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March 07, 2018

Thanks to Brooks Running for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions in the post are my own.

Forever is a long time, make sure you spend it with someone that makes you laugh! 

The smile that he put on my face on Day 1 is only getting bigger, with each passing day, and with him by my side!!! Last week, Two weeks ago Vinay and I celebrated our Wedding Anniversary, cannot believe that we have been husband and wife for 7 years! 

I mean, 7 years, whoa, where did the time go? 
As cliche as it is, time really does fly when you are having fun, and when you are with THE ONE! 

While there isn’t anything new that I can say about him that I haven’t said before here and here, I thought I will share 7 random facts about VinSum (its what some of our friends call us) in this blogpost, and when I say random, it is totally-out-of-whack-random LOL.

1. Starting with, how different our anniversary celebrations were this year… Given how much Vinay and I love to travel, vacations have been a huge part of our anniversary celebrations. For the last 6 years we celebrated the special occasion in different parts of the world, but this year we stayed local and celebrated the day by eating several rounds of delicious food, watching a movie in the theater (which is a luxury these days), and some shopping, all while running behind a hyperactive baby boy. How life changes once you become parents, eh? Not entirely though, we have a few big trips coming up and the hubs thought it would be a good idea to not go crazy with any more vacations, or staycations until then. And oh, we have both traveled to all of the same countries, except, he has been to Srilanka and I have been to Iceland, and we are waiting to see who will eventually have a 1 up, hehe. 

2. Our wedding date was probably meant to be. And none of this was planned, it was all a mere coincidence… Vinay and I first spoke on the phone for a while (by which I mean for a week ;)) before we decided to meet. And on that day, we spoke for 7 long hours, by the time we realized that it was 3 AM in the morning, and it so happened that it was also Valentine’s Day! We still can’t figure out how on earth? and what the heck did we even speak about? But that day still makes me blush, that, and a million other text messages we exchanged after that. At that time, he was working in New York City and I was in grad school in Boston. He is the witty one (me, not so much), and at times, his texts would read something like, ‘I need a flower that blooms in all seasons’. (Kusum means flower), ahem, see what I mean (full on blush alert). 

3. Was it love at first sight? Not really, but, I may or may not have hopelessly fallen for him after that first meeting… We met a week after that 7-hour phone conversation and then married exactly a year after our first meeting. Again, we didn’t set out to plan it that way, but things just fell into place and now we celebrate two different anniversaries on the same day instead of one. If it’s not already too evident, we both love to celebrate everything in life, and Vinay is one guy who will definitely remember all sorts-of-anniversaries, except, when it comes to remembering about the dessert I made for him when we first met (apparently, that scared him off - not the taste of what I made, but the gesture...but that’s a story for another day, haha). That one year of courtship involved a lot of shuttling between the two cities. When I say a lot, I mean, how I survived those 1 AM bus rides almost.every.weekend, I will never understand. 

4. We both always have a healthy banter going on between us... People (especially our parents) think that we are fighting, but they will never realize that it’s just part of this millennial generation’s healthy relationship equation. There we are arguing one minute and laughing in each other’s arms the next, after all, what’s the fun in a relationship without fights (though, Vinay will beg to differ. Men, hehe). I am the impatient, short-tempered, believe-in-astrology-superstitious kinda girl (I know, for all my big talk I am very superstitious, you will always hear me say, ‘touchwood’, ‘don’t jinx it’, etc) and he is just the opposite, but he will still play along with my irrational beliefs at times, not willingly though, but he will. And he will complain that it’s hard to make any logical sense with me (well, you can’t have it all honey! ;)). I am this blunt, no sugar coating, in-your-face kind of person, while he thinks about who is on the other side of the table and won’t ever want to hurt them or their feelings, even if they are wrong. He always sees the good in people. 

