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September 23, 2016

If you have been following my journey on my Instagram and Blog, then you know all too well that I love to inspire others (and myself) to lead a ‘Happy, Healthy and Fit Life’! Leading a healthy life does not just pertain to being mindful of what we eat and how much we workout, but a large part of it also revolves around being aware and addressing any health issues we might have. Both you and I know that when it comes to diagnosing health issues, it isn’t as easy as it sounds - it involves a lot of time and money, and let's not forget that the diagnostics are often confusing. But thank goodness for companies like Everly Well that make the whole process a lot easier, cheaper, and more understandable…

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EverlyWell is transforming the consumer lab testing experience. Our vision is to empower people to have access to their own personalized health and wellness information so they can improve the quality of their health and live happier lives.

Everly Well provides convenient, at-home health tests with results that people can actually understand - in as simple as 3 easy steps:
  1. Order Test: Select your test and place the order and the order will arrive at your doorstep in 3 business days.
  2. Collect Sample and Send: Take a sample in the comfort of your home and return it to one of their labs for analysis.
  3. Review Test Results: Your results are first reviewed by a board-certified physician and then they are available for you to view online, what more, they are easy-to-read and understand.

This is a huge deal for someone like me who does not like going to the doctors. Being in full control of my own tests and having the ability to review my personalized results online helps me stay on top of my health.

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Everly Well is the only company that is offering a suite of regulatory-compliant diagnostics without a lab visit. Based on your needs, you can choose from a variety of test kits listed below (and just so you know, Everly Well is constantly striving to add more tests with time):
  • Food Sensitivity Test
  • Thyroid Test
  • Sleep & Stress Test
  • Cholesterol & Lipids Test
  • Metabolism Test
  • Heavy Metals Test
  • Inflammation and Vitamin D Test
  • Women's Health and Fertility Test
Photo Source : EverlyWell Website 
EverlyWell Results

Photo Source : EverlyWell Website 
Traditional Results

These comprehensive test kits measure key biomarkers through dried blood spot, urine or saliva samples that are collected in the comfort of your home. I am eagerly waiting to get my hands on some of these test kits and try them for myself, will be sure to share my experience with you in near the future. Until then, head on over to Everly Well's website to learn more about the various tests they offer and identify which of those might be beneficial to you and your family.

Remember, theres always (plenty of) things that we can each do to take control of our own health!!! #Fallintohealth

You can also get a special 15% discount on all products from Everly Well, use code EVERLYFALL10, valid until November 30th 2016.

Thanks to EverlyWell for sending me home testing kits of my choice to review. As always, all opinions are unbiased and my own.

“Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle.”

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