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March 23, 2017

Let’s talk about some Maternity Fashion & Styling today... Most of these tips also apply to non-maternity style (so don’t run away just yet if you aren’t a to-be-momma or a mom). I have been meaning to write about this topic for a while now, well, ever since I found out that we are having a B-A-B-Y. Finally, here I am penning down my personal experiences and tips after several months of trying to stay as fashionable and as stylish as I did before I got pregnant (and happily started to put on oodles of weight)!!!

V-Neck Tie Blouse/Tunic - The floral print and back tie details add a feminine flair, and this blouse grows with the expanding belly ;)

Basic V-neck tee - with cap sleeves and shirring on the sides is perfect to lounge

Lattice Dress - super stretchy and comfortable

Yve Dress - the color, the lace neck and bell sleeves are to die for, and screams Spring!

When you are pregnant and as you get bigger and bigger the options available to you to pick out outfits from your existing wardrobe becomes smaller and smaller (right now I can only fit into about 10% of my old wardrobe, that too thanks to stretchy tops, dresses and leggings).  And the joy when you can still fit into your old dress XS without having to squeeze yourself in is beyond words can express, no kidding!

And in this day and age, pregnant or not, we all want to wear comfortable yet stylish outfits. Especially given that a pregnant woman's body is constantly changing every single day, it’s even more important to spend the extra time and effort to look and feel great about our changing bodies, which also boosts our confidence and keeps us happy (I mean, who doesn’t want to look like Blake Lively when pregnant)! Yes, pregnancy is hard enough and finding stylish clothes can be a tricky business. But honestly, from my own experience, it isn’t as hard as we make it out to be,  today there are many companies out there that cater to a modern-pregnant-woman's fashion needs. And one such company is BUMPStyle Box, but before I get into the details of the company and its services let me share a few tips for you to keep in mind as you pick out outfits when you're expecting your precious one. It’s all about styling the BUMP, baby :)

  1. Stay true to your pre-pregnancy style and look gorgeous while at it: Just because you are pregnant, it doesn’t mean you have to swap out your sophisticated yet sexy outfits for baggy pants - stick to your original style. Or if you wore a lot of colors or neutrals, then continue to do so. There’s no need to compromise on your style.
  1. Add a variety of styles and pieces to your maternity wardrobe:  I get it - during this time you might feel comfortable only wearing leggings and tops but maternity clothing seems to have come a long way and we now have a plethora of options to choose from - dresses, tunics, sweaters, denim, pants, tank tops etc. So don’t feel constrained but give these other options a try before you completely dismiss them.
  1. Flaunt what you have got: That cute baby bump is around only for a few months, so accentuate and flaunt it instead of hiding it behind loose clothes. Opt for solid colors, choose tight form-fitting outfits (as long as you don’t feel suffocated), and a belt does wonders too. Stay away from patterns and florals (I know they are pretty but they take away from your cute baby bump - so save them for after delivery), one or two pieces are fine.
  1. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize: For that extra oomph factor or to add some edge, go  with a blazer/jacket/cardigan or belt. Embrace scarves, hats and all sorts of jewelry, they go a long way in making any simple outfit really stand out. The best part is that these are all mostly pieces you already own which you can easily repurpose during pregnancy.
  1. Do keep post pregnancy days in mind as you shop for maternity clothes: Its no secret that maternity clothes are expensive. So instead of splurging on pieces that you will only wear maybe a few times in a lifetime, be conscious in picking out clothes that don’t scream maternity and can be worn well beyond postpartum i.e when you lose all that baby-weight (I know you will!). And yes, maternity jeans is essential but not every piece of maternity clothing is specific, to well, maternity alone.  

And I am glad to say that my first box from BUMPStyle Box catered to a lot of my maternity style needs (and are also well within the realm of my very own tips). It works much like any other subscription box - you fill out your style profile and then your stylist will get in touch with you. In a few days, a set of 4-7 designer maternity pieces exclusively picked out to match your style will arrive at your doorstep - you keep what you love and return what you don’t, it’s as simple as that. Based on your needs, you could either schedule a one-time delivery or subscribe to a monthly delivery.

Spring Blazer - a versatile piece to dress up any outfit or to create a casual look

I have used another popular subscription box service in the past and have ended up not liking much of anything I received with my boxes so I was extremely skeptical before my BUMPStyle Box arrived. But was so happy to see that my stylist got 5 (the ones I am wearing in this post) out of 7 pieces right, which to me is a big deal, especially for my first box and given they were trying to get my package out in time (one day turn around time, whoa!) for my trip to Victoria, BC. The only quirks I had with my box was that one of the dresses that was sent to me was not the right size and the blazer seems to be of lower quality compared to the other pieces I received. Both the issues were apparently due to the rush in getting my delivery out and the blazer had just arrived in their facility the day of and seems like they didn’t have a chance to double check for quality before my delivery went out.

All in all, I love my BUMPStyle Box outfits - they are chic, comfortable and stylish (my 3 fave words), and outfits that I see myself wearing way beyond the next few weeks (or months ;)). I cannot recommend them enough and suggest that you give them a try if you are an expecting mama (and even if you are not, what a great gift idea it would be to give your expecting bestie!).
So what are you waiting for, get started here!!!

Thanks to BUMPStyle Box for sending me this subscription box to review! As always, all ideas and opinions expressed here are unbiased and my own.

“Don’t tell me leggings aren’t pants. I am pregnant; and pants are whatever I decide they are.”

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