La Marzocco Cafe & Showroom | Seattle

April 19, 2016

La Marzocco, the famous 89 year old Italian espresso machine manufacturing company, headquartered in Florence, opened its first cafe and showroom in Emerald city, Seattle, this past Saturday, April 16th, with a vision that is more than just to  serve coffee…

“A café that serves as a stage for specialty coffee. Featuring monthly, rotating coffees and coffee service, designed and curated by leading coffee voices from around the world”.

I, along with a few blogger buddies got a peek at their space and a taste of their coffee (and hot chocolate) a couple of days prior to the opening (thanks to their fun and friendly staff). For someone that is constantly on the lookout for new coffee places to work out of (and for my coffee dates), I am thrilled by its opening at just the ideal location, inside KEXPs (global radio station) new home at Seattle center (with a sneak peek of Space Needle from inside the cafe). And I must admit, I was seriously blown away by the design of their cafe and concept. 

Apparently, the design of the space is inspired by La Marzoccos history - the custom bar is said to reflect some of La Marzoccos factory aesthetics in Florence and the walls have a floor-to-ceiling mural of the city of Florence. One side of the wall showcases some of the best commercial espresso machines historically designed by the company, while another has a quote (being a huge fan of quotes, it instantly won me over) on the wall below which theres a range of home espresso machines. 

La Marzocco also wants to be a learning destination for coffee enthusiasts where they wish to teach the art of espresso to their customers/guests (the first of its kind!). During their home barista class, guests can learn from the La Marzocco team all about making coffee, explore the range of home espresso machines and also gain hands-on experience. 

With the introduction of their Roasters in Residence program, each month they will have one of the renowned coffee roasters/brands from around the world take over the cafe, bring in their machines, design a new menu, train their staff and prepare coffee for the customers - meaning customers have a new experience and get to try different coffee, every month, all in one great location!

Their first and current Roaster in Residence is Portlands Stumptown Coffee Roasters, American craft coffee pioneers who will be serving coffee at La Marzocco until the end of May. 

If you are a local, I urge you to visit La Marzocco cafe and showroom, use the below coupon, get yourself a Cup of Joe, take a selfie, shoefie (the floors are way too pretty not to), tag lamarzoccocafe on Instagram (I anticipate a ton of these in the near future), sit by the window, and get lost in thoughts while staring at the Space Needle. But if not, do make a note to check them out when you visit Seattle!

I anticipate myself spending several hours at La Marzocco, so if you happen to spot me while you are there, do stop by and say hello (would love an impromptu coffee date) :)

Which is your favorite cafe where you live? 

“Life is too short for bad coffee”.

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