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November 11, 2016

If you are someone who wears a big smile on your face ALL.THE.TIME. then I already LOVE YOU, if not, then we’ve got a problem and we will need to work on it!

Before I jump into where I am going with this, let’s pause for a moment and ask ourselves ‘how do you picture yourself?’, ‘what do you want out of life?’, ‘what kind of impact do you want to have on others?’. And regardless of who you are, the answer to these questions are almost always to be happy and healthy in life, and to spread happiness and positivity. Yes, you and I have a million other things to add to that ever-growing-list, but the bottom line is - Happy, Healthy & Positive!!! And to spread smiles everywhere…

“The smile on my face doesn’t mean my life is perfect. It means I appreciate what I have and what god has blessed me with.”

Location: Mykonos, Greece
Outfit Details: Bohemian Open Back Dress: Zaful ($17.90) | Sunglasses: Moorea Seal

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And yet, the image that we are often presented with, especially from the fashion industry and media/magazines is of a face that absolutely has no expression whatsoever. What kind of impact does a model walking the runway without the faintest trace of smile on the face have on us? It sure bothers me (has bothered me since I first started watching fashion shows) and makes me wonder, why, WHY an expressionless face? Do you ever wonder, too? I question, what message do they intend to convey when such models walk the ramp? And what kind of influence does this have on our younger generations when they watch such shows or come across such magazines/pictures? Sure, both you and I have heard it all before, they are going for the fierce look, they want to exude confidence, but is an expressionless face the way to achieve that? (it troubles me!).

“If you see a friend without a smile, give him/her one of yours.”

It annoys me when I see such dull or expressionless photos and images plastered all over social media and the internet, and it’s even more appalling to me when it is captioned by a funny or totally unrelated message (and I feel completely at a loss of words). Shouldn’t the runway shows be something more meaningful and lasting, shouldn’t the magazines, media and the internet project a positive image and promote (smiling) happy living? Because, this to me appears as promoting the wrong kind of self-image. I genuinely ask, is there anything positive that you (and I) get out of seeing such pictures over and over? For me, it fails to invoke the very essence I am looking for - happiness! I constantly wonder, am I missing a point? If you know, then please do enlighten me and I’d be ever grateful to you. Do we all not want to start and end our day with a smile? Don’t we all wish to encounter and be greeted by a smiling face? If someone is selling a product to us, aren’t we all more inclined to buying it from a person that is all smiling and happy rather than from someone, let’s say, who mimics the expression from the runway?

“Nothing is more beautiful than a smile that has struggled through tears.”

But on the other hand, if I see a smiling face, I am instantly uplifted and interested (and I will keep coming back for more)...I am going to be ever more curious about the brand/ person and what they have to say, because that is the kind of inspiration I want in my life. That smiling face tells me, sure, life isn’t a bed of roses but I am making every effort to rid of the thorns with a smile; that smile tells me, life is about spreading happiness and positivity despite every challenge life throws at me; that smile tells me, I am having fun, enjoy and love what I do... And that is the kind of person, friend or role model I want to be and be surrounded by in life, wouldn’t you?  

“Stay strong, make them wonder how you’re still smiling.”

I hope to someday see a runway full of models smiling their way to the hearts of the audience as they walk the ramp and promote a positive image, and just as desperate to see social media and magazines embrace smiling faces, but until then (and beyond), friends, it’s upon you and I to do the job… And why should it just be confined to models, magazines or social media anyway? it’s the everyday life, isn’t it!? So again, let’s pause and think for a moment, what kind of impact do we want to have on others??

Sure, we might all not have that million-dollar-smile, but who cares, it's the attitude that matters!!! So the next time you are on or off camera, smile from your cheek-to-cheek, smile from your eyes, smile from within, look in the mirror and smile at yourself, smile your way into people’s hearts.

You walk through life much easier with a smile on your face.”

Remember, laughter is the best medicine and a smile is the most beautiful curve!
A smile costs you nothing, so smile…
Don’t be conscious in front of the camera, just smile
Let go of your inhibitions, insecurities and smile
Promote positivity and spread happiness, please smile
So SMILE and exude confidence

And never, ever, leave the house without putting on your best accessory ever, SMILE!

P.S: This is one of those posts that has gone through several iterations as the editor aka my darling husband felt my original message was coming across as being negative and didn’t have the kind of impact I intended to have. And I knew he was right, so here it is almost 6 months later; after having gone through many changes a few hundred times, and with a completely different set of photos than I had originally planned for this post - when I was in NYC in September, my blog was of course a hot topic of discussion with my girlfriends (at 4am in the morning) during which I also brought up the content of this post (because that is how much this message matters to me) and they made an excellent point that I shouldn’t be wearing any accessories in the photos (and of course they were right, duh, why/how did I miss my own point)!

“Smile, even if it’s a sad smile, because sadder than a sad smile is the sadness of not knowing how to smile.” 

Thanks to Zaful for sending me a few clothes to review. As always, styling and all opinions here are unbiased and my own. 

“The world always looks brighter from behind a smile.”

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