The Ultimate Designer Dupe Finds On Amazon

December 17, 2018

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Under $100 (actually, most are way under $50) and these also make for great gifts, wohooo! 
From bags to shoes to belts to sunglasses to jewelry and more...

You know, this post has been a long time coming… I LOVE designer items but what I don’t LOVE about them is the hefty price tag on them. Can I splurge on the designer stuff once in a while? Sure (in fact the hubs would be happy to buy them for me)! But do I want to? No.freaking.way (unless I made a million bucks a year, or at least close to it, or won a lottery, hey, a girl can dream alright)! I’d rather spend that money on something that will create a lasting memory, not just for me, but for my entire family, like taking a vacation, duh, that’s a no-brainer! But if you have the means to splurge on all the designer products, then, by all means, go for it sistah!


But what about the fashionista in me who loves all the fancy designer stuff, exactly why there are designer dupes ladies… I am sure a lot of you are like me too, it was quite clear from this post when the most clicked links and bought items from this post were, in fact, the designer dupes. So you guys were quite clear in nudging me to get right to publishing this post as I had earlier promised.

P.S: A little back story... I have always been one of those girls, even when I was studying in college in India, who would go to a bargain shopping street and hit up to find the best price on one item that I had spotted at a high-end store #TrueStory (anyone else from Bangalore here? Remember the good old days shopping at Commerical Street, Shivajinagar Market and every street in between?). Compare and contrast has always been my forte and it is only natural that designer dupes are totally my thing.

So as promised, here it goes...
An exclusive DESIGNER DUPE FINDS found exclusively on AMAZON FASHION.

I also find great designer dupes at Nordstrom Rack and Shein (maybe I will do a post on them soon).

P.S: The Gucci belt dupe was sold out in days after I published this post, but fear not ladies, there are a few more versions still available, though they are no longer $6 but still within $15. The messenger bag (again, no longer available but there is a very similar one that I have linked below) and these earrings have been the most bought items from my links. 

P.P.S: Always read seller reviews before buying anything on Amazon as you can find several versions even of the dupes. 

P.P.P.S: Dupes are simply look-alikes and not exact replicas, and know that the original designer brands have nothing to do with these products.


“Don't design for designers. Design for people.”



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