Giorgio Armani | Top 8 Makeup Tips

June 03, 2016

Some of my current favorites; Giorgio Armani, Neiman Marcus and of course Mimi Banasik… Confused what I am talking about, you wouldnt if you read this post ;) 

Its no surprise that I love makeup!! I always thought of myself as someone who knows plenty about makeup, but apparently not… Not until I met this super-talented makeup artist Mimi Banasik (who is also my darling friend and a fellow blogger) did I realize how little the extent of my makeup skills and knowledge was (sigh!). Makeup artist is not just a namesake for her, she works her hands like an artist too -  exactly how an artist would paint a blank canvas - perfect strokes, attention to detail, final touches, it's all in there. And once shes done with you, you will step out looking like a million bucks!!! 

Now every time I do my makeup, I hear my mirror ask me, would Mimi approve, oh no, thats not where you begin, how would Mimi do it…. No kidding! If I could just hire her to do my makeup everyday I would! Maybe someday, but until then, I will just try to perfect my makeup skills while also sharing some of Mimis tips and tricks with you…

1. First and foremost, start with your eye makeup - you see, then you dont have to worry about that mascara messing your perfect eye shadow, or the unwelcome eye liner streak that you dont care for. (I am guilty of always doing the exact opposite, tch tch, but not anymore!). 

2. Never neglect your eyebrows, always fill in properly. Use a powder or wax based product and apply with a brush for best results. (She says and I quote If your eyes are the windows to your soul, then the brows are the frames", note to self).
Her recommendation: Eye & Brow Maestro from Giorgio Armani

3. Serum adds the moisture back to your skin (after cleansing) and helps prevent it from looking dry through the day. (I never ever applied serum before putting on my makeup).

4. Corrector and concealer together helps tackle those dark circles & skin fatigue. Under the eye, apply eye cream in the middle, corrector on the inner part,  concealer on the outer part, and blend them well. (I always swore by my concealer but never paid attention to the corrector or eye cream).
Her recommendation: Armani High Precision Retouch #3 concealer 

I am not a fan of selfies, but when Mimi does your makeup its a whole other story ;)

5. Apply bronzer followed by blush to contour your face. Swirl the bronzer with a brush in the shape of a 3 across the sides of the forehead, cheekbones and the jawline. (Blush was a part of my everyday makeup but bronzer was saved for special occasions, until now).

6. Always put on your lipstick first and then apply lip liner (not the other way around). (Ah, finally something I did correctly.

7. Highlighter is what completes the makeup and gives you that model like glow. (I used to be like, aint nobody got no time for that, yikes, lesson learnt!). 
Her Recommendation: Fluid Sheer 

8. And no matter what you apply, always blend, blend, blend!!!

For more makeup tips, tutorials or a free (in-person or virtual) consultation hop on over to Mimis blog, you can thank me later ;)

Giorgio Armani Products that Mimi used for my makeup:
Foundation: Luminous Silk #7
Fluid Sheer: #14
Corrector: #1
Primer: Maestro UV
Powder: #7
Blush: #200
Bronzer: #200
Brow Maestro: #1 Pencil
Eye Liner: Eye & Brow Maestro
Mascara: Classico

Whats your biggest takeaway from the above makeup tips or do you have any of your own that you would like to add?

“A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear”.

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