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June 14, 2017

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As expecting or new parents, you get to hear a lot, a lot, a lot of solicited and unsolicited advice. Not that I am complaining, I genuinely love to hear thoughts and experiences of other parents. If I like what I hear I make a mental note, if I don’t then I simply dismiss it in my head (not everything applies to every parent and their lifestyle, its not a one size fits all and there is no need to lose one’s mind over it). One brilliant advice I received during pregnancy (which I love the most) is from a close friend and goes something like - don’t let your baby change your lifestyle, do what you would normally do as much as possible and make sure that the baby is a part of it - may it be going for a hike, brunching on the weekend or socializing with friends. Given that the hubs and I are constantly ‘On The Go’ and that we love to travel locally, domestically and internationally, this advice is something that jived really well with me...

Having said that, regardless of one’s lifestyle, being new parents I think it is extremely important to step outside the house and catch a breath of fresh air as much as possible, even if it’s as little as going out for a 30mins walk around the neighborhood. Not only is it refreshing to step outside the house, but it is also absolutely energizing, it helps to bond with the baby and develop healthy habits involving him/her. And walking is also a great foundation to slowly begin your postpartum workout journey and get back in shape. Better yet, if both the new mom and dad can take a walk together with the baby, it is sure to strengthen the relationship as a couple and as new parents.  

Being a new parent I could hardly wait to travel with our little angel and during Memorial Day weekend we took our 5 weeks old baby boy on a road trip. We sort of wanted to test the waters to see how he would take to traveling in a car for long as well as see how he would take to a new environment, and we were happy to see that he did great throughout the entire trip #touchwood! Overall it was a wonderful experience for us as a family!!! And I cannot wait to plan more travel and adventures with this little one (believe you me, I have been planning this whole travel thing in my head even since before he was born ;)).

Milestone Baby Photo cards

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Now regardless of weather you are going for a walk in the park, a quick run to the grocery store or flying across the country with your little one, preparation is key! While it is impossible to plan for all the things that could potentially go wrong when you are out and about or traveling with a kid, being well prepared is half the battle…

And the below essential items (based on where you are going of course) for On The Go or Travel Savvy Parents will surely help you be prepared and hopefully make for a pleasant outdoor experience for both you and your kid.

  • Diaper Bag (and it’s contents): It is the most essential item to carry before you leave the house. Check out this post to make note of all the diaper bag essentials, and based on your destination/duration, carry them in bulk if necessary.

  • Portable Changing Station: Even though your diaper bag most likely comes with one, I like a bigger and better option like this one from SkipHop*. It is wide enough and the head area is cushioned with an innovative "pronto pillow” and makes it easy to just about lay your baby anywhere to change him/her out of their dirty diapers and into fresh ones. The additional pockets make room to hold a few essential items. P.S: Honestly, at first I didn’t think that a separate portable changing pad was necessary, but trust me, it made life a whole lot easier, especially during our road trip ;)

  • Baby Carrier: It is an absolute MUST-HAVE (capitalized, bolded and in bright red color - it is that important)! It is not only great for when you are out and about but is also an excellent option for when you need to get stuff done with a baby wailing for your attention and just doesn’t want you to leave its side. Wear your baby and go about your business as usual (cooking, doing the dishes and shopping; done, done and done!). My hubby says, ‘a baby carrier is the closest thing for the dads to feeling like being pregnant’, awww! This Baby Carrier One from BabyBjorn* Spring Collection (#dadstories) is our current favorite - it is perfect for a new born as it does not require any additional inserts. The waist belt provides good stability without causing any back and shoulder discomfort. It’s a 4-way front and back carrying model. It is acknowledged as a a hip-healthy baby carrier by International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

BabyBjorn* Baby Carrier One

  • Car Seat Canopy: When you are out in the open with your baby in a car seat you want to protect him/her from the elements. This car seat canopy from Aden + Anais* which has snap tabs to secure it to the car seat helps do just that. Made with a breathable cotton muslin it allows for airflow and keeps the baby comfy and protected.

Aden + Anais* Car Seat Canopy

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  • Outdoor Blanket and Cooler Bag: When you are spending time in the park or lounging by the beach, a good water resistant blanket that wipes clean is very essential. And in that sense, this outdoor blanket from SkipHop* is amazing - it is lightweight, compact and easy to fold. It comes with a detachable insulated cooler bag and has additional room to hold other essentials. We no longer plan outdoor activities where this outdoor blanket in not a part of the plan ;)

Celebrating our little angel's 1 month birthday in the park, by the beach!
Yay, we made it through the 1st month as parents ;)

  • Shopping Hammock: This shopping cart hammock from Binxy Baby* makes shopping with a baby a whole lot easier. The baby can happily lounge while you fill up your shopping cart ;) Designed for any standard size shopping cart, it is easy to clip on the hammock to the cart and since it hangs elevated there is plenty of room for groceries. The safety strap ensures that the child can be securely fastened and is safe to be used from birth.

Binxy Baby* Shopping Cart Hammock (wondering if my hyperactive baby boy will stay put in it, well, there's a strap for that :))

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  • Travel Crib: Again, its one of those most essential items for travel savvy parents like us and this travel crib from BabyBjorn* is one of the best out there. It is light, portable and easy to set up and fold down. It makes for a cozy and snug space for your baby (perfect to use from new borns to 3 yrs) to chill or sleep. The sides of the crib are made from a soft, airy mesh which allows your child to breathe freely and also lets you keep an eye on him/her (or play peek-a-boo ;)). Though a ‘travel’ crib, this is also perfect for when my baby boy outgrows his favorite DockATot (which pretty soon he will) and we need something for him to play and sleep in that can be easily moved from room to room.  

BabyBjorn* Travel Crib

  • Travel Humidifier: I just cannot do without this cool mist humidifier from Crane* during those long winter months when the heater is ON 24/7. And a great alternative to it while traveling is their Personal Cool Mist Humidifier. Ultrasonic Cool Mist increases moisture in the air for easier breathing and a good night’s sleep (which of course is most essential), making it a perfect travel companion for a little relief on the go. It is made of a clean control antimicrobial material that is proven to help reduce mold and bacteria growth up to 99.96%.

  • Shoes: What’s a day out with your baby without him/her looking all hip and happening aka wearing the latest and cutest clothes and shoes! These shoes from Pediped* are not only cute but are also of superior quality. Made from non-toxic leather, it allows the little toes to move, grip, and feel the floor. It is also slip resistant and hence one less thing to worry about as your babe starts running around. And shoes that come with a velcro closure for the kids, yes please!

Pediped* Shoes

Stasher* Snack & Storage Bag / NurturMe Baby Food

There you have it, a list of essentials that can make for a great experience for both you and your baby while you are on the go or traveling.

And please do tell what your favorite travel essential item is that makes for a comfortable experience while traveling with your kids?

“Traveling in the company of those we love is HOME in motion.”

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