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February 28, 2017

It’s been awhile since Valentine’s Day passed but my body is still grooving to the peppy Bollywood numbers that DJ RDX played aboard the Islander Yacht on that day!
Given how big (hello, don’t you see the #babybump) I am at this stage, I didn’t think I had it in me to dance the night away but seems like baby KV wanted his/her mama to shake a leg or two with the dada after all. And I am pretty sure all the powerful kicks I felt in my tummy as we danced was baby KV joining us on the fun.

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I will be honest, never did I imagine Seattle to host such a lively and entertaining night (especially on a weeknight)! I mean, I would expect something like this in NYC but not here. And I sure was super happy to be proven wrong, guess I have Wicked Karma to thank for organizing such a fun night for all the lovebirds here in Seattle! Since we moved to Seattle I had been seeing Wicked Karma’s Facebook announcements about various events they host throughout the year, but never really paid much attention to it. But so glad I did not miss this one as it was such a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day - on a yacht - dancing and cruising along Seattle waters, instead of a regular dinner-date-night! What else also surprised me was the turnout - not only was the yacht full but everyone on the cruise was super energetic and danced until the very last minute (don’t we all love a lively crowd!).

The Islander Yacht sure made for a perfect Valentine’s Day setting! It is apparently a very popular party ship here in Seattle and I can see why - the interiors are tastefully done with a cozy and romantic set up, it has a fully stocked bar and a beautifully lit dance floor. Once everyone got on board, we cruised along Lake Union and Lake Washington for 3 hours as we all enjoyed dinner, music and dance. It goes without saying that heart-shaped everything was the theme of the night - heart confetti, heart cut-outs and heart balloons made up much of the decor for the night. While the Indian food was pretty good, the music played by the DJ and the singing by Sriram Koppikar during dinner could have been a bit better (many old tracks and too slow for my liking). But once the plates were set aside and the dance floor was open, it was a whole other story - the beats picked up and DJ RDX was a superhit with the crowd; no one could help but hop onto the dance floor and shake a leg or two.

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And I am not the one to miss an opportunity to deck up and party, especially when it’s  Valentine’s Day… I decked up in my latest crush from Pink Blush, this Burgundy Sequin V Neck Sleeveless Gown (which can be worn even after the baby) and I was party ready in no time. The color, the sequin and the style of the dress was made for the special night, and what's more, it allowed me to move and twist and turn on the dance floor as much as I wanted. And the hubs looked dapper in a Calvin Klein blazer (we were kind of going for a V-Day matchy-matchy yet a contrasting-color combo). A beautiful lady even walked up to me and said, ‘You look like a goddess in that dress and you two are the best looking couple tonight’ (I swear I am not making that up!), I blushed a little (or maybe a whole lot) and said thank you!!! Which btw reminds me, that just because it was ‘Bollywood’ the cruise wasn’t just filled with Indians but there were quite a few non-Indians as well, which goes to show that the love for Bollywood (and music in general has no bounds) is widespread!

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Good luck everyone!

All in all, everyone seemed to have had a wonderful romantic night with their special someone on that Valentine’s Bollywood Cruise!

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Of course it had to rain, typical Seattle night ;)

Photo Credits: Mujale Chisebuka from OutSide Thinc Agency

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Thanks to Wicked Karma for hosting my hubby and I for Valentine’s Day and Pink Blush for sending me this stunning dress! As always, all ideas and opinions expressed here are unbiased and my own.

“No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they had plenty of sleep. Work hard, party harder.”

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