Meal Prep Ideas, Tips & Tricks, Instagram Story Series Recap

February 28, 2019

You guys have really really overwhelmed me (in a good way) with all your questions and suggestions regarding the recent meal prep Instagram stories I posted a few days back. I think after your travel-related and baby-related questions, this topic easily takes home the prize. 

It does make me super thrilled to see such an amazing response, goes to show that the 2+ hours I spent in just uploading those stories were all well worth it! So keep ‘em feedback coming… And I will absolutely take all the amazing compliments you guys have been sending my way too, hehe #humblebrag #fishingforcompliments! Thanks again for all the love and support!!!

And yes, I promise to continue to share more meal prep ideas, quick and easy recipes, as well as healthy recipes, plus some tips and tricks. 

Here’s my dilemma though, I know you guys like the quick convenience of IG stories and it is certainly more interactive, but I also hear your gripe about not being able to access those stories easily (like right this minute). And I share the exact same feelings about IG stories. IG story highlights aren’t that helpful either when you want to let’s say get to ‘Cauliflower Pizza Recipe’ but you have to swipe through a dozen different recipes under highlights before you get there. 

Plus, let’s face it, I don’t own IG but I own my blog… and it aligns perfectly with what I have been meaning to do for long, share every damn important thing I share on IG and IG stories on my blog too, so that it is 1. this one big repository for my voice and all the things I share on any platform. 2. Easy to search and access when you guys want it. 3. IG can’t use its cheap algorithm tricks and keep my content from being shown to you guys.

Having said that, here is a quick upload of what I shared regarding meal prep on IG stories, a detailed post to follow in the future, so stay tuned… 

Hope that this is helpful and makes it easier for you to access my IG stories now! And as always, if you have any questions and suggestions please send me a DM or email me (I am certainly getting better and better at replying to you guys sooner rather than later. I know, we all wish we had more than 24 hrs in a day ;)). 

And if you have any meal prep ideas and tips and tricks of your own please do share them with me, muchas gracias! 

“Healthy is not a size, it is a lifestyle.”



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