Holiday Bucket List Visiting Santaland, Train Window & Parade @Macy's

December 05, 2018

Thanks to Macy's for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions in the post are my own.

Happy December Y’all!
I wouldn’t want to waste another minute (as always) pondering, and asking,
where the heck did the year 2018 (almost) go? 
I mean, it is only 21 days until Christmas, no freaking way…

Anyway, as I continue to listen to more Christmas music as I am sure so are you, let me give you some #HolidayGoals or as we say #HolidayBucketList Must-Dos
🎵 Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree for me
Been an awful good girl
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight 🎵

But before I do so, let’s pause for a second and think about our favorite holiday memories. For me, it’s the cake that my little brother and I would buy with our pocket money savings every year on Dec 25th in the name of Christmas. Sounds weird? Not really, bear with me as I explain…

We are not Christians so we didn’t really celebrate the festival nor was this time of the year that big a deal in India when we were little. So, there was neither any Santa nor any gifts involved. And yet, somehow all the bakeries near our home would make the most delicious cakes around Xmas, so it was probably just an excuse for my brother and I to cut cake when it wasn’t either of our birthday’s. I still remember how we’d both be excited to go to the bakery, carefully check out each cake, glance their prices and their sizes from side to side and buy the one which made the most economical sense (or so we thought) haha… We both went to a Christian school so we would get at least a week off around Xmas while all the other kids went to school. So that was another huge deal for us about this time of the year. But, I would also eagerly look forward to going back to school after the holidays as my Christian friends would bring so many sweet and savory treats that were made for Xmas #simplepleasuresinlife… Fast forward to several years later, things have changed a whole lot for us but we still cherish those sweet holiday memories from childhood as we make new ones as adults every year…

No matter how silly or how thoughtful something you do in life is it is always going to leave a lasting impression, especially around the holidays, so make it count… 

And speaking of creating new memories, this year we started a new #HolidayTradition by taking our little one to watch the ever-so-popular Macy’s parade on the cold and gloomy Black Friday morning, followed by taking pictures with Santa himself in Santaland inside Macy’s in Seattle Downtown, and gazing at the train window display right outside the store… 

It was surely a morning to cherish with all of us catching the Macy’s parade for the very first time (though we lived so close to the NYC parade for so many years never once did we brave the cold weather or the enthusiastic crowd to watch it over there) - from our baby boy being amused (confused and puzzled) by all the bright, colorful and cheerful floats, marching bands, sports teams and mascots, and costume characters who pranced, danced, waved, smiled and high-fived him as they went past our VIP seats to us getting to see Santa ride his sleigh and then entering the store to open Santaland to our baby crying in Santa’s lap (again, another first as he is one happy kid who infact always initiates a conversation with strangers, always waves ‘hi’ at them, but not this time, as I was joking on my Insta-stories it was probably because he is too smart for all the Santa stories (he probably knows that Santa is not real) to getting our first family pic together with Santa…

Anyhow, I will refrain from saying more about the whole affair as these pictures speak a thousand words…

Every holiday season, Macy’s hosts fun-filled holidays events including tree lighting and holiday parades in multiple cities across the US. And Macy's Santaland (Nov 23rd - Dec 24th) is one of their most popular attractions, so be sure to head over to your nearest Santaland so Santa can hear your holiday wishes and you can get an #instaworthy picture snapped while at it. And don’t forget the Holiday Train Windows display, apparently, Macy’s was the first store to feature holiday windows created in the spirit of the season starting a tradition that still lives on today. 

Now that’s a #HolidayBucketList item right there, so what are you waiting for, take out your phones and schedule a visit to Santaland on your calendar, NOW!

P.S: Write or email your letter to Santa and help make wishes come true. Macy’s will count all the letters received and donate $1 for each to Make-A-Wish Foundation, up to a total of $1,000,000 #BelieveCampaign

“Leave a little sparkle wherever you go.”



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