The Ultimate Fall Bucket List | 29 Must-Do Fall Activities

October 25, 2018

As I already mentioned in this Fall Fashion Inspiration post, Fall is one of my 2 most favorite seasons. Along with setting a tone for a nice and long few months of festivities, it also is that time of the year when the changing colors and pumpkins tempt you to add a myriad of Fall activites to your bucket list. To be honest, Fall was even more fun for me when I lived on the east coast because of the endless weekend drives chasing the Fall colors, but we do try and make the most of Fall here in Seattle despite the gloomy and drizzly weather. 

So sharing today, The Ultimate Fall Must-Do Bucket List Of Activities, no matter which part of the country you live in. And some of these are ideas which I got from you guys on one of my recent Instagram posts, so thank you for sharing your faves with me.


What are your Fall favorite activities from this bucket list? 
And/or any other faves that are not on this list?

  1. Fall foliage drives - this will always be my #1 Fall activity! I love colors and the Fall leaves are such a feast for the eyes and #SoulSoothing
  2. All things pumpkin - visit a pumpkin patch, have lots of #PSL (I don’t really drink coffee, so I hadn’t ever tasted one when I originally wrote this post, but that changed this week, it is so.damn.tasty, no wonder you all love it so much), carve a pumpkin, or paint some, toast pumpkin seeds
  3. Go apple picking
  4. Sip on apple cider or hot toddies
  5. Get lost in a corn maze - I know that my baby boy will simply LOVE this, playing hide and seek is his favorite ever
  6. Go for a hayride
  7. Go on a Fall hike - there’s something about hiking in the Fall that is even more exciting than in the summer (less crowded and better weather, not to forget the crisp air and Fall colors) 
  8. Enjoy delicious corn on the cob
  9. Get baking - I mean, why wait until Thanksgiving right? Though I haven’t baked in a while and the hubs has been complaining big time, so time to change that (even if not from scratch at the moment then at least with what I picked up at Trader Joe’s recently - I have a post on seasonal #TJsGroceryHaul that will hit the blog real soon, I promise) 
  10. Roast veggies to your heart's content - though I love/do it in the Summer too, but in Fall I have way more choices, just can’t get enough of them 
  11. Get crafty with color changing leaves - collect them, stomp them, DIY project them (yeah, just made that up!) 
  12. Deck up your home and make it Fall ready (another post in the pipeline coming soon) 
  13. Fall photoshoot - it is a must, right? For all my Indian friends, I would highly recommend that you take some photos wearing a saree, pic below and more to come in a post soon (and for others, maybe in outfits that you wear only during special occasions) 
  14. Go on foggy morning walks/runs
  15. Binge watch Fall/Halloween movies - is it too early to get started on binge-watching holiday movies though? Me thinks not! Hehe
  16. Make your home smell like Fall, burn Fall scented candles - I am obsessed with scented candles all year round, but that obsession only doubles during Fall (and the holidays)
  17. Have a bonfire, roast marshmallows, make smores - if not a bonfire, then at least pretend like your fireplace is it ;) 
  18. Turn on the fireplace and enjoy cups and cups of hot cocoa (in my case, cacao) curled up under a blanket on the couch with a good book
  19. Enjoy Fall festivals in your town
  20. Make time for (more) self-care - essential oils, bubble baths, you gotta pamper that dry skin too
  21. Fall cleaning - this might not be fun for everyone, but Fall cleaning brought me so much satisfaction and joy this year
  22. Host Fall dinner parties and game nights
  23. Sample (or stock up on) all Fall seasonal specials - @Starbucks, @Trader Joe’s, @Costco, etc
  24. Visit a chocolate factory
  25. Watch a football game - though I am not personally a fan of NFL 
  26. DIY your Halloween costume or at least find one in the store that you will fall in love with
  27. Visit a haunted house
  28. Make a thank you tree wall ahead of Thanksgiving
  29. Go shopping for holiday gifts - be an early bird and get ahead this year, good sales are already hitting the stores you know :D

  30. There you have it, now go make the most of Fall and enjoy every bit of it before it gets, brrrrr, really cold outside! ;)

    Download The Ultimate Fall Activities Bucket List Here.

    "Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree."

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