Six Reasons Why IDEA World | BlogFest Was Mind-blowing

July 27, 2016

Elaine LaLanne, wife of The Godfather of Fitness, Jack LaLanne put me to shame (and probably the rest of the 14,000 fit pro attendees from over 60 countries present at the opening ceremony). I mean, where do you get to see a 90 year old woman do 6 pushups (effortlessly without breaking a sweat) right before your eyes? Thats right! Only at The Superbowl of Fitness, IDEA World Fitness Convention! And that was just the beginning of what turned out to be an awe-inspiring 5 days of my life @ideaworld in Los Angeles. 

It's not what you do some of the time that counts, it's what you do most of the time that counts -  Elaine LaLanne during a TV show. 

P.S: All photos are from the phone. I spent an awful amount of time sorting through pictures to finally choose 'just a handful' LOL. Sorry not sorry about the pictures overload, these are way too precious!
More pictures to come to my Instagram and Snapchat @sveeteskapes

BlogFest’ers! Pic Courtesy: SweatPink Team

Elaine LaLanne giving Tony Horton a run for his money, 6 pushups at 90, wowza!!! 

Elaine Lalanne speaking at the opening ceremony

Yes, I got a picture with Elaine LaLanne :)

Full disclosure before I ramble on and on about how-very-inspiring and how all-sorts-of-amazing those 5 days were - I am no fit pro, I aspire to be one though (someday) and I know I have a long way to go but being among hundreds of fitness professionals is about as close as I could get right now and I will take that. You would know exactly what I mean if you have read my previous post on my love-hate relationship with workouts. Now that thats out of the way, lets talk about the most important, aka mind blowing chain of events at IDEA World. 

The energy and passion were intoxicating! 

Being a #sweatpink ambassador, I was one among the lucky 160+ ever-so-energetic #sweatpink bloggers that attended BlogFest which is part of the bigger IDEA World Fitness Convention. Most of us flew in a day before the official convention kicked off (July 13th-17th) and as soon as we checked into the hotel, without wasting any time we went off to hike the famous Hollywood Hills. My amazement and inspiration at what these #fitfluentials do began that very moment and continued for the rest of my time in LA. The days started as early as 5am and ended as late as 12am. Well... when you are surrounded by ambitious-crazies, the days and the nights are all but a blur haha. Meeting new people, chit-chatting, bonding, sharing stories, dinner-dates, partying and sweating together (no pun intended) were just a few of the perks. 

Day 1: Hollywood hike with these badass babes. PC: Carleeh of mamarazza's Instagram 

1. Inspiration, Inspiration and more Inspiration: Inspiration was everywhere, from the keynote speakers to the workshops to the lectures to my fellow-bloggers, almost everyone had a moving real life story to share. You just had to be willing to open your ears and take it all in. Isnt it the best though, when you can relate to famous peoples stories and realize that after all they are mortals too but the difference is that they choose to do something extraordinary with whatever lemons life throws at them to get to where they are today! Every single story was moving but I am going to share two of them here that struck a chord with me the most: 

Six-time Olympic Gold Medal winner, Amy Van Dyken, won the IDEA Fitness Inspiration Award this year. She apparently survived a near-death ATV accident back in 2014 but that didnt stop her from setting a new goal and striving to accomplish it. She is a living example to show the world that your body is not a limit to what you can achieve but your mind is. She totally blew my mind. 

Jenna Wolfes speech both during the opening ceremony and during a lecture at the BlogFest session made me fall in love with her and her ambitious personality. She is real, she is quick-witted and she is amiable. Everything she said resonated with me 100%, including we are forever a work in progress (something I truly believe in and has been my Instagram status for a long time). Her honest remark, I do not know if I did the right thing and I still do not know what I am doing but I will figure it out made a huge impact on me. 

Who the f*** are you to tell me what I can and cannot do? - Jenna Wolfe.

I was thrilled to get a photo with Jenna Wolfe, I love her! 

2. Workout sessions with some of my favorite celebrity trainers: I am not going to lie, I was starstruck and fangirling the entire time and never missed an opportunity to burn those damn calories and snap a picture with these superstars. From Tony Horton (who I love the most among all fitness trainers, oh wait, I might love Shaun T a tad bit more, whatever, I can love them both all the same) to Jillian Michaels to Beachbody Live to Gunnar Peterson to Cassey Ho, they all kicked my butt (when I cant do a full 60 minutes workout to just one of them without huffing and puffing, it was insane for sure to do 3 back-to-back workouts with these fitness gods (and then some more)! My body is still on fire but oh-so-worth-it (you just dont miss such a rare and amazing opportunity)! 

