New Mom Makeover | Spa & Salon Services Gift Guide ft. Pro Sports Club

December 08, 2017

Thanks to The Spa at Pro Sports Club for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions in the post are my own.

By now, I am sure you all are probably overloaded with a ton of gift guides splashing all over the internet, here’s one more, and that’s ok, because I know that you can never have too many gift suggestions, especially for a new mom. There’s always a unique idea out there that you might not have thought about, like this gift guide right here -  mommy makeover, or pamper the mommy, or a mommy’s day out, or whatever you fancy to call it! Now that’s a pretty-darn-great-gift-idea, doncha think?

Being a new mom myself, it is indeed one of the best gifts you could give to me. Us moms never get a day off - once you are a mom, you are working around the clock, all year long. So how wonderful would it be to give the mom a break and send her off to get pampered, head-to-toe? Let me tell you from personal experience, it would be Ah-mazing, and self-care, as I talk about in this post, is extremely important but more often than not, highly neglected!!

This past Monday I was whisked away to Pro Sports Club’s Spa for a one-of-a-kind pampering sesh!

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A Personalized Facial: My day started off by getting one of the best massages I have ever gotten to-date. No, I am not just saying that, it was truly one of a kind! Gina, my massage therapist (surely has magic in her hands) assessed my skin as I relaxed on the massage table listening to the soothing music in the background (and started to zone things out of my mind).  She then covered my palms (up to my elbows) and my feet with a warm wrap - this is supposed to help with blood circulation to reap the most benefits of getting a facial, how interesting! She gave me some pro tips for my skin and soon started to go about her business while I continued to relax and almost fell asleep (and thought to myself, ‘how I wish that this session never ends’ haha). The intoxicating fragrance of the products she used certainly had a calming effect on me. Bonus, a shoulder massage that came with the facial, oh yea! Wish I got a full body massage, I would have been in heaven hehe (well, next time).

Manicure/Pedicure: Hands/feet are probably the most tired parts of a mom’s body and they sure deserve a dedicated time of their own!  Nini, my manicurist made me feel just as relaxed as I sipped on some skinny mini (apparently their most sought-after drink) and made my way from the facial room to the mani/pedi room. Manicure and Pedicure don’t need much introduction, but I have to say… for being a nail color junkie (I have over 50 colors at home) I haven’t painted my nails since I had the baby as I try to keep him away from all sorts of chemicals (including the smell from nail color) as much as possible. So, I was very skeptical about getting my nails painted after my mani/pedi but the Shellac nail color Nini used on me didn’t have any kind of smell and I had nothing to worry about (yeah, a new mom is obsessive-compulsive - always worrying about the smallest of things that are remotely harmful to her baby). Tid-bit: Only a handful of you might be able to relate to this but being a South Indian, I find the most joy in eating my Indian meals with my hand (not with spoons or forks). I do so with hesitation when I have the nail color on though, for obvious reasons that nail color has chemicals in it, and for the not-so-obvious reason that the turmeric (and other spices) in most Indian food changes the color of my painted nails. But you guys, my glittery white nail color stayed intact even after eating lemon rice loaded with turmeric the other day, and that is surely a first.  

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Haircut/color: After a good lunch break that involved some yummy food (their salad with goat cheese croquette was absolutely delish!), Katie, my hair stylist was ready to give me a makeover. I can’t even remember the last time I got a haircut, so I needed one real bad. I have historically gotten layers and was looking for something new, but given that I wanted to keep my hair as long as possible, layers won once again (no complaints there - I love it, I always have!). I used to get my highlights done since college but hadn’t gotten them done for the last 2 years and I was ready for it again, but this time I wanted to try ombre/balayage hair. I am super skeptical when it comes to adding any color to my hair because more often than not the final result is not what I would have in mind. And I was even more (I mean super-duper) skeptical this time around, but boy-oh-boy, am I super thrilled about the color or what! I mean, look how gorgeous!! This is exactly the color I had in mind and Katie somehow read my mind and got it 100% right! I love the color so much that I regret not getting highlights done instead so I could flaunt the color even at the top/front, you know what I mean!

Makeup: The whole indulging-in-oneself experience was made complete with an elaborate make-up application by Larae! She did a darn good job (you know, pictures don’t do any justice to the beauty of the makeup, seriously!), she was constantly checking with me about the kind of look I was going for and the kind of colors I like/want to wear. She was pleasantly surprised that I chose bright and bold colors for my eyes and lips (she said most of her clients stick with the neutrals shades). Yeah, I am not so much of a neutrals kind of gal. The lashes she applied on me sure required a ton of patience (which she had plenty of :)), I mean, it was not one strip of lash that went over my entire eyelid, but it was one hair after another after another that covered the lashes across my eyelids. I had never applied anything quite like that before (nor did I even know about it). And just like that, I was ready to head out the door and to a holiday-party, except I didn’t, I came home to my baby and hubby and pretended to be at a party (but then again, life at home with a 7-month-old is always a party :)).  

All in all, I had such a fantastic and fun time at the Spa! The facilities at Pro Sports Club’s Spa are great, the lounge area and fireplace are amazing. But what stood out, even more, was the extremely friendly and attentive staff, everyone was so warm and gracious! Their service is definitely top-notch and I couldn’t recommend them more.

I definitely felt uber-relaxed and oh-so-rejuvenated after spending the entire day being pampered and spoiled at Pro Sports Club’s Spa. The first thing that my hubby said as I walked in the door was, ‘WOW, you look hot! Looks like you got your pre-pregnancy look back’. Trust me, that is a huge compliment for a new mom, and my hubby (unlike others) never gives me a compliment unless he really means it. He also added the next morning, ‘the spa seems to have taken away all your pain/stress/tension, you were so relaxed that you went off to bed at 9:30 last night’, err, yes, I did! :D And what’s more, the hubs loves my hair cut/color too (yep, he does have a great sense of fashion), so that’s kind of a big deal too.

My non-stop/enthusiastic writing alone about the simple yet significant spa services I enjoyed should give you an idea of just you how much I appreciated my ’me-day’ at the club! So take my word for it when I say, it is the BEST GIFT you can give to a mom or the busy women in your life who work so hard for you, your family and the relationship! Even the hubs was saying that he could use a day at the spa, getting some real good massage, sipping on some margaritas! ;) Told ya, it is a pretty awesome gift for pretty much everyone!

“Self-care isn’t selfish. It’s self-esteem.”

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