Unicorn of Moisturizers, Olay Whips | #winterskinproblems no more

February 19, 2018

Thanks to Olay for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions in the post are my own.

Whip! What comes to your mind when you hear the word, ‘whip’? 
I’d say, 3 more words - Soft, Fluffy, Light… 
Because, I could only ever associate whipped icing with whip, cuz to me, these 3 words are synonymous to whipped icing, anyone else with me? ;)
But that association is about to change, once and for all, and for good! 
Not at all exaggerating when I say my new favorite moisturizer is all that, and more… 
I am talking about The Unicorn of Moisturizers, and the answer to my #winterskinproblems. 
The New Olay Total Effects Whip, Hallelujah!

My love for the brand Olay and their products is no secret! So when Olay came out with this new line of moisturizers, I HAD to give it a try. And I am happy to report that the Olay Total Effects Whip might have just been that missing component in my skin care regimen (again, not exaggerating at all), and here’s why:

This brutal cold weather has the worst effect on my skin - it makes my delicate skin dry, flaky, and dehydrates it as though I live in the middle of a dessert (but no, I live here, in rainy Seattle). While dry and flaky skin is due to the dropping temperatures, dehydration is due to the blasting heaters which suck out all the moisture from the air. So regularly moisturizing my face is the only solution, but the problem with almost all moisturizers is that they feel too thick, too heavy, too greasy, or all of the above. Which also makes applying makeup a challenge, because those moisturizers weigh down makeup products that go on top of it, and in just a few hours, the face starts to look all cakey. And not to forget all the clogged pores.

But, the Olay Total Effects Whip is not like other moisturizers… 

Olay Whips is as light as air and provides a smooth matte finish, which also means that I can get away without putting on a primer before applying my makeup (a double duty product, yes plz!). Olay Whips has a unique Active Rush Technology™ that allows the cream to instantly and fully absorb into the skin without forming a heavy and greasy layer that sits on top of the skin.

The Olay Total Effects Whip has 7 skin benefits in one… 
It provides the ultimate nourishment without the weight
It fights early signs of aging and visibly smooths fine lines/wrinkles
It evens skin tone appearance
It enhances brightness
It minimizes the look of pores
It restores firmness
It visibly reduces dark spots

Told ya, it’s The Unicorn of Moisturizers! So like me, if you too, suffer with #winterskinproblems, then look no further, head over to your nearest Walgreens and grab an Insta-Worthy tiny bottle of Olay Whips and say bye-bye to dry and flaky skin (and you can thank me later)! And before you go, just know that based on your specific skincare needs, you can choose from 3 different Olay Whips - Total Effects Whip (for its nourishing properties), Luminous Whip (for lasting radiance) or Regenerist Whip (for anti-aging). Olay Whips also come with added SPF 25, which is what I will be buying next, because, who can say no to a triple duty product, yea? You can get your Olay Whips from Walgreens here.

“Glowing Skin Is Always In.”

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