The Four Seasons 5-Star Hotel Review | Hong Kong Vacation

September 24, 2018

Thanks to The Four Seasons Hong Kong Hotel for graciously hosting us and sponsoring this post.
As always, all opinions in the post are my own.

Our recent stay at The Four Seasons 5-Star Hotel Hong Kong was nothing short of a dream come true… 
It was THE ultimate experience in comfort, care, luxury, and indulgence!!! 

I don’t think words can do justice as I sum up our experience vacationing at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong, but, I will try…

There are experiences and then there are EXCEPTIONAL experiences, and our time at this luxury 5-star hotel, without a doubt, falls into the latter category! Well, why wouldn’t it be, to anyone for that matter, who is treated like a VVIP/royalty from the moment you step out of the car outside the hotel lobby until the moment you walk through the security gate at the airport, (yes, the security gate at the airport!). Believe you me, that is exactly the kind of treatment our family received by the incredible staff at The Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong, and both Vinay and I were floored and blown away by the whole entire experience!!! 

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That million $$$$ view from The Four Seasons Hotel #hearteyes

Mama, dada, you won't let me run around, then I'm gonna be a grumpy baby :-/
(scroll down to see how happy he is when we let him to run around #toddlerlife)

The Four Seasons Hotel is centrally located in ‘Central’, the heart of Hong Kong city overlooking the Victoria Harbor. The exquisite architecture, the contemporary interiors, the urban ambiance, the distinctive class, and the timeless elegance that you witness in every nook and corner are all top notch. And that’s not it, from several parts of the hotel and from the comfort of your room, you have the entire panorama of the city, the harbor, the mountains and the islands in front of you #ViewsToDieFor #ViewsForDays. We just couldn’t get enough of either our stay at the hotel or of the spectacular views from the hotel. 

Photobomber, who? This cutie pie! One can't plan these things :D

We experienced the hospitality of a whole other caliber at The Four Seasons Hotel, with every staff member being extremely warm and welcoming, and with all our needs (and more) taken care of even before we could identify them. I mean, they babyproofed our entire suite in advance of our arrival as they knew we were traveling with a baby. Plus, we had every single item we needed for our baby made available in the room as soon as we walked into our suite - right from a crib to baby toiletries to bottle warmer to sterilizer to the baby bathtub to baby stool, WOW! As a mom, nothing wins my heart over instantly as much as someone who cares for my baby and tends to his needs, especially without me even asking for it!!! 

We were greeted at the hotel entrance by the lovely Aurelie - who was all smiles and so full of energy. She walked us to our -- suite, and the moment she opened the door for us my heart probably skipped a beat or two, and my jaws dropped looking at the mesmerizing panoramic views of the Victoria Harbor and the skyscrapers lining the coastline. The several ships cruising through the waters and the helicopter which roared in the sky all looked like props adding to the beauty of the view outside our suite. Aurelie then gave us an overview of the hotel and its facilities and made us feel right at home. She even shared many helpful tips to explore the surroundings and other tourist destinations. 

He was super excited to see huge rooms in our suite, aka more place to run around and cause trouble! Mind you, he was only 16 months old then.

If you are wondering what he is up to? He wanted the cordless phone. Why you ask? Scroll down :-o

There were 3 cordless phones in our suite, at one point he had them all lying around him.
He even called the front desk a few times, yikes! And ended up having to disconnect all the phones.
I mean, who doesn't want to order room service, right!? ;)

Dada, I snatched the binocular from you, #iWon grin haha.
Alright, now I will let you feed me banana

Besides our suite, we spent the most amount of time in the hotel’s executive lounge area, we were thrilled to have access to it. If we thought the views from our suite were spectacular, we were left completely speechless after witnessing the captivating views from the balcony of the executive lounge, it was unreal and astonishing! It is also a perfect setting for business meetings, family time or romantic dates. With complimentary food and drinks being served here in the executive lounge all day long, starting with a massive breakfast buffet spread in the morning to delicious sweets and savory items at afternoon tea to bubblies in the evening to an absolutely delectable dinner buffet at night, one could stay put here from 6 in the morning to 12 at midnight and thoroughly enjoy the food and the view, an outstanding combination! 

What stood out even more about the executive lounge is the commendable attention that every staff member paid to the guests, especially to us as we had a baby with us. They often came to our table asking if they could bring some food or drink for Aarush, they would also indulge him and play with him while they were at it (you could tell that he quickly became their favorite). The staff also endlessly and patiently picked up things one after another as our silly boy loves to throw things on the floor (it's a never-ending game really :)). And at the end of each meal, they would sterilize his milk bottle and fill it up with more milk and also pack some food for us to take for later (like I said, nothing melts a mom’s heart more). They called him the Four Seasons baby, I am sure he will be happy to hear that once he grows up ;) 

And if all of the above isn’t sufficient to win your heart over, wait, there is more… the drop dead gorgeous infinity pool and the sweeping panoramic views of this cosmopolitan city you get to watch from here, we were spellbound! Again, surreal, especially by night. Of course, I never wanted to leave!

The icing on the cake, and something we never expected was to be greeted by the hotel staff as our cab pulled over at the airport, after we checked out of the hotel (not before), wait, whaaaat? was my exact reaction! As we got off the cab, the 2 gentlemen from the hotel said, ‘you take care of the baby, we got this’ as they unloaded everything (6 suitcases, 2 bags, and a car seat) from the cab and put it in the trolley and brought it over to the flight check-in desk at the airport. They even waited until we were done with check-in and walked us over to the security gate with the rest of our stuff and only then bid goodbye to us. Again, I had no idea that such hospitality existed! Did I already say floored, yeah, only this time it is at least a dozen times over!!! 

If you are seeking for the ultimate in comfort, hospitality, and luxury, then look no further than The Four Seasons Hotel. The service is first-class and they go above and beyond to make sure you have the best of the best experiences. I can only believe that this is an intricate part of the Four Seasons heritage and culture. 

Even though our stay at The Four Seasons 5-Star Hotel was short, this truly has been one of the most memorable and magical stays ever! It was luxury at its best or should I say luxury redefined (for us)! I bet that the rest of this globally renowned chain of hotels is just as top-notch as this one in Hong Kong. We can’t wait to explore, and experience the #FourSeasonsHotels first-class hospitality as our family #TravelThe World, one Four Seasons Hotel at a time!

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

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