How To Get Yourself Out Of A Funk, Shimmer and Shine OOTD

February 27, 2019

This blogpost was written exactly a year ago (Feb 25th, 2018, still very relevant though), and these pictures were captured in Jan 2018, both never saw the day of the light until now. 
So, first read my 'Mere Musings' blogpost from today and then come back here... 

Recently (given the timelines, this was a year ago), 
I shared the below caption in one of my Instagram posts...

‘< #DeepThoughts > Do you ever have those days where you just feel blah for no rhyme or reason? Today was one of those days for me... They come and go more often than I'd like to admit - such days weigh me down, make me feel so uninspired, and absolutely kill my productivity. For someone who is always upbeat and hyper-energetic, who is always thinking, planning and getting s*** done I hate that feeling of feeling 'blah' and hate being unproductive even more!!! Question is, how do you get over that feeling and get on with your life? Let me know in the comments below and I will tell you how I deal with such days on stories in a bit.’

Firstly, I am so so soooo thankful for you all - so many of you DM’d me to ask if everything was ok with me. You all told me that it is a feeling that you feel quite often too, and you guys even shared some tricks with me on how you try to overcome those feelings. 

Secondly, to clarify, everything is perfectly OK with me, in fact, I couldn’t be happier in life and that feeling of feeling blah does not stem from something that is associated with my life at all. As I mentioned in the caption itself - there is no rhyme or reason for me to feel that way which makes it even more frustrating, because, when there is a reason for how you feel, you can figure out a solution, but when there is no reason, how the heck do you even fix it? 

Thirdly, I originally said that I was going to talk about what I do to get myself out of that funk on Instagram Stories, but the same day my baby boy decided that he wants to cling onto mommy all evening. He probably sensed that his mama was feeling low and wanted to cheer me up. So here I am writing a blogpost about it instead. And given that so many of you go through that feeling of ‘feeling blah’ every so often, it’s better to talk about it here anyway rather than insta-stories which disappear in 24 hours.

Here are a few things that have always worked for me to get myself out of a funk:

Having deep and uninterrupted conversations with the hubs: Given that Vinay and I have both been extremely busy the last several months, we haven’t quite had the time for those uninterrupted conversations (having a baby/taking care of him + buying/setting up a house, and actually doing both at the same time is no joke!). But when I do have those long talks with my hubby I am generally at peace, because he has always been that comforting shoulder for me when those feelings of feeling blah surface. 

Spending time with my baby: You know, my baby boy might not yet be at an age where he can communicate with me but just seeing his adorable face, watching him smile endlessly for no reason, and him going about his business i.e. playing without any care in the world is enough to make me forget those feelings of feeling blah. He might only be 10 months old but he sure inspires me in so many ways (maybe one day I will write a blogpost about it). 

Watching the TV show Friends: This is one show which always cheers me up. I first started watching Friends when I was in college, and from then until now I might have watched every episode over 100 times. Rather than watching, it is what is usually playing in the background when I am cooking, cleaning or when I am generally feeling low for some reason (or in this case, without any reason). There is absolutely no other show like Friends, those feelings of feeling blah vanish as I hear Joey and the rest of the gang talk. 

Planning our next travel adventures: Yeah, call me crazy, planning a vacation always lifts my spirits. Traveling is such a passion for both Vinay and I that it is something we both enjoy the most. Browsing through websites after websites looking at different destinations and admiring everything that is out there makes me appreciate all that this world has to offer and makes my feelings of feeling blah disappear for sure. 

Recounting my blessings and all that I have: I am always the one to count and credit even the smallest of things I am blessed with in life... for everything in life matters, no matter how small. So recounting life’s blessings always puts things in perspective for me and helps me shake the feeling of feeling blah! 

Do that one thing which will help you flip the situation around: And then on it is a domino effect! 

One small step at a time

And here are some of the suggestions that you guys shared with me, hopefully, these tricks will help others too... 

Watching movies: Now who wants to come home and babysit my babe while Vinay and I go catch a movie, hehe. But honestly, we haven’t had the time for that either. We couldn’t even manage to get away for a few hours when our parents were here to take care of Aarush, so ya, it’s terrible. 

Practicing meditation: Ah, meditation! You know, I first gave meditation a shot when I was in 10th grade, and continue to give it a shot over and over every few years. I struggle and give up as my mind is always wandering and I just can’t sit still in one place for more than 5 minutes. But this has definitely been on my list of things to focus on this year. 

It is probably just your body telling you to take a break: Maybe this is it! This is probably what is causing those feelings of feeling blah. I should definitely start to incorporate some free time in our schedule to do NOTHING! 

Going to the beach and listening to the waves: Trust me, I’d be the first to jump at this opportunity. Now if only the weather wasn’t so dang cold outside. 

Getting a pet/dog: I know that this is big for a lot of people out there. But, I have never been much of a pet person since I was a kid so this might never be an option for me. 

Try to focus on your actions rather than your thoughts: This one seems really deep but I think that there is so much truth and meaning behind it. I am still trying to analyze how best to implement this suggestion. Got any ideas? Please tell me. 

Self-care i.e. getting a massage, working out, going for a walk, taking a long shower, reading a book, etc: These are all amazing ways to shake up that feeling but they all work only to a certain extent for me. 

Listening to Music: Music does help me, but again, only to a certain extent, because I am sure that some kind of music was already playing in the background when I first felt the feeling of feeling blah haha. 

A few more suggestions: Do something that you enjoy doing, spend time with friends, go to a coffee shop and chat with strangers. 

Look back, shrug it off...

...and move forward, even if it has to be in a completely different direction
(notice the analogy between the kid and me in this pic?)

So my point is... everyone seems to have those off days, no matter how happy and/or successful we are in life. But what is most important is to acknowledge those feelings of feeling blah, to live it, and to get over it soon, so we can again shimmer and shine, like this OOTD I am wearing.

“Nobody owes it to you. Make it happen for yourself.”



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