Fall Fashion Trend Report | Neiman Marcus

August 26, 2016

This summer flew by, like real fast - lighting speed fast! Just a few more weeks of Summer left before we all fall into Fall. With that comes an incredible urge to shove all of our summer fashion pieces into the deep corners of our closets and bring out all the hidden snuggly layers. But wait, just not yet, at least not until you find out from the fashion pundits on which of these summer fashion pieces can be seamlessly transitioned into fall, and  also not until you hear all about the latest and greatest from none other than the Neiman Marcus hosted Fall 2016 Fashion Trends event. If you have read my previous post on the  Fashion Show at Neiman Marcus (if not, I urge you to do so and you can thank me later ;)), then you must already be super-eager to get a peek at their Fall collection. 

So heres a checklist and sneak peek on everything you need to know before you go all rogue on your closet (or your wallet) hunting for fall fashion pieces ;) 

Solo gold and high shine metallics
Ripe berry shades
Everything velvet
Fall florals
Skirts that move
The new bomber
Chokers - delicate or daring
Top-notch, top handle bags
The adorned shoe
The dramatic eye

Presenters - from left to right, 
Jennifer McCullum, Style & Design Editor of Seattle magazine
Rosaline Hampton, Stylist and CEO of Rosaline Hampton Inc. 
Terri Morgan, Founder of TCM Models

Photo Courtesy : Gossip & Glamour
 Presenters with the host - Darcy Camden, Founder of Styled Seattle

Now that you have heard from and seen the very best, which of these Fall 2016 Fashion Trends are you a huge fan of? And as for me, I simply LOVE them ALL!!! 

“More is more, less is a bore - Ken Downing.”

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