New Year, New Roles, New Responsibilities, New Challenges

January 04, 2017

Hope you all had a fantabulous New Year celebration and that you are both excited and ready to take on new roles, new responsibilities and new challenges in 2017… We (I mean the hubs and I) for one don’t have a choice, as...
We will be popping bottles of a different kind this year!

Keep Calm, We Are Going To Be Parents!!!
YES, and it’s a Spring Fling…

The unexpected snow showers on the day of the photoshoot made the day all the more special and magical!!! You can’t tell we are freezing our a**** off because when your heart is overflowing with love, you will do anything, right?
(or so I have learnt from my own incredible parents and in-laws :))

Due to the influence of pregnancy hormones I could either burst into tears or kill you in the next five minutes. You have been WARNED!”

And today, I am sharing some Random Musings of Pregnancy…

Oh my gosh you guys, where do I even begin talking about the feeling of being pregnant? I mean, giving birth to a baby is older than us humans, so it’s all been said and done before. But as cliched as it sounds, from the moment you realize there’s a bun in your oven, you experience an incredible feeling that you can’t explain, and a lot more - a feeling of joy, a feeling of excitement, a feeling of utter confusion, a feeling of nervousness, a feeling of being scared, and above all, the feeling of a miracle!!!

The hubs keeps joking that after moving to Seattle we did not have anything better to do and boredom led us to making a baby, haha ;) On the contrary, our lives have never been busier! So, it’s going to be interesting to see how we juggle everything, bring a baby to this world and still try to stay sane (or is there no such thing here-on-after? :-o)

Come February, we will be married for 6 years and if you know anything about Indian families, then you know all too well that they are always behind your back till they can hear the first news about a B-A-B-Y (no kidding!). We successfully managed to not succumb to family or peer pressure (I mean, when all your friends are having babies, you begin to think about it too, at least for a quick second). Well, having a baby is a life changer and you do it not because you have been married for a certain number of years, but because it’s the right time for you, because you want to, (and as much as you hope this wasn’t the case) because your biological clock tells you to.

I often wonder, how can you love someone soooo much, especially if it is one who still does not exist in the real world, one you haven’t seen, one you haven’t touched, one you haven’t interacted with? Even though it’s been a few months, I still can’t believe that there is a tiny one growing inside me who I already love sooo sooo much - it just feels too surreal!

We found out the sex of the baby at 12 weeks but going to keep it a secret until birth ;) Come on now, there should be some element of suspense (because, if not for my blogging profession, I wouldn’t even reveal on a social platform that we are having a baby until the little one was born, but more on that later). And until then, you are welcome to bet on Team G or Team B and help us make some money off of it (you know, raising a kid is no inexpensive affair :)).

Hiding my pregnancy from the world when I am a blogger and posting a million pics from time to time has definitely been the trickiest!!! I think I have been doing a terrible job at it though - have a closer look at some of the recent pics on my blog and on Instagram and there’s no way you can say I am not pregnant (unless of course you thought I was just putting on weight and getting chubby and fat, haha!). Thanks to the recent addition of 15lbs, many of my pics/posts have not made it to the internet, and many of the new outfits I bought in the recent past have not seen the light of the day (and won’t for a long time to come #sadface ).

The #1 thing friends ask us now is, are you guys ready? I just want to ROFL (though literally not possible in my current state :)) when I hear this, because no matter how excited we are, and are looking forward to meeting this little person, I don’t think one can ever (I mean everrrr) be ready :-o And honestly, we do not know the A’s and B’s of being a parent - well, no surprise there! Now you tell me, what the heck is a bassinet and why would you need one instead of a crib? (don’t laugh, youuuuu).

This little one is already an adventurer - he/she has been an absolute darling and has let me do whatever I have felt like all along (touchwood!). The biggest of them was being able to go on several hikes during my very first trimester, the best of which was Mt. St.Helens (an enduring hike up an active volcano in the Cascades to reach the summit at 8,360 feet, totally worth it!). Making it to the summit without any issues with this little one inside me was no easy feat and one of the best feelings I have had. If I ever told my parents or in-laws that I would be doing such a thing, they would ban me from stepping outside the house (cuz the first thing they told us upon hearing about the baby was, ‘no more hiking for you now’ haha).

And is also already a globetrotter (non-stop at it actually) - we have been visiting at least one new place every month carrying this one inside me - Minneapolis, California (twice), Oregon, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, 5 countries in Europe and we still have a few more months to go…

Last but not the least, I really feel for the husbands of pregnant women, I really do… at least us moms-to-be go through several changes from the very beginning which kind of (even if very little) prepares us for the BIG change that is about to befall upon us. But, the husbands only get to live through their wife’s hormonal changes, tantrums (though there’s been very minimal of that in my case - really, being honest, you guys) and the growing belly until reality hits them all at once, yikess!

Well, that’s it for now (I am getting really hungry and have got to hog some more now)...

As hard a decision it was for me to make whether to write or not about my pregnancy, after much contemplation and thought, I decided to share this special journey with the world. The whole purpose of my blog is to inspire and be inspired and if this journey can help another person in one way or another, then why not? So, I promise (or warn) that going forward you will most definitely read more about pregnancy and related posts on the blog (of course, along with everything else I am passionate and write about).

This surely is the most exciting adventure we are about to embark on in our lives and we cannot wait to meet the little one in just a matter of weeks… and now more than ever, the hubs and I need your love, support and blessings. I will unquestionably be turning to some of your expertise and advice as we try to learn the art of parenting our little ninja but until then, do let me know if there is anything you would like to share with us parents-to-be?

And from our little growing family to yours, here’s to another incredible year of love, laughter, health, fun, success and adventure! Cheers to 2017 :)

Loved shooting our Pregnancy Announcement photos with my photographer friend, Missy Palacol. Though I haven’t known her for very long and the hubs met her for the first time during the shoot, we felt this feeling of closeness and comfort with her - couldn’t have asked for a better one to capture this special moment for us here in Seattle.

Photography:  Missy Palacol Blog | Instagram | Facebook

“I am pregnant. This morning I told my husband to put the Oreos somewhere I couldn’t reach them... he put them on the floor.”

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