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May 23, 2017

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Oh my gosh, that has been quite a whirlwind, hasn’t it? Carrying the precious one inside you for 9 months and going through the ordeal of delivering the baby, it ain’t no easy task!!!
 Now that the hardest part is behind you (or has it!?) and as you  navigate through your new role as a mom, it is important to make sure that along with tending to and taking care of your little one’s needs, you also pay just as much attention to tend to yourself and your body's changing needs and ensure you are as comfortable as possible.
Below are some of the most essential new mom must-haves that are both fashionable and functional at the same time…

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  • Nursing Bras: I cannot stress enough just how important a good quality bra is and especially when your body is still going through several changes post delivery. Invest in good nursing bras like the ones from Cake Maternity* that are both functional and sexy (anything to boost your spirits, right? :)) Steer clear of underwire bras as they can cut off milk ducts and cause plugs. (Stay tuned to read more about Nursing Bras in a post on Maternity Fashion Basic Essentials coming to the blog soon).

  • Sleep Bras: These are just as important as nursing bras as they offer more flexibility and support without restriction for the growing breasts in the early weeks post delivery. They are super soft and stretchy and are perfect to wear not just to bed but even during the day as they come with easy drop down cups for feeding. And I absolutely love my pick (by far one of my favorites) from Cake Maternity* - about time I ordered more :)

  • Nursing Pads and Liners: It is important to keep yourself dry and stay hygienic (also protect your clothes) as the milk comes in. Nursing pads and liners help absorb moisture and provide a leak-free experience. Choose pads that are made of breathable material and allow for adequate airflow.  Be sure to change one as soon as they become damp to prevent any kind of infection.

  • Nursing-Friendly Clothes:  If the fabric of your clothes wasn’t as important to you up until now, it’s time you rethink that and opt for super soft fabrics as your baby cuddles in your arms.
    • When you are out and about, clothes that provide easy access to both feed and pump is key - tops, blouses and dresses with zippers, snap front and button down options or wrap dresses work great. These dresses from Loyal Hana* with hidden side zippers (didn’t even know such styles existed until Gugu Guru introduced me to Loyal Hana*) is an absolute favorite style (have you seen my Boomerang video on Instagram yet? You can’t even tell they are made for nursing). P.S: The look on my baby’s pediatrician and my LC’s face were priceless when they saw me walk into my appointments wearing a dress but then to their pleasant surprise, I very conveniently ‘just unzipped’ to feed my baby during these appointments. Since then, they can’t praise these dresses enough.
    • When you are at home, robes from Pink Blush* and PJs from Everly Grey* are excellent options (I pretty much live in these).
  • Maternity / Postpartum Belt: Besides a healthy diet and regular exercise, a belly wrap along with belly shield ( keeps lotion and cream on your skin and off your clothes) aids with the postpartum healing process. It provides the much needed support, helps relieve pain, and aids to shrink as well as tighten the belly as your body tries to get back or regain its pre-pregnancy shape (because, let’s face it, I still look like I am 5 months pregnant even after birthing a baby). Belly Bandit* has quite a few excellent choices to pick from, just be sure to double check your size as a size XS should have fit me just fine but for some reason that wasn’t the case and Belly Bandit* was kind enough to send me a replacement.

  • Nursing Cover / Scarf: It is the most essential item for breastfeeding on the go, a nursing cover definitely makes me feel confident and comfortable while nursing my baby in public. Choose a good nursing scarf that is both multi-functional (use as you please from nursing cover to a car seat cover to anything else you fancy) and versatile (one that adds more style to your outfit). Be mindful to pick one that is soft and allows your baby to breathe. I absolutely love this one from Covered Goods* (meets all my requirements for a good nursing scarf ;)).
  • Diaper Bag: Yeah, it’s the one thing a new mom cannot afford to live without - a functional (a pouch for every item, and even to hold my laptop) as well as fashionable (goes with everything) diaper bag such as this one from SkipHop* makes a world of a difference to a new mom! Not just to carry all the essentials for your precious little one (and his/her tush) but it’s also how you make sure you have all you need as a new mom on the go (ahem, if you are wondering what they are, it’s everything listed above, and more - think chocolates ;)).  A post on Diaper Bag Essentials is coming to the blog soon, stay tuned!

You bet that all of these new mom style essentials were a part of my hospital bag and were all oh-so-useful as I began this beautiful journey of a mom!
What would your new mom style tip be? Tell me, I am all ears…
“I don’t have a 9-5, I have a when I open my eyes to when I close my eyes.”

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