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October 05, 2017

Thanks to Bartell Drugs for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions in the post are my own.

Whoa, can someone tell me how it is October already!? But yeah, it somehow is! Anyhow, Fall is one of my favorite seasons and I love all things Fall - fashion, beauty, food and a lot lot more, so no complaints there!  

The first of many Fall events that I was thrilled to go to was the Fall Beauty Event at Bartell Drugs (as you might have already seen so much of it on my Instagram and Instagram Stories, #sorrynotsorry)! I simply love all things beauty and fashion (no surprise there!) and this new mama couldn’t be more excited about a little pampering sesh at Bartell's.

Photo Credits: Lauren at MPDG Studio

Free swag, oh yeah!

Bartell Drugs hosts their Beauty Event in Spring and Fall at their various store locations for a week. Currently (Oct 1st - Oct 7th), they are hosting free makeup demos, facials, tutorials, giveaways, vendor samples and much more at these store locations. Honestly, up until now I only thought of Bartell Drugs, well, for what its known, for prescription drugs, but other than that, I’d never associate the store with beauty products (it just never occurred to me) even though I’ve been pretty obsessed with drugstore beauty products for a couple of years now. But boy, was I glad to find out about their Fall Beauty Event, cuz let me tell you, it was such a fun experience and I learnt a thing or two about some great products that I’d never tried before.

As I walked into the store my intention was really to get my makeup done and leave in 30 mins, but who was I kidding? really! I spent 3 hrs (#truestory) at a drugstore hopping back and forth between isles, who does that? Apparently, I do, especially when I find great bargains on premium beauty products (25-50% off, score!) ;)

"Love it or return it - Beauty By Bartell

We don’t think you should be stuck with a product you don’t like. Whatever the reason, we’re happy to give you a full refund—even if you’ve given the product a try. Buy it, like it, or bring it back—that’s our beauty guarantee.”

Various stalls were set-up across the store in lieu of the Fall Beauty Event - some beauty-related where they did facial, makeup, even taught how to apply false lashes, and others food-related where there were samples to enjoy. As I had already gone to the store with some makeup on, I skipped the facial stall and went straight to the makeup stall. The makeup artist gave my eyes and lips a make over (I suggest you go without any makeup on to enjoy the full experience). Next up was a quick tutorial on applying false lashes, something I had been dying to learn but wasn’t brave enough to dabble with something so close to my eyes, but thanks to Natalie (if I remember her name correctly), now I know how to accentuate my almost-non-existent lashes!

A beauty esthetician was also working the floor at the event addressing customers skincare-related questions. I consulted her about my skincare needs and she not only recommended some amazing products (which I am so eager to try btw) but also explained to me why some of these products are better for my skin over others (cuz, let’s face it, everyone’s skin is different). I wasn’t willing to leave the store just yet, not without talking to the facial expert (Amber, I think her name was) who also gave me some great product recommendations and helped me pick out a few that I was happy to hear about (less harmful to skin and all that good stuff). No points for guessing, I came home after a big round of makeup haul and can’t wait to share my favorite Fall beauty products with you all! Stay tuned! (there’s also a giveaway coming your way, shhh!)!

And if like me, you too love beauty products (or even if you don’t, it’s always a good idea to try new things, let someone do your makeup and relax for a bit) then you should definitely check out Bartell Drugs website to see if they are hosting the event in a location near you. Be sure to call them to book a free appointment and pamper yourself!
Did I say free swag? Yep, there's also that! #BeautyByBartell

“Skin first. Makeup second. Smile always! ”

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