Melbourne Graffiti Art | Photo Essay

April 26, 2016

Before experiencing beautiful Sydney and adventurous Cairns, our first stop in Australia was Melbourne. Among many other things, Melbourne is also famous for being one of the worlds greatest street art capitals in the world! During our vacation in Melbourne, what impressed us most was the expression of art on the streets and walls of the city. Theres a plethora of unique and interesting forms of urban street art on display - murals, graffiti, stencils, art installations, stick-ups etc that are unique, interesting and vibrant. One will inevitably stumble upon the hidden gems (and surprises) with every twist and turn around the alley-ways, so much so that even garbage bins covered in artwork will awe-inspire you. While one could spend hours exploring, staring and interpreting the meaning of these art forms in different neighborhoods, Hosier Lane in particular is the one we liked the most for its energy, vibe and crowd, and it comes alive with every inch of the street covered in oh-sooo-colorful-art! 

Which genius piece of work below is your absolute favorite, and why? 

“Life is the art of drawing without an eraser”.

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