My most anticipated moment, that, right there - workout with Tony Horton <3 

Beast mode on, right before getting my b*** kicked by my favorite Jillian Michaels

With Gunnar Peterson

Just one of the many many workouts 

That moment when you meet one of your favorite Youtubers, with Cassey Ho

3. Exclusive sessions organized by the awesome #sweatpink squad (kudos to Jamie King and Alyse Mason Brill) for us BlogFesters: A wide range of blog/business related topics were covered during these sessions, from blogging content to social media promotions to email marketing to photography to peer blog reviews to various brands speaking to us about what they look for when they collaborate with bloggers - perfect education and motivation for us all! And to top it all off, we had the privilege to workout with a Beachbody Live team (and sweat some more). Plus, we were also fed healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks, and not to mention a healthy happy hour. All the #sweatpink girls did an outstanding job, and just the fact that I know these 7 badass #bossbabes makes me sooo proud! 

These #sweatpink #girlbosses, LOVEEE!!!

After the super-fun Beachbody Live workout with the team 

With Melissa Hartwig, one of the creators of Whole30

Had to get a picture with these lovelies after I bought the cutest #sweatpink tank top

That awesome moment when you walk into a room and realize your favorite POPSUGAR diva is in there too, with Anna Renderer

4. Workshops and workouts through all 4 days: Besides the famous celebrity workouts, you could choose to get sweaty at other workouts or pick any workshop sessions from fitness to nutrition to business - pretty much anything you fancy to gain more knowledge and to get stronger, one way or another. While the workshops were loaded with helpful information and guidance, the workouts were damn good and kicked b*** as expected. I mean, when your whole body is already sore, who wouldnt still love to jump, skip, squat, lunge, crunch, burpee, plank and do every other crazy thing possible with your body. Again, totally worth it and I learned so much about fitness and nutrition in these 5 days than I did over the last several months. 

These lovely ladies are not part of #sweatpink but so glad I met them at a workout session, their energy was freaking-unbelievable 

With Jorge Cruise, the author of Tiny and Full

Perfect end to my 5 days in LA with a bang, circuit party! I could really get used to this! 
PC: John Garey, the instructor 

And of course I had to take a picture with John Garey 

5. Nutrition and Fitness Expo: About 300 fitness and wellness companies set up booths at the expo and provided us with an opportunity to try the latest and greatest products and understand trends in the industry. From a quick workout routine to healthy and tasty samples to conversations with some interesting brands to trying on some really cool apparel to watching several great performances put on by a few of the dance-fitness gurus to loading up on so much amazing swag, this expo had it all. Though just a few hours of wandering amidst the booths between our already jam-packed schedules wasnt nearly enough time to do justice to experience the expo, we sure made the most of it in the limited time we had. 

Sneak peek at just a few of the 'swag'. You will soon get to see the rest on Snapchat or Instagram 

6. Meeting and Networking with like-minded people: Its no surprise that we all like to be surrounded by our own kind, people who share the same passions, people who have the same struggles, and people who fight the same battles. Meeting and mingling with so many #sweatpink sisters made me realize that no matter what our background and no matter where we come from, at the end of the day we are not that different after all.  I was so thrilled to be surrounded by so many encouraging women, we all had so much in common that we instantaneously connected and bonded. Being able to spend 5 wonderful days with so many fabulous people was nothing short of a blessing. They are uplifting and motivating, they are your tribe!!!

At the dinner party photo booth with my two favorites! 

There we are again, this time not-so-funny faces ;)

With Nic Randall, her flex and flow is my goal :-/

One of the many pics from my #snapchat @sveeteskapes.
 If you follow me on Snapchat I am sure you already saw this and many more pictures and videos from the convention :)

There you have it, all the things that made IDEA World Fitness Convention and BlogFest one heck of a phenomenal event. Its been over a week since I got back home from the convention, inspired and motivated like never before - still assimilating and absorbing all that I heard and did during those 5 days in LA. I am so pumped, so high on adrenaline, so full of ideas, and not to forget the sore legs that are still recovering and scream at times, haha. 

Always try to inspire others in any small or big way possible, and always be open to be inspired...

“Fitness is not being better than someone else…it’s about being better than you used to be”.

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