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October 25, 2016

If you have been wondering why I have been MIA for over a month now, its because I was on quite a long vacation, all of 31 days :). First we spent about 2 weeks with friends and family on the east coast and then jet-set off to Europe for another 17 days (you will surely see a ton of Europe posts here in the near future, I promise :)). And during the vacation I just wanted to take a break from everything related to my blog and social media, except Instagram-stories of course. 

My biggest challenge, even before the trip started was, how the heck does one pack for a 31 day vacation, especially when you are a blogger, haha!! It was challenging but surely got all my styling juices flowing, except when the day came, most of it had to be buried under layers (sometimes up to 4 layers, no kidding) thanks to the surprisingly cold weather this time of the year in most parts of Europe we were in. But luckily, the weather in Greece was warm and sunny and I finally got to flaunt some of the clothes I brought with me on the vacation! And while we are at it, wherever it is that you are going this fall to escape the sweater weather (or even if you are going some place cold), I want to urge you to pack these three essential fashion pieces so you can travel in style. 

1. Off-The-Shoulder / Cold-Shoulder: I have always been a huge fan of this trend and was so thankful that off-the-shoulder tops/blouses/dresses are back this year, and that too with a bang! I do not know a single fashionista who has not embraced the style and flaunted those bare shoulders this summer and the best part is that you can effortlessly carry this trend into the fall season and beyond (oh yes, I know you have already bought some off-the-shoulder sweaters and sweater-dresses, if not, let me tell you, its about time!). This trend is super-flattering on all body types and you can effortlessly style it too - pair it with shorts, pants, skirts, culottes, pretty much anything, and you will be ready to conquer the day (and night!). 

My current favorite is this White Flounce Ruffles Flare Sleeve Off The Shoulder Blouse from Zaful. I just adore these darling ruffle-flare-sleeves, sooo hawt! And when in Greece, you outta wear white and blue to match those dreamy white-washed-with-a-pop-of-blue buildings - I paired this white blouse with a baby blue lace skirt and I fit right in ;) 

2. Lace-Up-Shoes: Another trend thats been so hot this year is the lace-up-shoes - from flats to heels to stilettos to now boots and booties, they are everywhere, and are available in so many patterns and colors. Choose one that matches your personality, maybe one that you can wrap-around your ankles or maybe you are the kind who likes to lace-up as high as the knee, or maybe pick one that suits your day, mood and occasion - theres a pair of lace-up-shoes for everyone! 

I love anything animal print and when I saw these lace-up ballet flats I had to have it. I am so thankful I did as these were one of the 3 pairs of shoes (shocking, I know) I took with me to Europe. Since the print/style is so versatile and the shoes so comfortable, I can honestly say that even if it were the only pair I packed I would have been able to wear it with any outfit and happily walk (miles and miles of) the beautiful streets of Europe! ;) 

3. Choker: Well, who doesnt remember this trend from the 90s, if you were a geeky-yet-accessories-loving-teenage like me, you probably even owned one or two yourself ;). The chokers I see now are almost exactly the kinds I remember from those teenage days (why did I ever throw mine away :-o). Chokers are simple, chic and edgy and gives a whole new dimension to any outfit you are wearing. While black is the most common and most popular choker you might have seen on the block, metallics are not too far behind either. Even if you are not someone who wears a lot of accessories, these dainty chokers can be your best friend, but if you are one who loves to accessorize then you can totally do away with carrying just this one piece on your travels and wear it every single day. 

This off-the-shoulder white blouse was just waiting to be paired with a choker, and lately, I have been layering a lot of jewelry (why not right, I love jewelry and layering them looks super-chic). So I put on two chokers instead of one and let the second one hang loose with a bow knot to hold it in place. It looks amaze, doesnt it!? :D

I have to say, Zaful is one of my favorite online stores to shop from, they have amazing collections that are both in vogue and affordable. Plus, I am more than pleased with the quality and timely delivery of the products too.  I am not even guilty about spending so much time adding more and more pieces from Zaful to my wardrobe. You will surely see me flaunt them in more posts to come but for now let me take these 3 fashion trends and share a few pieces from Zaful that you can rock this fall and winter. The below images are courtesy Zaful website. 

Thanks to Zaful for sending me a few clothes to review. As always, styling and all opinions here are unbiased and my own.

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out”. 

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