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December 20, 2016

What’s your most commonly used phrase in a day? Mine would hands down have to be, I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THAT… I use it at least a dozen times a day and the hubs is  mostly on the receiving end of that! But the last few weeks something amazing has been happening - what if I told you that my productivity has greatly improved in a very short period of time? In other words, I now get more done in a day (and thus the number of times I say, ‘I don’t have time for that’ has significantly reduced, half a dozen times is better right ;)). Stay with me to find out more.

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For starters, I am the kind of person who easily feels guilty (and frustrated with myself) if I have wasted too much time during the day and do not get a whole lot of important stuff done. At the end of each day, I have this need to feel that I had a productive day and feel accomplished. And god forbid if I haven’t felt productive for a few days in a row, then I will just be too miserable - I go into this mode where I completely deny myself of any pleasures - watching TV, going out or anything else. And I am sure that I am not alone -  how many of you are just like me when it comes to being and feeling productive? Show of hands please!

Most of us broadly categorize things into - the ‘important stuff’ (and my definition of being productive = checking things off of this list), the ‘chores’ and then the ‘I-hate-to-do-it-but-I-have-gotta’ kinda stuff. The more time we spend on the latter, the less time we have left to invest in the former, which is what changed for me over the last few weeks…

Cooking, cleaning, responding to emails, browsing the internet, social media and completing some ‘unimportant stuff’ is very much a part of my day-to-day life. When I spend  time on not-so-important stuff, there’s always something playing in the background on TV. Granted, I am not glued to the TV, I instead multi-task  but I am sure there’s some time wasted trying to do both. But turning off the TV when the task in front of me does not require me to spend my mental energy is not an option (would be too mundane otherwise). Sure, I could maybe listen to music but that doesn’t solve the crux of the problem, which is, how do I find more time to do the ‘important stuff’? And yes, I have tried to listen to educational videos, audiobooks or podcasts in the background as I tackle these boring tasks but with my attention span, which is worse than that of a 2 year old, whatever is playing in the background turns into white noise in less than 5 mins as my mind wanders from one topic to another at lightning speed :(

The simplest solution to these problems came to me last month in the form of Sudio Sweden Wireless Earphones (which are amazing btw!). Who would have thought? To many of you, it might be the most obvious thing (and even something already part of your day to day life) but I only realized the awesomeness of wireless earphones and what it can do to my productivity only after my encounter with Sudio Sweden Wireless Earphones. I couldn’t be happier about just how perfect they are for me to multitask and be effective as I get through the mundane tasks of the day, and here’s how I do it…

  1. When I am working on things that don’t need me to spend my mental energy, I play an educational video or a podcast on my iMac and walk around the entire house listening to it on my “Sudio Swedes” (as I like to call ‘em). Now that the audio is directly in my ears, I am able to pay full attention without being distracted - cleaning, check (unimportant stuff) and learning, double check (important stuff)!!! This one thing alone has almost doubled my productivity - multitasking at it’s best baby!!!  
  1. I love to work out of coffee shops but what stops me from going there often is, again, how easily I am distracted with the noise in the coffee shop. I recently realized that the noise-cancelling nature of these wireless earphones are such that it helps me (so much more than a wired earphone ever did) tune out all the other noise. Plus, these earphones give me the freedom to get off my seat and walk around the coffee shop while continuing to listen to a piece of audio and still not lose my chain of thought.

  1. Normally, I am glued to the iMac and do not leave the desk until I am done with a certain video/podcast I am watching/listening to. Though I know it is really bad for me to be sitting in one place without moving around for a long period of time, its just how I function. But these earphones now allow me to walk around, stretch and even get some squats and lunges in, all while still being productive, total win-win.
  1. The hubs and I workout at home to online videos before he leaves to work. If I don’t get some workout done before he leaves there’s a 50% chance I’ll skip doing so later (stop judging me ;) I just get busy ‘being’ or ‘trying to be productive’ at other things!). Anyhow, at times we both like to do different workouts, which is what sometimes leads me to say, oh I will just workout later in that case (remember, 50% chances). But now, we can both workout at the same time to different videos with our wireless earphones on (it’s one extremely funny sight for sure but let’s not get into that ;)).

So yes, the Suido Sweden Wireless Earphones have helped my productivity in ways that I never even imagined. Sometimes the solutions to big problems are rather simple and right before our eyes, but we tend not to realize it. For a wireless earphone, the Sudio Vasa Blå is of excellent quality and also stylish at the same time. It also has a one year warranty. It comes in 4 different colors, each with rose gold finish. The box includes 4 different sized silicone tips so you can pick the one that fits your ears well. The leather pouch and the clip helps you keep the earphones secure and in place (the hubs thought the pouch was a little too big for his liking and for all practical purposes as they take up a lot of space in his jeans pocket, but it doesn’t bother me as it goes in my purse anyway). The battery life is estimated to be 8 hours and comes with a micro USB charger. Besides the wireless Vasa Blå Earphone, Sudio Sweden also makes a few other earphones, you can check them out here.

I can't help but dance to the latest Bollywood numbers as I go about my day, thank you Sudio Sweden!

And more dancing caught on camera, thanks to the hubs for this candid shot!!

And with the holidays right around the corner, goes without saying that these Sudio Sweden Earphones make an excellent gift!

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Thanks to Sudio Sweden and Romwe for sponsoring this post! As always, styling and all opinions here are unbiased and my own.

“Headphones on, world off.”

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