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June 18, 2017

Happy Father’s Day to all the SUPER-DADS out there!!!

It is 4 AM on Father’s Day as I write this post and...

I can’t help but reflect on how incredibly blessed & lucky my brother & I are to have such an amazing dad…
a dad who has had such a positive impact on us and who has gone above & beyond for us,
a dad who still without fail tells us to wear a jacket as we step out of the house in cold,
a dad who still happily irons our clothes (just the way he did when we were little),
a dad who still gives us advise on how to take care of ourselves when we fall sick,
and the list really goes on and on and on…

I can’t help but ponder over (and feel both impressed and proud of) what a wonderful dad my hubby has been since the birth of our little angel…
a dad who changed our baby boy’s first diaper,
a dad who first swaddled our little one,
a dad who stayed up all night to tend to our baby who needed all the attention in the world the day he was born,
a dad who takes care of our baby’s needs the moment he gets home after a very long and  tiring day at work (sure, after his coffee but he does!),
a dad who will stay up late at night to finish the last feeding as the mom rests,
a dad who will jump out of bed to calm a crying baby,
a dad who never shies away from his duties and responsibilities towards our little one,
and I am sure the list will really go on and on and on as our boy grows...

P.S: We shot these photos in lieu of Mother's Day but I wanted to post these for Father's Day (because, equality)!

“Anyone can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a daddy”

Super-dads indeed… But what bothers me is that the term ‘Super’ is generally associated with moms and it is quite rare that it is associated with dads. Of course, we get to hear that dads are super-heroes (sure enough, they are!) but not super-dads, and I can’t help but wonder, as always, why the stereotype!? There’s a lot more to today’s dads than going to work and just playing with the kids once back home.  And it makes me feel incredibly proud and happy to say that I (have and) know many dad-friends who cook, pack lunches, clean, teach, do the dishes, take care of laundry, and are as involved as the mom is in every aspect of the kids upbringing (as they should be!). If not, then we have a real problem, and it’s about time we work (real hard) to change that!!!

There is a real problem with our world when…
there are NO diaper changing stations in men’s restrooms,
paternity leave is not mandatory or is not as important as maternity leave,
mom (working or SAH) is expected to tend to every aspect of the kids needs and the same expectation doesn’t hold true for the dad...
That needs to change, and that needs to change ASAP!!!

If we don’t set the right examples and teach our kids gender equality at home and try to kill the age old gender stereotypes, who else will? As parents, it is our sole responsibility to lay the right foundation to build a future for our kids - in which there are no stereotypes, in which they do not associate mom with household chores and dad with fun, in which they treat both men and women as equals both at home and at work, in which we don’t see ridiculous TV shows and greeting cards that depict dads as beer chugging couch potatoes. Let’s show and teach our kids that dads are just as amazing as moms are! As a mom of a boy, it is even more important to me to teach my boy the value of equality. I am sure he will learn a whole lot of that just by watching his dad (his amazing super-dad) who I know will be an excellent positive role model…

“Telling your kids you can do anything is not nearly as effective as showing them they can!”

Outfit Details: Embroidered Dress (thank you, Rollick) / Bralette / Hubby's Shirt / Baby's Outfit

And my darling husband, our baby is incredibly blessed and lucky that you are his dad (and for that as I always say, I am sure he will love you more than he will love me :-/), and I am beyond blessed and lucky to have embarked upon this new adventure of parenthood with you!!!  
Happy First Father’s Day to you!
I know you are up for the adventures and the challenges ahead :-*

As parting thoughts I will just leave this here - How to be an all-star dad

And this, couldn’t have expressed my thoughts any better - https://www.facebook.com/spotlightstoriesofficial/videos/1550741918290958/ 

 Photo Credits: Jenna Lynn Photography (Thank you for such lovely captures Jenna, especially for making an outdoor shoot possible when our baby boy was just 10 days old :))

“My father didn’t tell me how to live. He lived and let me watch him do it.”

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