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November 22, 2017

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It is no surprise that almost all new mom’s spend the most amount of time on the internet looking up answers to these questions (besides looking up all things baby of course)…

Postpartum Fitness / Postnatal workouts
How do I get back into shape after having a baby?
How to ease back into a fitness routine after birth?
Exercises for your post-baby belly
Will I ever be able to get my pre-baby body back?

The Q’s go on and on but the answer to all these fears and doubts is pretty simple, YES! But it requires a fair amount of work and a lot of patience. I say this to you as much as I say this to myself, because, sistah, 6 months postpartum and I am sailing in the very same boat as you.

Being a new mamma, the best advice I ever received was from a doc who told me, ‘it took 9 months for your body to get to where it is, so don’t be in a rush to get your pre-baby body back but give it at least 9 months’. The moment a new mom understands this truth and accepts it, she will be a lot less hard on herself and her body.

It is as much fitness as it is a well-balanced and healthy diet that plays a huge role in helping you get your pre-baby body back! See how I lost 9-10 lbs in 2 months (the healthy way!) here.

On the other hand, if you are a mom who has always been into fitness and a healthy lifestyle (even before having a baby) then it is going to be a lot faster to see results than it might be for other moms. A friend of mine who had her second baby right around the time I had mine looks like a million bucks. I know she works damn hard for that and if you didn’t know her at all you would never believe that she has kids. But sadly, that’s not my reality (like most other new moms), I have a few more pounds and several inches to go before I can have my pre-baby body back. But hey, she is my inspiration and she shows that it can be done.

And if you are anything like me, then you have all the right intentions of burning ‘em damn calories and losing those inches, but you/we get so caught up in being a mommy and balancing other things that fitness takes a backseat! But the thing is, you don’t need to spend hours in the gym or do a few dozen squats a day to get your workout in, follow these fitness tips and use these new mommy fitness essentials to see great results…

  • Mommy or not, these ideas will surely give you a jumpstart on your workout (and staying healthy and fit in general). A comfortable and stylish workout gear like the ones from Teeki* always motivates one to break a sweat.

  • Start doing Kegels to engage, strengthen and tone your pelvic floor right after giving birth. But you are always questioning (I totally do) if you are doing your Kegels right, so Elvie* has been my personal trainer (if you will), it’s a device that helps me track if I am doing the exercises correctly and it challenges me to keep strengthening my muscles.

  • Get your new buddy (your baby) to be a part of your fitness regimen - walk, run, lunge, curl-up, bench-press, dance, etc with your baby. Trust me, this is such a great way to not only bond with but also a perfect way to entertain him. It also helps develop good habits from the start (be the role model). Warning: Make sure the baby is able to hold his head up on his own, and always watch over him.

  • Once you get A-OK from your doc, start slow with a walk around the neighborhood. The Solly Baby* Wrap is perfect to keep your baby safe as you carry him around on your walks. And a soft + stylish nursing bra is your best friend to help nurse on-the-go - Bravado Designs has some great ones and pairs perfectly with a hands-free nursing bra accessory.

  • Slowly graduate to running, it is a total body workout. Running helps you burn fat, strengthen muscles and tone your abs. Put your baby in a jogging stroller and run with your baby. This Thule* Urban Glide is my absolute favorite, it is lightweight, durable and folds real easy, and I can totally trust this jogging stroller to keep my baby safe.

  • Eventually, kick it up a notch. There are tons and tons of great youtube workout videos that can help you burn the calories. My favorites are Jillian Michaels, PopSugar Fitness and Shaun T. But go at your own pace and do what’s comfortable for you. Or if your hubby, family or friends are able to take care of the baby, then head out to the gym (or even join a workout group). If not, put your baby in a DockAtot* and have him watch you, while you watch over him and still break a sweat.

If you are able to get through this list, then ‘Postpartum You’ will be a thing of the past. But you (and I) need to be committed, make no excuses and show up every damn day… We got this mammas!!! And remember, it’s not just about getting your body back but more about staying fit and active!
P.S: Don’t compare yourself to the new celebrity moms on TV and magazine covers (they have a lot of help that we don’t).

And for all you lovely people who want to buy that new mamma in your life a gift this upcoming holidays, look no further. These gifts are surely going to bring a smile on her face (a long lasting one at that, because she will have you to thank for her postpartum body after all :)).
Make use of the Thanksgiving and Cyber Week deals to snag some great bargains on these fitness essentials.

“Sweat, smile and repeat.”

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