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December 04, 2018

Thanks to Enchant Seattle for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions in the post are my own.

Let’s talk Holiday Bucket List…
In case you don’t have one, then its time to make one, NOW!

But if you don’t have time to read this entire post and hear me blabber then just take my word for it and buy your tickets to ENCHANT CHRISTMAS SEATTLE, NOW. I mean, like yesterday! ;)

Once you make it to #EnchantChristmas and as you get lost in this dreamy winter wonderland (both literally and figuratively) make it your mission to find Santa’s 9 missing reindeers while still having the time of your life…

P.S: In case you don’t live near Enchant Christmas then find an equivalent in your city and make sure you pay a visit and enjoy the holidays.

Or, read about our amazing experience below and let it build up your excitement until you can experience it all for yourself! 

Either way, I promise you that you won’t be disappointed!!!

Now, back to the Holiday Bucket List - layering, snuggling, hot cocoa’ing, Christmas movie watching... well, actually, wait, you know what, let me stop right there, this could be a really long list, so that warrants a separate blog post in itself, amirite? I know I am! ;)

But, let’s talk about the SUPER HOT HOLIDAY BUCKET LIST ITEM that I have been going gaga over (non-stop), THE ENCHANT CHRISTMAS that has come to Seattle for the very first time and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. I mean, it’s a magical winter wonderland, to say the least, #holidayvibes and #joyfulcheer elevated all at once...

With the world’s largest Christmas light maze (as if that alone wasn’t reason enough for all the excitement) Enchant Christmas also offers so much more for everyone. YES, for kids, and for adults all the same (this isn’t something that you do just for the sake of the littles in your life)! But I won’t bore you with too many details which you can already see on their website but will give you the highlights that will make you not want to miss this one-of-a-kind #HolidayBucketList item that you can’t stop talking about at your next holiday party (sure, show off, why not right?) 

The moment you walk through the ‘entrance’ gate once inside the Safeco field you are transported to a whole other world. From watching the colorful twinkling lights and snowflakes to getting lost in the maze as it snows (let’s just pretend that it is real snow ;)) to spotting Santa’s lost reindeers (when you least expect them) as you duck through the archways (my favorite) to looking high up in the air at the giant 80 foot Christmas tree to admiring the larger-than-life ornaments to gazing at the fake moon on a make-believe night sky to finding cute and huge sparkling hearts, candy canes among other light sculptures (as you bump into others) to most importantly, taking photos with Santa as you make sure he hears your wishes to getting ready for story time with Mrs. Claus, all of this and more sums up to just one word, MAGICAL! 

While all of that is magical and dreamy, there’s perfect additions to it from real life too, like ice-skating trail filled with beautiful light displays, nightly entertainment including live music and performances from a variety of local talent, holiday-themed food and drinks, and most of all, the Enchant Christmas Market where you can shop for holiday gifts (jewelry, home decor, gourmet food, etc) for your loved ones from dozens of local vendors.

If you couldn’t already tell from these pictures we had such an ah-MAZEing time (see what I did there) in this maze of all mazes ;) Our little one just couldn’t stop admiring the twinkling lights, snowflakes and reindeers (and even petting them, haha, yes, #toddlerlife) besides running away from us and playing peek-a-boo (trust me, a part of me was praying that we don’t lose him, yes, he is that naughty. No amount of #InstaStories can show you just how naughty this little guy is). Well, us parents live for these moments, anything to see that twinkle in our little ones eyes and anything to create new #HolidayTraditions and #HolidayMemories. This holiday season has already been made so much more special thanks to Enchant Christmas (personally, makes me miss the holiday season in #NewYorkCity a little less this year).

And a huge round of applause to the entire team who has worked hard to convert this Safeco baseball stadium into what feels like a real-life wonderland, commendable job! 

If you want to feel even more special this holiday season then choose VIP tickets - skip the long lines and gain exclusive access to the event including a guaranteed photo op with Santa, and enjoy a private dining experience with your family and friends. 

A few tips to keep in mind to have the best experience: 
  • Open November 23rd – December 30th, 2018. P.S: Enchant Christmas is closed on select Mondays and they also have special events on select nights, so be sure to check their schedule ahead of time. 
  • There are a variety of tickets available, but the standard are general admission (GA) and VIP. Check their website for details about special nights and admission. The GA lines are super long during the weekends, so choose VIP or go during a weekday. 
  • If you are driving then be sure to buy parking tickets online when you buy your entry tickets as they sell out fast, plus, it is more expensive to buy on site. 
  • If you can help it then leave your bags behind in the car and only carry a fully charged camera because you just can’t stop clicking pictures.
  • Speaking of pictures, beware, that the lighting can be really tricky inside so work those angles to get good shots. For us, in between running behind our babe capturing good shots was almost impossible. 
  • Dress in layers and keep yourself warm as it can get quite cold inside (even though this is indoors). And wear comfortable shoes as there will be a lot of walking (in our case running, nope, not one bit kidding, and thank god for these chic boots of mine which are made walk for walking/running behind a toddler ;)). 
  • Bring your own skates if you want to save $10 on rentals.
  • Strollers are not allowed on the field so you need to check it in before you enter the maze. But you can use it in the market area. Or just bring a baby carrier if you have an uncontrolable toddler who wants to run, no, no, sprint across the magic wonderland (if you know what I mean). 

Told ya, you will be transported! 

Now get your tickets before they completely sell out as most dates already have (not exaggerating). The Enchant Christmas experience also makes for a great gift to give to your loved ones for the holidays! 

Pro Tip: Want to impress your family and friends who are visiting you this holiday season then take them to Enchant Christmas and show off what spending time during the holidays with you in Seattle is all about! ;) 

“The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.”



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