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November 02, 2016

Back in September, I shared about Everly Well and the simple at-home health testing services they offer. If you haven’t checked out that post yet, you definitely want to because, a) We should always at least be aware of the options that are available to us, especially when it comes to our health. b) I cannot tell you just how easy it was for me to use the testing kits they sent and how psyched I am to learn the results of my tests. c) Being fully in control of your own health is of utmost importance.

I choose two tests from Everly Well's website - Sleep & Stress Test and Cholesterol & Lipids Test. Both arrived in small packages and included a welcome letter, appropriate sample collecting components, self-collecting instructions, lab order information, consent/test requisition form and return packaging. I am not going to lie, having never done a health test at home I was intimidated me at first. But as soon as I read the instructions, it all made sense and at most took me about 10 mins in all to fill out the form, collect the samples and put everything back in the return envelope, easy peasy!!!

Sleep & Stress Test (Priced at $249): This is one of those tests that I have never ever done before, I mean who pays much attention to sleep and stress these days anyway? We all have just assumed that stress is a part of any job (kind of sad to admit that it's somewhat become an integral part of our lifestyle) and we have all mastered the art of functioning on minimal sleep (right?). Because, we often forget, or rather ignore the simple fact that sleep and stress are the biggest contributors to any health related issues.

So I was naturally excited when I saw a Sleep & Stress Test available on Everly Well. While I can safely say that I do not have any issues related to sleep, it’s a whole other story when it comes to stress. Being a blogger is super-duper fun, no doubts about that, but it also comes with an equal amount of stress (sigh, go read my post on what it entails to be a blogger and you will empathize with me!). And as far as I know, it’s true for any other job. Anyhow, going back to the test itself, all I had to do was collect urine samples at 4 different times during the day on thick strips of paper they sent, allow them to dry, put the strips back in the envelope and voila, done!

Cholesterol & Lipids Test (Priced at $79): Testing for cholesterol is generally part of the annual physical we all get done once a year. And I have a long history with this one, though I have personally not seen a scary number against any of the lipids in my body (despite the amount of sweets and dessert I hog) at one point a close relative had a ridiculously high HDL and LDL levels despite eating healthier and being fitter than I was. This to me was shocking, which is what had originally (a few years ago) gotten me to do a ton of research and I had realized that staying healthy is not just a lot of DO NOT DO’s but it’s also equally a lot of MUST DO’s in life  (check out this heart healthy post to learn more). For example, staying away from junk food just isn’t enough, one's diet must also include certain nutrients and superfoods. So after making certain changes to the diet per my recommendation, the relative’s HDL and LDL numbers have significantly reduced and I feel so damn proud of it, YAY!!!
So yes, cholesterol test is a near and dear one to me (as dramatic as it may seem ;)) and goes without saying that I was internally compelled to take this test. And as far as collecting the sample goes, I just had to rub my finger with an alcohol prep pad from the kit, use a safety lancet to puncture a tiny hole and allow five drops of blood to fall in the center of the collection device. Once the blood was absorbed I closed the device and put it in the return package along with the consent form and I was done!  

Told you, Everly Well's home tests are as easy as they come! I am now eagerly waiting to get my hands on the results, just too curious to know how well I will be able to read and understand my own test results. And when I know you will know, for I will be sure to share my experience with you…
And you, Sveeteskapes readers can get a special 15% discount on all products from Everly Well, use code EVERLYFALL10, valid until November 30th 2016.

Until then, tell me what exciting things have you been upto this Fall? And just because summer is over and we can bury ourselves in layers, doesn’t mean we have to stray away from our workout routines. Hope you all are (just like me) keeping on top of your health and fitness so you can enjoy those extra holiday calories, guilt-free! :) #Fallintohealth

Thanks to EverlyWell for sending me home testing kits of my choice to review. As always, all opinions are unbiased and my own.

“Create healthy habits, not restrictions.”

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