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May 27, 2016

...And the show didnt end there, I mean it did but that didnt stop me from being starstruck - when it was my turn to get a picture taken with Ken Downing, he said you look adorable my darling and I couldnt stop gushing for hours after!!! 

Thanks to my darling friend, Mimi Banasik with Giorgio Armani at Neiman Marcus, last week I got to watch (I really mean gape with wide-open-mouth-and-eyes!) a live fashion show!! Certainly a highlight of my blogging journey! And it would be really unfair if I did not share this special experience with you - coz it wasnt just any fashion show but one that was full of life, laughter and fun, interspersed with plenty of fashion tips and gyaan by none other than the Senior Vice President and Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus, Ken Downing - a fashion guru (and a Seattleite)!

You can read more about Ken Downing here.
Downing travels the world hunting down the most fashion-forward pieces and dictating the next seasons fashion trends.

Too bad I did not have my DSLR camera with me and my phone wouldn’t keep up with the catwalk :-/

I took gulps of rosé champagne, chatted with my blogger babes, snapped several Instagram-worthy-photos, while impatiently waiting for Ken Downing to make his appearance. And once he came onto the pink carpet, the entire floor suddenly fell silent, lost in his charm and engrossed in everything he said. Soon after, the models started walking the ramp, flaunting the latest and greatest collection curated and styled by Ken Downing himself. 

And to me, more than whats put in front of your eyes, it is about how it is presented - Ken Downing was a genius at both, in the what, and the how!!! I was transfixed... Every time a model walked the runway, Ken provided a brilliant narration of the outfits and shared gems of fashion advice, all the while being jovial and quoting anecdotes from his life. And if something didnt live up to his standards, he walked with the models and fixed it on the runway, matter-of-factly. 

Dont worry about what others think you should wear, wear what makes you feel good
(My respect for him doubled when he said this and I couldnt help but vigorously nod my head in agreement - coming from a fashion icon, this was a surprise (but in a good way)!)

More is more, less is a bore. 
(Which Mimi says is her motto and I guess mine too :)). 

When print goes too far it looks its absolute best! 
(I definitely have to try this soon). 

Dont shop based on the season.
(Yes, whoever said no white after labor day, are you listening?)

Bring out all your rings, of all styles and colors and stack them on your fingers until theres no more space on your thumb, and then, add some more.
(Now if only they made all those gorgeous rings in my size #PetiteGirlProblems)

Layer your clothes and layer your jewelry, layer everything, it looks super chic.
(Now who could argue with that?)

Blazers are not just for men, women rock them too.
(Absolutely, if anything we rock them more haha :))

Embrace the hair that comes out of your head.
(He said this as a model with huge mounds of curly hair coming out of her head walked the runway, and I couldnt help but think of all the favorite people in my life that complain about curly hair)

There you have it, some incredible fashion advice from Ken Downing. 
And wait, do you have these fashion staples in your closet? If not, it's about time ;) 
Oversize hats, oversize sunglasses, lots of pearls, lace & more lace, platform heels, prints. 

Now its your turn to tell me what your fashion motto is?

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“Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway”.

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