VTIN HD Phone Lens | Review

April 22, 2016

Thanks to  Victsing for sending me a sample of VTIN 2 in 1 Professional HD Camera Lens Kit for testing and review. All opinions expressed here are unbiased and my own. 

I think I found me a new (best friend) toy that I will be taking with me everywhere! I am sure some of you use a phone camera lens (or do you?) but I hadnt even considered  getting one until I heard about VTIN 2-in-1 phone lens. And now that I have one, I wonder why Id never even thought about it, I mean, I take photos on my phone for my blog and Instagram all the time (hey, dont judge, you do too ;)). Especially if you are a blogger, wanderlust, foodie, Instagrammer and/or Facebooker (wait, I totally made them up, are they real words now?) then this is a good investment ($24.99 on Amazon right now). Since I havent used a phone lens, ever, this review is purely based on my experience using this one product (without any comparison) and I wont bore you with the detailed product description and specs as you can find that on Amazon

The product comes neatly packed in a small box and contains two lenses (rather 2-in-1) - a wide angle lens and a macro lens, along with a universal clip, a small carry pouch and an instruction card.  The lens was easy to clip onto both the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Note 4 phones and I could immediately start taking photos without worrying that the lens will slide down. I snapped pictures of the same object(s) on both phones with and without the lens attached and I could clearly tell the difference (again, why did I not buy a phone lens sooner?). The wide angle lens captures a larger frame and the macro lens is good at capturing the really minute details of the subject(s). 

The lens feels heavy and will take some getting used to carrying around an even heavier phone (my hubby already makes fun of how heavy my Note 4 phone is when I have the phone case on). To use the wide angle lens both the lenses should be screwed together since that is the only way it can fit into the clip (wish that wasnt the case). To use the macro lens, one needs to be very close to the object (like 4-5cm close) - The subject remains blurry (dont worry)  until you are close enough. This will take a bit getting used to but it is great for those uber-close macro shots.  The kit comes with only one cap to cover the lens and you cannot put it on the wide angle lens when the macro lens isnt attached to it - this was a little disappointing to me. If I was only using the macro lens, I would have liked to be able to protect the wide angle lens with the cap and put it away in my purse. 

All in all, I think a phone camera lens is a pretty fun accessory to own (and will make for a great gift too!). And since it comes with a 45 day money-back and 12-month worry-free guarantee, no harm giving it a try.

Stay tuned as the post will be updated with pictures that will be taken with this phone camera lens during my weekend shenanigans ;)  Updated, pictures from my weekend hike - top images are from my phone and bottom images are using the phone lens, macro and wide angle. 

Tell me, have you used a phone camera lens before, if so which one and do you like it? If you havent, then would you consider getting one? 

“Life is like a camera lens. Focus only on what’s important and you will capture it perfectly”.

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