Healthy Start To The New Year Done Right, Sprouts Farmers Market Grand Opening

January 09, 2019

Thanks to Sprouts Farmers Market for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions in the post are my own.

Can I just start by saying that I am a little embarrassed as I write this post…

Who has heard of Sprouts Farmers Market? And shops there regularly? 
I’d say yes to the former question and no to the latter. 

As someone who loves to lead a healthy lifestyle, who loves to find the best in everything, and who actually loves to go grocery shopping (aisle by aisle, as my hubby jokes. He calls me an ‘aisleoholic’, a term that he coined ;)) I have not once stepped inside a Sprouts Farmers Market

So yes, to me, it IS embarrassing! 

And honestly, it does hurt my ego a little! I mean, how could I not have tried and tested a store that is loved and raved about by so.many.people (something that became all too apparent as I was doing my research to write this post)? Which also means that I haven’t been doing a very good job at bringing you guys the best of everything, well, at least, not fully then. 

All the images in this post are courtesy of Sprouts.

But I am so thrilled to say that that is going to change, real soon, especially with Sprouts Farmers Market opening its second store in Washington in Lynnwood on February 6, 2019, wohooo!

What: Sprouts Farmers Market Grand Opening

When: February 6, 2019

Where: 19630 Highway 99 Lynnwood Washington 

“Lynnwood shoppers will discover an abundant selection of fresh fruits and vegetables and barrels of wholesome grains, nuts, and sweets in a bright, open store layout. Each store features an in-house butcher who prepares hand-crafted sausages daily and assists customers with special cuts of meat and seafood seasoning. Shoppers will also enjoy a variety of fresh and prepared deli items ideal for a grab-and-go lunch or dinner, a wide selection of freshly baked goods and craft beer and wine. The Vitamins and Body Care Department features more than 7,500 cutting-edge vitamin and body care products made with sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients.

P.S: Sprouts to Open 30 New Stores across the country in 2019. Seven openings slated for the first quarter.

A little background about Sprouts Farmers Market below for those who are like me and knew little to nothing about this retailer. But if you are familiar and shop there all.the.time, then get excited about their new store openings, and if you are a local, then I will see you at the grand opening in Lynnwood! 
  • Sprouts is a healthy grocery store offering fresh, natural and organic foods at great prices making healthy eating affordable from coast to coast and now has 315 stores in 19 states. Their prices are on average 20 to 25 percent below traditional supermarkets.
  • Sprouts offers a complete shopping experience that includes fresh produce, meat and seafood, bulk foods, vitamins and supplements, packaged groceries, baked goods, dairy products, frozen foods, natural body care and household items catering to consumers' growing interest in health and wellness.  
  • With increasing concerns about the quality, safety and production features of food, and consumers looking for products with specific health attributes, such as organic, raw or grass-fed, Sprouts offers an array of attribute-specific items -- an average store stocks approximately 4,000 gluten-free, 3,000 organic, 3,000 non-GMO and 500 raw items, just to name a few.

On that note, I am super excited for Sprouts Farmers Market's new store opening in Lynnwood, Washington, but I already said that, didn’t I!? So what? I can still express that excitement one more time, can’t I!? Because I genuinely LOVE LOVE LOVE discovering/finding new products, new stores, new everything when it aids my motto of making better, and healthier choices for myself and my family! 

As I said, healthy start to the new year done right!! 

Get ready to watch me do more grocery store hauls (both on the blog and your favorite IG stories) and share my favorite finds from Sprouts Farmers Market with you all… 

“Healthy starts here -> if I dont put it in my cart, I wont put it in my mouth.”

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