a dress from Visette Boutique for a special occasion! Though my initial plan was to wear this lovely cocktail dress for a night out in the city, I ended up wearing it on the Sydney Harbor day cruise (well, one is bound to switch things up on vacations). And thanks to this dress for saving the day! 

Excuse the mismatched accessories here, note to self – dont run out the door grabbing a jewelry pouch without checking whats in it, duh!! Has that ever happened to you? I dont usually carry high heels on trips, or I would have definitely paired this dress with one of my favorites. Anyhow, this dress is so forgiving and so beautiful by itself that whatever else I wore (or didnt) hardly mattered! This time, not only did I score a lot of compliments on the cruise, but my hubby dear got told, your wife is gorgeous several times too! I attribute a lot of the credit to (of course) the dress ;)

While a cocktail dress is generally worn in the evenings or to parties, a versatile cocktail dress can be worn day to night!

Tips to buy a Versatile Cocktail Dress

Color: Muted, neither too bright nor too dull
Material: Light and comfortable, nothing too heavy
Design: Simple style and patterns, stay away from anything gaudy
And finally, pair it with a blazer, does it look like something you can wear to work, check! Jazz it up with some sparkly accessories and slip into high heels, are you ready to rock the night? Double check!!

Great, then pick out that cocktail dress and plan your next occasion to flaunt it! 

To me, this midnight-blue dress by Basix from Visette Boutique met all of the above criteria and I wasted no time picking it up! 

Whats your favorite style for a cocktail dress?

Stay tuned for all the details and pictures from our Sydney Harbor day cruise!!!

Outfit Details
Dress : Visette Boutique 
Copacabana Earrings : Chloe + Isabel (My Boutique)
Statement Pendant Chain: Chloe + Isabel (My Boutique, Similar)
Statement Ring: Chloe + Isabel (My Boutique)
Open Cuff: Chloe + Isabel (My Boutique, Option 1, Option 2)
Crossbody Fringe Purse: Steve Madden 
Platform Sandals: Nine West (Similar)

“Dress like you’re embracing life, not hiding from it.”

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