The Ultimate Gift Guide For The Men In Your Life

December 18, 2018

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This gift guide comes straight from a guy who LOVES TO SHOP and who loves to buy the best things, not just because it looks cute (yikes, I am #gulity of doing so at times) but because it is actually useful and functional. 

If you have been a regular around here and my social media then you already know that I love to shop and love to shop for gifts even more! So does my darling hubby, he, unlike most other boys/men loves to shop as well. 

Vinay will have a genuine opinion about any item I buy, may it be for myself, for him, for our baby, or for our home. He is not one who will say ‘you look good in everything’ haha, but he is one who will patiently sit through my shopping sprees and trial room try-on sessions and give me his opinion about every item I try out of the 63805 items in my hand, better yet, he will even pick out items for me when we go shopping (back in the days when most of my shopping happened in physical stores and not online. Only now he gives his opinion on the 9712664 items that get delivered home, #OnlineShoppingFTW hehe). And oh! he even sifts through pages online and buys stuff for me even without telling me (surprise) when he shops for himself (so yeah, I got lucky, if you aren’t already tired of hear me say that over and over). 


I would really appreacite it if you can use my links in the posts when you shop, we all make a very small commission when you buy from our links. If you want to go the extra mile, then order online and pick up in the store i.e. if you want to shop in stores. Otherwise, no credit is given to me or any of the influencers you love for all our hard work. THANK YOU!

All this to say that trust me with this gift guide for any men in your life - dad, husband, boyfriend, brother, etc because I have a husband who 1. Has almost everything 2. Has a strong opinion about things I buy, gifts or otherwise. 

Here is a sample of things you can choose from...

Watch / Perfume / Electronic Gadgets / Wireless Earphones / Winter Slippers / Boots / Outerwear / Gloves / Sleek Wallets / Books / Backpack / Laptop Sleeve / iPhone Case / Belt / Pajamas / Toiletries Bag / Ring Your Mate / Sunglasses / Rain Jacket / Personalized Gift Sets (especially liquor sets) 

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“Men can do their shopping for 25 relatives on Christmas eve in 25 minutes.”

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