Blogiversary | 6 Lessons I Have Learned In 6 Months

June 30, 2016

Last week in my post, Top 12 Things I Miss About NYC, I mentioned that it was also the day I celebrated another milestone, did anyone guess what that might have been?

My blog turned 6 months old on June 24th! As I said in this post, and this one, everything in life is worth celebrating and every milestone deserves a round of applause. These 6 months of blogging have been one helluva experience for me. I learn something incredible and new everyday, and everyday is a new day!!! 

While its next to impossible to pack everything about this wonderful experience into one post, I want to share with you the 6 most valuable lessons I have learned in the last 6 months of blogging. And honestly, you need not even be a blogger yourself to appreciate and relate to these life lessons. 

1. You are your own boss and that is both a good and a bad thing (mostly good)! You are responsible for designing your own path to success (or failure). Theres a constant pressure to prove to yourself - that you are doing the right thing with your life, that with each passing day you are propelling one step closer to your goal, that you are making a difference (big or small) even if what you are doing is reaching just a handful of people, even if its inspiring just one person along the way, even if its as little as, for example, motivating someone to drop white sugar for brown (every drop counts). You have the urge to want to do everything, theres nothing like you do these 10 things and you are done for the day, theres always that 11th thing you could do to grow yourself and your blog/business. 

2. Not until you do something drastic, something out of the norm do you realize just how much (or how little) your partner, family and friends stand behind you and support you. I dont know how my darling hubby is doing it (if I were him, I would have lost my mind with me, my insane schedule and my crazy ideas), but hes been my rock, my greatest support and my biggest motivation (as always). Simply put, I wouldnt be doing what I am doing without his unconditional backing. And so thankful to my friends who are (some of) my most loyal readers, so appreciative of their texts/comments of encouragement and suggestions. Especially when they want to hear more about a certain topic from me, thats reassurance, that tells me, what I write is useful to others and that it has an impact (and that they care about me and what I do). And that means the world to me… 

3. Consistency is key, sure, but quality definitely wins over quantity. When I launched the blog my goal was to publish two blogposts a week. Though I have tried to be consistent about that schedule, life happens and I havent always been able to publish two posts a week, and thats ok. So instead of beating myself up, its ok to take a break and not post anything at all rather than post something that is subpar or is not worthwhile to my readers - what good is writing a para or two (for the heck of it) without any useful information (and with a million mistakes!?), or publishing two posts a week and disappearing for months, you get the point! When I read others posts its because, I enjoy their writing, I love their perspective on things, I learn something from their posts and it motivates me one way or another, and naturally, that is how I want my blog to be viewed as well. So when I write about a topic, before I hit publish I ask myself, what is the value add to my readers and if the content is of good quality?.

4. When you are the owner, you work your hardest. Having said that, bloggers are some of the most hardworking people I have ever met. Several hours (sometimes days) of hard work goes into a single blogpost - from coming up with an idea for a blogpost to researching to writing to editing (at least a dozen times) to photoshoots, to going over gazillions photos before finalizing on a few handful of photos for the post to finally hitting publish, and thats just half the work done. The real task actually begins after you hit publish - from promoting the post on several social media platforms to engaging with readers to constantly revising the strategy to improve the blog and social media presence. And all of this is besides connecting, networking and building relationships with the readers, other bloggers and brands. You are constantly moving from one thing to the next - the more you do, the more there is to do, every single time! 24 hours a day is just not enough!

5. Blogging and social media can get overwhelming at times and take over your life. Sometimes it gets hard to strike a balance, because, you are your own boss and the channels that you once used for pleasure have now turned into platforms where you promote your blog/brand/business. From time to time its important to switch off and take a break from everything related to the blog/social media (it might sound like a joke coming from me, but trust me, its refreshing) because, when you are your own boss there is no concept of a weekend or the concept of logging off work after at a certain time during the day (or night). It's imperative to balance work and play to avoid burnout. And despite spending so much time on these platforms I still miss out on many updates from friends on Facebook/Instagram because my feed is now filled with a ton of other information, and I have eventually learnt to make my peace with it. 

6. If you set your heart and soul on something, there is nothing stopping you from doing whatever you want, even if its completely unrelated to anything you have ever done in life. Sure, its scary as hell, but its ok to take chances in life and do what you love (and discover new/hidden talents along the way)! For a new blogger, I am extremely fortunate to collaborate and work with so many amazing brands and companies out there. Its strangely inspiring when my blogger friends who have been doing this for years say that they have blogger envy on me (in a good way of course). As I have said in this post, I am my only competition, and a great measure of success for me is to know how far I have come from where I started. And to be honest, when I launched my blog I did not know the As and Bs of blogosphere but today I can confidently talk about its strategy to others. All this to say that since I launched my blog 6 months ago, I have grown in ways I had never imagined. I know that I have barely scratched the surface and that I have a long way to go but as long as I am moving in the right direction, it is all good. 

And reading stuff like the below on fellow bloggers/friends blogs is what makes me aim higher and higher and keeps me going. Thank you Angie Scheie from Chasingmyhalo, you have no idea how much this and your constant words of encouragement mean to me XOXO :) 

Kusum from Sveeteskapes has recently entered the blogging scene but youd never know it from her stunning photos, awesome content, and creative blog design. She is one of those people that has an infectious online personality that actually matches her in real life one. Shes authentic and kind and her blog is one you dont want to miss. 

Cannot say anything more to all my lovely readers than everything I said in my 1 Month Blogiversary post - thank you again for all your love, support and encouragement! :)

Are you an entrepreneur, business owner and/or a blogger? If so which of these lessons do YOU resonate with? What are some of the biggest lessons you have learned?

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