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January 07, 2017

Holiday season came and flew by too fast! After two weeks of non-stop holiday fun, getting back to the grind this week has been real hard (who’s with me?). Regardless of how this week has been treating you, I hope you all had a great time making merry with your family and friends over the holidays and the New Year!

Personally, I Love, Love, Love that magical time of the year… amidst celebrating the holidays, Christmas (unwrapping gifts :)), bidding goodbye to one year while welcoming another, I have yet another special reason to be uber-excited that time of the year; it’s also the time when I launched my blog last year!

Outfit Details

Embroidered Pleated Dress: Sammydress ($33) |  Red Pumps : Sammydress ($14.55) | Accessories: Chloe & Isabel  | Watch: Skagen

Sveeteskapes turned one year old on 24th Dec 2016 and I celebrated it with cupcake, confetti and my darling hubby (my rock, without whose unconditional love and support I wouldn’t be doing what I do)...

365 days, 67 posts (though my goal was to publish 70-75 posts, this is pretty darn close), almost 1K Facebook and almost 10K Instagram followers (made it to the 10K club this week, wohooo! talk about starting the New Year with a bang!) and over 50 collaborations later, it’s time to toast to my One Year Blogiversary and look back at the incredible year 2016 has been!!!

P.S: Though it’s been two weeks since, you are just seeing this post as it was just impossible to hide the bump in these pics (can’t you tell ;), so the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT post preceded this Blogiversary post ;)

2016 for me was predominantly occupied by my blog and everything related to the blog, goes without saying if you have been closely following my Blog and Instagram ;) I will be honest with you, when I launched the blog on Dec 24th 2015, all I knew was I wanted to write about the topics I am strongly passionate about, but beyond that, I didn’t know what to expect from it, didn’t have the faintest idea how it was going to change my life, and didn’t even remotely think how much it would help me grow (in ways I had never imagined) as a person, as a blogger, and as an entrepreneur… Forget that, I didn’t even have a clue that I had such a flair for writing, which BTW still amazes me every single day (given I was never a fan of writing, unless, of course it was a Facebook status message, my friends and the hubs can vouch for that haha)!

They say (or I might just be making this up ;)), if you do something, do it for a year, CONSISTENTLY, and if you still love what you do, then you are meant to do it. I can proudly say, not only did I blog for a year, but I did so consistently (except for when I was on vacation or was planning one), and the best part is that my LOVE for BLOGGING (and everything else associated with it, well, maybe not everything but most of it) only grows by the day! And back when I celebrated my 6 Months Blogiversary (can you tell milestones are freakishly important to me :)), I shared some incredible lessons I learned as a blogger and as a business owner... Though I continue to learn and grow everyday, everything I shared in that post largely remains the same and I have a feeling they are lessons of a lifetime. Lessons even I go back to and read every so often myself (especially when I a have need for a bout of motivation).
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Looking back at this blogging journey, I am absolutely overwhelmed - with the kind of responses I have received from my readers and followers, with the kind of support I have received from some of my friends, with how incredibly amazing this blogging community has been to me, with the kind of brands I have been lucky enough to collaborate with and with all the wonderful life experiences it has brought with it. And along this wonderful journey, what matters the most to me are the really amazing people I have met along the way and the real connections I have made through this little corner of the internet.


And as we step into the New Year, here are some musings from one entrepreneur to another…

* Get out of your comfort zone and just get started on something you have always wanted to do, trust me, you will learn all the tricks of the trade along the way.

* Be inspired by others’ works but do NOT compare yourself to others, you are your own competition. So, never stop learning and never stop growing. Always aim to get better and evolve at what you do.

* At the end of the day, give yourself a pat on the back for what you have achieved and always celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how big or small they are!

* And most importantly, find your tribe and build a community. Believe me, there’s no better feeling than being among the ones who get what you do and who have each other’s back at all times.

I am well aware that it’s just the beginning and that I have a long, long, long way to go but I am really excited to see what this year brings, especially given the new addition to my life real soon… Follow along this exciting  journey with me, won’t you? :)

And please do tell me, what kind of posts you enjoy reading the most on my blog and what kind of posts would you like me to focus more on in the future?

Blooper photos that usually never make it to the internet: When you lose your balance and are about to trip!

Blooper photos that usually never make it to the internet: when the light is low and you are preggo, you still try, and fail at twirling

Blooper photos that usually never make it to the internet: when the light is low and you are preggo, you still try, and fail at twirling

Thanks to Sammydress for sending me the dress and shoes to review! As always, styling and all opinions expressed here are unbiased and my own.

“Here is to the dream that was, here is to the journey so far, and here is to the adventure to come.”

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