Best Of Nordstrom Sale Finds, Women & Men

December 26, 2018

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Happy Day-After Christmas Y’all! 

That went by rather way too quickly, but I am far from getting over all-things-Christmas! 

Hope you all had a terrific time with your loved ones and are now struggling to get back into the grind, just like me (I know, misery loves company haha)!

The only good thing about after-Christmas is all the sales that hit the stores. 

I am sure you are like, how many sales are you going to talk about? didn’t you just publish like at least a dozen shopping/gift guides? But hear me out, this is the best time to buy/stock up on things for the coming year. Honestly, I hate to pay full price, so I either wait until they go on sale or until I have a coupon code to get a huge discount, so this is THE time for folks like me to shop and yet not break the bank. Anyone else with me? 

Plus, you gotta use all the gift cards you received on Christmas wisely after all! 
If you want to get the most bang for your buck, then now is the time. 


If you have been following my IG stories, then you know that I LOVE to shop at Nordstrom Rack over Nordstrom, any day, it just makes more economic sense to me. But around Fall, I started making a NORDSTROM wishlist and have been eagerly waiting ever since for those items to go on sale, some of them are part of their half-yearly sale and that makes me so so excited! 

So here it is, my NORDSTROM HALF-YEARLY SALE ROUNDUP aka things in my wishlist…
Question is, now which of these will actually knock on our doorsteps? :D



“I haven’t taken my Christmas lights down. They look so nice on the pumpkin.”



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