5. I am forever enthusiastic about taking care of the more exciting things in life, like planning our next vacation, events, or even cooking, while he handles all the boring stuff like taxes, insurance, and the dishes. I will not in a million years understand all of the adult-life complications (read taxes and insurance), so I can’t thank heavens enough that Vinay takes care of it all. We both love shopping, yeah, shocking right, that a guy, especially a husband who loves to shop and dress well! He will very (very, very) patiently go from store to store with me, wait as I try 100s of clothes in the trial room, and gives me his honest opinion (he is not one to simply say yes to everything I wear). Since we moved to Seattle, a lot of his shopping has switched to online as he just doesn’t have the time to go to the mall. He will not only shop online for himself, but he will shop for me too, and I won’t even know about it until the packages arrive. Am I lucky or am I lucky! Though he hates my isle-by-isle shopping at the grocery stores (did I mention that I love grocery shopping? yeah, the weirdo that I am ;)), and I am supposed to be the impatient one between the two of us :-/ 

6. Vinay calls me a social media queen while I call him a social media illiterate LOL. He barely has any time to be on the one social channel (Facebook) he is on while social media is my bread and butter. He probably hasn’t been on FB in several months while I keep refreshing these apps every few minutes (all for business though, and in all honesty, social media has become so overwhelming to me that I don’t remember the last time I went on FB and saw a friend’s status update). But he is always extremely interested in listening to all the business and social media related talks I have with him, from my strategies to my plans to my goals to my wins to my not-so-shiny moments. He is my ultimate confidante, and my biggest supporter ever - as I have said over and over, this blog just wouldn’t be possible if not for him and his unconditional support! I mean, who would, without an ounce of hesitation support my decision to give up a 6-figure-salary-paying-job and encourage me to go after my dream (especially when it is only remotely-and-vaguely defined)!

7. We both place a lot of value on leading a healthy life... From eating healthy (though we love to indulge in all things chocolate, cheese, and all those Indian snacks, chaats and desserts) to being fit to a life that is full of positive vibes, amazing adventures, and filled with genuine people. I am always the one to introduce new habits, routines, etc in our lives, and he is always the one to sincerely follow them (he is clearly the disciplined one). I stray away from healthy habits as soon as life gets super-busy but he sticks with them, even when we are on vacation (for ex, doing Surya Namskara first thing in the morning. He has been at it ever since I introduced him to it several years ago while I have been on and off since then). He most certainly inspires me to be more disciplined, and just his interest and enthusiasm to keep up with all-things-healthy motivates me to do more of it. So when it was time to choose a gift(s) for Vinay this wedding anniversary, I went with GIVING THE GIFT OF HEALTH Ft. BROOKS RUNNING, because, IMHO there is no greater gift than the gift of love and the gift of health!

Brooks Running has been a favorite brand of mine since I ran my First (and only) Full Marathon in New York City back in 2014. Brooks Running shoes are the ones I trained and ran the entire marathon in and it is still my favoritest and bestest pair of shoes I have ever owned (it is slightly torn now, but I won’t ever throw them away, and such is my love for them)! So, I had been meaning to pick up a new pair of Brooks shoes for myself and one for Vinay for quite a while now, and our anniversary was just the perfect occasion for it. 

Given we have both been extremely-busy-new-parents and haven’t been getting as much workout done, it's about time we put on our new running shoes and got back on track (both figuratively, and literally). And an amazing new set of workout apparel from Brooks Running is helping us do just that! We can’t wait to take these babies out with our baby boy when the weather gets better and bearable, but until then, home workouts in these new Brooks Running goodies it is. And I bet that Vinay will use his shoes more than I ever will, but, I am challenging myself to not let that happen (will be sure to keep you all posted on the results ;)). In the meantime, if you have never tried Brooks Running, I highly recommend that you check them out, because, once you wear them there is no 'running back', I mean, going back ;) Currently, I am all heart-eyes for their Spring 2018 collection!

Hope you all enjoyed reading the most randomly random facts about VinSum! BTW, if there is anything on here that you relate to, then please let me know because I am dying to hear all about it! :) 

And as usual, stay tuned for a healthy-dose-of-healthy-inspiration both on my blog and on my social as I strive to get even more healthy, and even more fit, with each passing day, and with him by my side!!

“Fitness is like marriage, you can't cheat on it and expect it to work.”

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