3 Ways To Wear A Floral Dress

June 20, 2016

Happy Summer Solstice aka the longest day of the year! 
Today, June 20th officially marked the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Summer means long days, lots of  sunshine and truck loads of fun! 

Summer also means bright colors and full bloom flowers. You cannot walk down a street without being greeted by beautiful flowers that please your eyes and warm your heart. Theres something magical about flowers, they are a token of love as well as a token of sympathy - there is not a single occasion you cannot bring flowers to, from birthdays to weddings to births to speedy recoveries to funerals (or just because…)! Flowers are soothing, reassuring and refreshing, they put a smile on ones face, makes a heart happy and brightens up a day.

New beginnings, happiness, heartfelt sincerity, accomplishment, etc etc - theres a flower for that…
On a deeper level, each flower and its color has its own symbolic meaning and healing powers (will leave it upto you to find out what your favorite flower symbolizes and how it heals). 

With that, its safe to say that I adore (rather love) flowers and anything with a floral pattern (my closet and Instagram are proof). I cannot walk past pretty flowers without snapping a few (100) pictures, I am sure you already know that if you have read my post on Cherry Blossoms and Tulip Festival. While I dont care about any kind of fashion rules and pretty much wear florals year round, summer just makes it easier to gel with the surroundings. And this particular sleeveless white dress with bold florals is a favorite, so many ways to style it and hence has been on repeat for a few years now. On a warm day just wear it as is, for those chilly evenings or for a more casual look put on a cardigan or denim jacket, and to work, wear it with a bright (to up the style quotient) or neutral color jacket - no matter how you wear it, it looks chic and sophisticated, and for sure going to put a BIG SMILE on your face! 

Fun facts : 
  • My name, Kusum means flower and I love my name (thank you, mommy dearest!). 
  • I joke around that I am a flower with thorns, tread carefully haha (given I am a Taurus and all). 
  • When my hubby and I first started dating, (while exchanging those gazillion texts) he had once said, I want a flower that blooms all seasons (which still makes me blush every time I recount).
I love all flowers and its really hard for me to pick a favorite, but at the cost of being called unfair I will ask you, whats your favorite flower? :)

Outfit Details
Floral Dress :  Banana Republic (In love with this)
Denim Jacket : Guess (Similar)
Coral Jacket :  Ivanka Trump (Similar)
Earrings : Aldo (Completely different but love this from my boutique)
Ballet Flats: Nine West (Similar color)
Heels : Nine West (In love with this)
Clutch : Nine West (Similar color)
Kendra Scott Necklace : Rocksbox (Use code sveeteskapesxoxo' to get a free month on me) 
Gorjana Carine Ring : Rocksbox (Use code sveeteskapesxoxo' to get a free month on me) 

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”.

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