Top 12 Things I Miss About New York City

June 24, 2016

Exactly 12 months ago we bid good-bye to our favoritest city and said,
Home is where the heart is they say - leaving behind a piece of it in our favoritest city in the whole wide world. Words can't begin to describe how much we are going to miss this #‎CityThatNeverSleeps, leaving behind ‎friends that are more like family! And, leaving behind family - a crazy brother who drives 8 hours just to spend 2 hours with me on my birthday, and again, just to see us off at the airport as we bid good-bye to what we called home for a really long time! So long #‎NYC, until next time, much luv!!! #‎Vinsum #‎PricelessMemories #‎EmpireStateofMind #‎OntotheNextAdventure #‎NewBeginnings #‎NewChapter 

It seems unreal that a year has flown by so quickly since we moved to Seattle, heck, it still seems unreal that we ever moved from NYC (Jersey) at all!!! But, isnt that what life is all about - life makes you do things you never imagined, and effortlessly makes you fall in love with the new life…

Having moved from NYC is still a bitter-sweet feeling (would have just said bitter if the Pacific NorthWest didnt make us fall in love with it sooner than we had anticipated, so bitter-sweet it is), but not a day goes by when I dont miss something about NYC (and as if to spite me, every damn show I watch has to show a clip of the city! #unfreakingbelievable and makes me go all, awwwwww I miss NYC #sadface). So heres sharing the top 12 things (12 for 12 months ;)) I miss the most about my favoritest city in the whole wide world (of course, hometown aside, duh!). 

1. The Vibe, The Energy, The Crowd - the hubs and I have travelled to some of the biggest cities in the world and can safely say that no other city comes close to what NYC feels like (and offers). Theres never a dull moment in NYC (even during a hurricane - Sandy for example, believe you me, we were right in the middle of all the action). 

2. The Million Dollar Views - the iconic skyscrapers, the bridges, the river, the people watching, the islands, the parks, the tourists, the brick buildings, the boroughs, the graffiti art (pretty much everything, every view is priceless!).

3. The Subway (and the accompanied entertainment) - train connectivity in the city is one of the best (sure, not the cleanest, and yes, I can list a 100 flaws but...), and runs 24/7 (it sure is a bliss to not have to consult the train times before you plan your day, or night for that matter). And how could I not mention all the talented performances aboard a subway train. Getting lost every single time I went on a new train line and being amazed at just how big the darn city is. 

4. The Restaurants and Rooftop Bars - never a dearth of a new place (and cuisine) to try even if you ate out every single day, 365 days a year (you will never run out of new options). The views from some of NYCs rooftop bars are top notch, not to forget the drinks and dancing. 

5. Central Park - theres something extremely charming about this park like no other. It feels like a whole other world right in the middle of the concrete jungle. No matter what the weather - hot, cold, snow - theres always something exciting to see and do in this park. 

6. Walking - the best way to see any city is by walk and for someone that loves to walk I used to have the best time in NYC (its a whole other story when the temperatures dropped to below freezing). People (tourist) watching while walking sure has its own perks. I still have the New York walk on even in Seattle and often have to remind myself that I am no longer walking in NYC haha. 

7. Lunch, Coffee, Dinner, Drinks - All the impromptu dates with friends or coworkers, exploring a different part of NYC with the hubby after-work and heading out to dinner (oh how I miss that!). And of course picking up the oh-so-delicious biryani from one of the numerous food carts and having a leisurely lunch at the park.  

8. Yellow Cabs - its a love-hate relationship with them. Though, ever since Uber came to NYC we hardly got in a yellow cab. But the yellow cabs sure add a certain look and feel to the city since NYC is dotted with so many of these cabs. But their reckless driving and oh-the-honking, no thank you! They are definitely a part of NYCs culture (and a most seeked photo op) and a priced possession at that.  

9. Nightlife - not just clubbing but NYC defines nightlife like no other. It really is a city that never sleeps - I could walk alone at 1am and still have to wade through a crowd at Times Square, get fresh tasty falafels or kati rolls at 2am, never worry about safety even when taking the train at 3am after a fun girls nightout!

10. Visa Consulates - (yeah call me crazy) NYC had me spoilt with this one! Didnt realize how good we had it until we moved to Seattle - what used to be a train ride away to get to the consulate of any country to drop off documents for a visa now requires a mail or even travel to another state to get it (ugh, so painfully annoying!).

11. This might be true when you move from any city, but then again…
  • Family - Seeing and spending time with my brother (almost) every other weekend (though not a fan of the hubs and him ganging up against me every chance they got). It was a great one year ever since he moved to the east coast after his graduation (now if only he could move to this part of the world already). 
  • Friends - endless conversation with my girlfriends, girls nights hopping from one restaurant to another as we progressed through each course of the meal (drinks, and dessert included) until the wee hours in the mornings, planning and executing elaborate themed parties and baby showers, the numerous get togethers, spending time with the new additions to the ever-growing-gang, the list really is endless...

12. I am going to cheat on this one (sorry not sorry ;)), cuz theres so much more I miss about NYC...
  • Fashion and Style - people dress up in NYC unlike Seattle (sorry Seattle).
  • Crazy People (and their insane outfits) - you havent seen it all until you have seen it in NYC (trust me) 
  • Snow - though I dont miss freezing in cold weather or having to wade through truckloads of snow, but this winter just didnt feel like winter without snow. The city is full of life even in winter and snow, and it's such a glorious sight around Christmas.
  • Random Events & Performances - theres just so much raw talent in NYC. And the free events all over the city, your calendar could be filled just being a part of these events. 
  • My Job, Colleagues (and everything related to it) - the views from the office building(s), getting off the train right by the old World Trade Center and walking on Wall Street to work, dressing up in formals, managing projects, etc etc, (well it really is a long list). Love what I do now, but I do miss having a full time job (in NYC)!

There it is, gosh, I didnt realize just how nostalgic writing about NYC would make me feel. It feels like just yesterday I was there, going about my business as usual and suddenly everything has changed (well most things have). Again, the past one year feels unreal (for so many different reasons and on so many levels) but then again thats reality. Dont think I can ever get over the Empire State of Mind. While I am loving it here in Seattle, NYC will always be NYC.

I often ask myself, when we love and miss NYC so much, can we not just pack our bags and go back? Sure we can, whenever we want to, but the question is, do we want to? A question to which even we dont know the answer - what is it that holds you back and ties you down to a place? 
It's strange, isn't it? Have you ever felt that way about anything?
Change is the only constant - new place, new opportunities, new adventures…  

And today, I also celebrate another milestone, stay tuned to read about it on the blog next week.

P.S: Too bad I seem to have lost many good pictures from NYC, well we might just have to visit real soon and update this space, no? ;) 

“When you leave New york you ain’t going anywhere”.

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