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November 11, 2018

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Fall mornings...with crisp air and refreshing walks, with pumpkin spice lattes and cozy layers upon layers,
Fall nights...with scented candles and light up fireplaces, with long cuddles and even longer Eskimo kisses… 
Decorate your home for the season, welcome Fall in style, 
and cherish every moment of such a beautiful time of the year...

P.S: I wrote this post a while ago but just getting around to publishing it (and I already see people are putting up Christmas decor, say what? So tell me, aren’t people decorating for Thanksgiving?). Anyway, I used the same Fall decor as a base and added elements of Halloween right before Oct 31st, and will soon swap out Halloween elements with that of Thanksgiving. So what I mean to say is, use this as your inspiration to set up your home for Thanksgiving too, and then you can move on to Christmas/Holiday decor, more inspiration here and here. 


Decorating my home is one of my absolute favorite things to do! I often keep saying ‘once I am done completely setting up the place, then I will xyz’, and instantly comes Vinay’s reaction (of course, after he is done LOL’ing), ‘you will never be done setting up the place’, LOL, he knows me just too well… At any given time, I am either decorating or redecorating some corner of the house if not the entire house.

Every time I find an interesting home decor item(s), I try to figure out ways to add it to the existing decor at home, which sometimes leads to me redoing the whole section and thus the endless cycle begins (or should I say the endless cycle continues). I am just glad that the hubs doesn’t lose it but is very encouraging of all of these weird (and compulsive) habits of mine hehe (cuz often times, in between these cycles the home ends up looking like a complete disaster). Now add a hyperenergetic toddler to the picture who wants to pull and/or throw everything he can get his hands on, then you will have a very scary me pulling my hair out as I try and contain this little monkey from breaking something or hurting himself. So it’s even more challenging now to fully set up our home per my vision, cuz I am mostly un-furnishing the place than furnishing it haha #ToddlermomLife. 

And when it comes time to decorate my home for the holidays I go all out… and no, this doesn’t have anything to do with blogging, cuz somehow people automatically associate all of these aspects (rather desires) to ‘oh you do this because you are a blogger and you have to write about it’. Ahem, no, I have always been interested and excited about such things, and now we own a home so I have the liberty and option to go all out, of which you also get a peek at cuz I am now also a blogger, makes sense? I just had to put it out there cuz there’s just so much misconception about bloggers and what they do and the why behind it, though I tend to ignore it for the most part. 

OK, so that was a really long introduction and we haven’t even started talking about Fall Decor yet, but hey, you can sense how passionate I am about Home Decor hehe. If you followed my recent Instagram posts/stories, then by now you already know that I went super crazy the last few weekends Fall cleaning my entire home, shopping, shopping and more shopping for more Home Decor items (most of which were Fall related) and making each corner of the house Fall Ready (though the master bedroom is still a huge mess, that is one section of our home which has gotten very little attention from me. For starters, we have a fairly HUGE master bedroom and I have some big plans for it, but haven’t had the time to invest in it so all it has is a mattress on the floor and truckloads of items (which haven’t yet found a place in the house) lying all over the floor of our master, sigh! P.S: So Vinay and I currently use our guest bedroom). 

As far as Fall Decor goes, here are a few simple and effective ways to spruce up your home for Fall and set the stage for the upcoming holidays. You can either go all out or just add an element or two here and there and I bet your home will soon be brimming with Fall vibes… 

First things first, think of areas in your home where you can add elements of Fall...

  • Start by doing up your front porch - it literally feels as if you are welcoming Fall to walk right through your front door
  • Fireplace and fireplace mantel - it gets as much attention as the front porch does if you ask me. In our home, this is the space which gets a lot of eyeballs, I mean, the TV is right above the fireplace, you get the point 
  • Dining Area - dining table, china cabinet
  • Bar Cart - this, if you didn’t already know is my favorite and easiest space to deck up, see this post for some background more inpso
  • Kitchen - corner’s of the countertops, kitchen island, glass cabinets
  • Living Room - coffee tables, side tables, couches
  • Bedroom - nightstand, dresser, bed
  • Office Space - study table, bookshelves
  • Bathroom - sink area
  • Walls and Windows - pretty much anywhere you can/are willing to add some Fall vibes

Now that you know which (or is it what?) areas in your home need to be decorated, let’s look at what elements of Fall you can easily add to up your Fall game...

  • Fall Colors - I mean, it’s a no-brainer, think oranges, yellows, and some greens, with hints of gold, rose gold, white (unless you like to keep it neutral then all white) 
  • Pumpkins - it's almost synonymous to Fall. Find real and/or faux pumpkins - big, minis, in various shapes and colors. Let me warn you (if you didn’t already know) there are at least 2 dozen varieties to choose from
  • Autumn Wreath - make one or buy
  • Flowers - mums (looks great by the front porch, and also apparently great squirrel food, I know that because ours got eaten by our friendly squirrels), sunflowers
  • Other Natural Fall Elements - corn, hay, pine cones, cinnamon sticks, star anise, pieces of wood, Fall leaves (garland) 
  • Banners - welcome signs, doormats, fireplace mantel, harvest sign
  • Fall Scented Candles - simplest way to make your home feel like Fall is by lighting a Fall candle. Use the pillar candles to make beautiful centerpieces 
  • Fall Pillows, Fall Throws, Fall Blankets
  • Fall Towels - over the oven handle, bar cart, dining, bathroom), table runner 
  • Fall Printables - another easy way to add Fall, get free printables off of the internet and put them in photo frames
  • Fill Bowls, Trays, Vases, Mason Jars, Cookie Jars, Candle Holders, Lanterns - with pumpkins, gourds, acorns, Fall leaves, popcorn kernel (for ex: popcorn kernel filled candleholder). Use burlap to add a bit of an edge
  • Fall Tablescapes - table runner, centerpieces, china
  • Fall Potpourri
  • Seasonal Fruit Baskets - use ones which add a variety of color. These also make for great hostess gifts
  • Lights - last but not the least, lights make a whole lot of difference. Also, use Fall tea lights 

Note: If you like more of a neutral color palette, opt for all white decor items including pumpkins and acorn, or if you are like me and love colors then go with lots of oranges, yellows, and greens, or if balance is more your style (which you will see in my office space) then add a little bit of this and a little bit of that to match that style. As always, experiment with patterns, textures, and varieties, and keep what you like and change what you don’t. 

See, that wasn’t hard at all. Hope this post provided more ideas on how to decorate your home for the Fall (and the upcoming holidays). 

And Pro Tip: You DO NOT have to splurge if you don’t want to, create the above combinations with items that you already own (or can easily find for cheap, or for free too (hello, fall leaves)).


"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."

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