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August 02, 2016

Life isnt about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning to dance in the rain

Thanks to Western Chief for sending me a pair of rain boots to review. Styling and all opinions here are unbiased and my own.

While I do love cloudy and rainy days, living in a place like Seattle could make even someone like me say, I have just about had enough of this, especially during those 3 months early this year when it just wouldn't stop raining (or rather drizzling). But then again, whatever rain we get here is what makes this the Evergreen State, if you dont believe me, check out my post on Olympic National Park. Having said that, no, it doesnt always rain in Seattle, it is the biggest misconception about this place ever! Arent these pictures proof enough!? Just how glorious is summer here in the Pacific Northwest - it's warm and nice but not hot and muggy like in New York city (hey I love NYC, but it is what it is)!

And if you are staring at my pictures and wondering, What the heck were you thinking wearing rain boots in summer?, well let me tell you my friend, rain boots are not exclusive to rainy season… especially if you live in a place like Seattle they come in handy year round, and this is why…

The day these photos were shot was cloudy and raining on a summer-saturday-morning. So I wore a bright yellow off-shoulder-summery top, put on my new floral rain boots from Western Chief (as I say, bright colors and flowers always brighten up a gloomy day) and the hubs and I stepped out for brunch. To our surprise, by the time we were done with brunch, the weather had completely turned on us - it had become sunny and pleasant, not that we were complaining but we just had to switch our plans from running a couple of errands and then watching a movie in the theater to taking a leisurely stroll along the lake and playing by the water fountain. Thanks to my rain boots, I could play in water all I wanted without getting my pants fully wet (hate having to walk around in wet clothes, dont you?). 

And to be completely honest, I was never a fan of rain boots and didnt think I would ever own a pair. I always thought of them as boring and unsightly but look at these Radiant Floral Rain boots - when they are both fun and functional, I will definitely take one (or more please ;)). These rain boots have a rubber outsole and removable insole, made with a moisture absorbing fabric lining. The adjustable side buckle not only looks stylish but also provides a roomy fit. Love that these boots can also be worn with skirts and dresses and I am sure these will also keep me warm on those cold days. So I can confidently say that Western Chief has certainly changed my mind about rain boots with their multitude of colors and styles. 

Heres a bit about this Seattle based company 
Founded in Seattle in 1891, Western Chief began making boots to hold up against tough weather conditions during the Alaska Gold Rush. Today, Western Chief continues to provide family footwear options for outdoor wear. Footwear offerings range from lovable character rain boots for kids, whimsical and cozy boots for women, durable work boots for men, and more. Whether you need boots for play, trudging through muddy fields, gardening, navigating city streets, or everyday wear - Western Chief has you covered with affordable, functional boots to fit your lifestyle.

Do you love the rain and rain boots or do you absolutely loathe them? 

Call me crazy but I cannot wait for the next rainy day and for some puddles on the streets to play in the rain and make a splash in my new rain boots haha. 

Outfit Details
Rain boots :  Western Chief
Accessories : Rocksbox (use code SVEETESKAPESXOXO for a free month of unlimited jewelry on me)

“When life gives you rainy days, wear cute boots and jump in the puddles.”

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