7 Amazing Ideas To Celebrate Galentine's Day Ft. Urbane Restaurant

February 08, 2018

Thanks to Missy Palacol Photography, Urbane Restaurant, First & Bloom and Holcomb Weddings & Events for collaborating on this post! As always, all ideas and opinions expressed here are unbiased and my own.

If you are wondering, ‘Galentine's Day, what the heck is it!?!?’ 

In short, it is WOMEN CELEBRATING WOMEN, a ladies day out if you will… but if you really want to know what G-Day is, then here is a full-blown blogpost with deets about the day and how to celebrate it with your BFFs!!! :) 

Below are 7 fun-tastic ideas on how to celebrate Galentine’s Day so you can plan one too with your besties!

1. GALENTINE’S DAY BRUNCH: Girlfriends who brunch together stay together, I completely made this one up, but there’s something about girls + brunch + mimosas (or Rose’) that go perfectly well together. Pick a fave restaurant in your city and go spend the afternoon with your BFFs - with lots of chatter, giggles, food, and drinks, you can never go wrong!

And here’s a little peek into how G-Day Brunch went down for me and my girlfriends this year…

Celebrating Galentine’s Day has sort of become a tradition for me (it is a tradition if you do it for 2 years in a row, amirite? :D ) Though this new mama had no time to even think about G-Day, thank god for amazing girlfriends like mine, who take your idea from last year and plan something amazing for you this year, too (cuz gurlll, let alone plan G-Day, I can’t even remember the day of the week, or date of the month anymore #momlife much?). So yea, THANK YOU SO MUCH, MISSY, for the reminder and for planning a girls date for all of us to celebrate together! She also happens to be this amazingly-talented-photographer-and-branding-expert and the one responsible for all these gorgeous pictures... how she does all of it, every.single.time is beyond me!

Photographer: Missy Palacol

Just like last year, we went to our favorite Urbane Restaurant in Seattle for brunch to celebrate Galentine’s Day! Though our time there was limited (cuz, time is more than a luxury now ;)), the little time I spent with these girls was filled with smiles, chit-chatting, laughter, beautiful decor, delicious drinks and yummilicious food (and of course, lots of running behind my new valentine, my baby boy, who was screaming so loud in excitement that I was scared that he’d bring the roof down ;)). 

Oh, look! Someone is photobombing mama's pictures <3

Mama, oh no! That isn't how you pose ;)

Yes, I am the kind of mom who brings her Valentine to a Galentine's Brunch :)

The oh-so-beautiful table setting was all thanks to two super creative ladies… would you just look at that, I mean, how lovely does this all look? The details were to die for, need I even say more?? Tammy of First and Bloom did all the floral arrangements and, she also stole the show with these prettiest-of-pretty-succulent-floral-necklaces. Who would even think of something like that? Tammy, of course! And the rest of the pretties on the table were put together by Callie of Holcomb Wedding and Events. Her eye for all things cute and pink are impeccable. (And now, I blame Callie for making me spend hours in Hobby Lobby, I think I have a new addiction...as if I didn’t already spend enough time shopping at other stores #facepalm).

Florals: First & Bloom

Table Decor: Holcomb Weddings & Events

And where do I even begin talking about my wonderful Galentine Dates? Angie of Chasing My Halo is a total sweetheart, she has already made several appearances on my blog, the only difference from then and now is that she too is a mama now, to an adorable baby doll! I had met Autumn of A Whole Story during a weekend retreat I attended in Vancouver last year and I am so thankful for that, cuz she is one inspiring mama, from her homeschool stories to her witty captions, she is all eye-hearts! And thank goodness for Autumn’s husband, Charlie, who was also there at Urbane and kept my little monkey entertained as the ladies brunched. I met Paige from Seattle On the Run for the first time and she is such a sweet lady, she has this spunk about her which is even more attractive than her outfit. I look forward to getting to know her better and our continued friendship.

Angie Scheie: Chasing My Halo Website | Instagram | Facebook
Autumn Meyer: A Whole Story Website | Instagram | Facebook
Paige Kang: Seattle On The Run Website | Instagram | Facebook

Starting with a drink in hand as soon as we walked in the door to bringing out dishes one after another, Chef Brian and Chef Tom made sure that not just our glasses were full, but also our tummies were too. Check out Urbane Restaurant’s Galentine’s/Valentine’s Day Special Menu on their website.

It was definitely another amazing afternoon full of pretty, thoughtful and love-ly details, surely one for the books!

Venue: Brunch @Urbane Restaurant, Hyatt, Seattle
Executive Chef: Brian Pusztai | Instagram
Chef Tom | Instagram

And now for the rest of the ideas…

2. DRINK AND DANCE: This occasion is a great excuse to meet with your girls and grab some drinks. Once those drinks kick in, take it up a notch and hit the dance floor. Shake a leg or two and dance the night away. Club hopping anyone? 

3. SLUMBER PARTY: For when you are tired from all that bar hopping and dancing… Those PJ parties, chick flick movies (or reality shows?) and girl talks are not just for teenagers, they all get us grown-ups (and new mommies) just as excited too! Don’t forget to end the night (or your early morning) on a sweet-er note, I mean dessert! And now, I am missing my girlfriends in NY as I write this, them, and all our girls night fun, oh well… 

4. SPA DAY: Plan a pamper sesh! What better way to kick off Galentine’s Day than to do what us girls love the most - mani, pedi, facial, massage, blow dry, makeup, the whole nine yards! Choose one of these, or do it all. A little me-time with our gal frands is just the thing us ladies need.

5. GIFTS: Buy something simple, sweet and nice for your girlfriends. Its always a wonderful feeling to both give and receive gifts, may it be flowers, cards, chocolates or anything else. So get creative and buy something thoughtful. 

6. SHOPPING TRIP: Better yet, plan a little lets-go-splurge or a do a little-window-shopping session. Pick out or buy clothes and/or accessories for each other. Those Instagram-worthy try on sessions are after all made of these shopping trips, wink wink! 

7. FUN ACTIVITIES: Pick something you and your friends enjoy doing together. May it be bowling or wine-tasting, or even take a class together - cooking, pottery, Tammy’s floral arrangement workshop or anything else you stumble upon or fancy on Groupon. 

So ladies, what are you waiting for? Do one of the above or do them all… 

Now go, Dress Up and Paint The Town Red (or Pink), spoil yourself and your gal pals silly!


“You can tell who the strong women are.
They are the ones building each other up, instead of tearing each other down.”

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