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November 16, 2016

How is Fall treating everyone? Can you believe that Thanksgiving is just a week away (haha I’ve been counting down with every post I write), yikes, crazy right? I honestly thought Fall wasn’t going to be as crazy busy as summer, but boy was I wrong or what! While I like busy, it's a little over the top at the moment with the ever-growing things on my list that I want to get done by the end of the year. Add holiday season to the mix and it’s more than a full plate! And when life gets this busy, the first thing to bare the brunt is sadly, our health. We ignore what our body is trying to tell us and keep pushing forward in the hopes that this will all be over soon and we will have more time to care for ourselves. But nope, that ain’t gonna happen because the cycle starts all over again. On the other hand, if we can be a little more diligent and disciplined about caring for our health, we can get more done than we can ever imagine.

Photo Source: Everly Well Website

That means taking control of our health - being on top of our bodies’ needs and knowing what health concerns we need to address and how. Thanks to companies like Everly Well who make it easier and help us do just that! Previously, I shared about how the company provides convenient, at-home health tests with results that people can actually understand - you can read more about the various tests they offer and how it works in this post. In another post, I also gave you an overview of the tests I took at home and just how easy it was to do so.

Since I sent the samples back to their lab I had been eagerly waiting to get my hands on the results, because a) I am always uber-curious when it comes to health (the hubs might disagree as I am a big procrastinator when it comes to my own health) b) This is the first time I ever did a health test at home c) I really wanted to find out for myself if and how I would be able to both read and understand my own results. And let me tell you, I was quite happy! Though it took over 10 days for me to get my hands on the results (a little surprising as I was expecting it a bit sooner), being able to not only read and understand (in depth) what my health results actually mean but also see solutions/remedies alongside the test results without having to do my own research is a big plus. Also, their chief medical officer has been available to answer any questions or concerns regarding my test results.

The test results were directly sent to my Everly Well account and I could login to my account anytime and leisurely read/analyse the results. Everything is spelt out with easily understandable charts and graphs, see below images, mostly self-explanatory right? You can save the results as a PDF and even share them directly with anyone you wish to. My Cholesterol & Lipids Test results are just fine but the Sleep & Stress Test results are a little concerning (well, no surprises there). The good thing is that at least now I know there is an issue and what precautions I need to take and how to remedy it.

The one thing I am not very satisfied about is, “What this means” and “What You Can Do About It” sections in the results (especially within the Sleep and Stress Test). They seem too generic and not specifically tied to my results and that is in fact the kind of information I am interested in learning the most about. I am definitely sending that feedback to the company and hope they can take that into consideration and implement changes in the future.

All in all, I would highly recommend Everly Well's at-home health testing kits to anyone, as I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep on top of our health (now more than ever). And with the holidays being right around the corner, these tests are also a great gift idea to give to someone whose health and wellness you deeply care about. You can also get a special 15% discount on all products from Everly Well, use code EVERLYFALL10, valid until November 30th 2016.

Thanks to Everly Well for sending me at-home health testing kits of my choice to review. As always, all opinions are unbiased and my own.

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live in.”

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