Highly Recommended Favorite Finds, February Edition

March 04, 2019

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Per your recent requests and your unanimous ‘YES’ to my poll question last month -
‘Do you guys want me to regularly share all my favorite finds?’

Bringing you this blogpost in an effort to share my recent favorite finds, and in an effort to (as I mentioned in this post) find a place for everything I share on other platforms over here on the blog as well.

Plus, there have been plenty plenty plenty of times when I share something only in my head (trust me, it happens way more times than I would like to admit) - meaning, in the moment I run through the entire series in my head but forget to actually share about these favorites over on Instagram and/or Instagram Stories. And let’s face it, with our busy schedules not everyone is watching all the IG stories every other person posts, and hence it is so easy to miss out on something super important (maybe life changing even) that others post. So, hoping that I can address both those issues with these kinds of blogposts. Though I am yet to figure out if this will be a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly thing.

So let’s jump right in… 

NETFLIX SHOW, ONE DAY AT A TIME: This is not really a recent find, Vinay and I had watched season 1 a long time ago, but recently caught up on the latest seasons and episodes. And we are already about to finish watching the rerun, because this show is so dang ah-mazing! The show might be about a Cuban-American family but there is so much of the show that we can all relate to - I LOVE how each episode focuses on important current issues and conveys a simple yet strong message that leaves a lasting impression on you (and you automatically make mental notes). You can’t help but fall in love with this crazy Alvarez family and with every character that is part of this family, the chemistry between each is so strong that it makes you go all awwww, every.single.episode. It is a show that is entertaining, heart touching, and educating in its own way!

JAY SHETTY’S ON PURPOSE PODCAST: I have been a huge fan of Jay Shetty’s work, but now even more of fan of him and his inspiring wife - this duo! Jay recently launched his podcast, On Purpose with Jay Shetty, on which he interviewed his wife Radhi Shetty (a plant-based dietitian, recipe developer, and ayurvedic medicine enthusiast) for the first time, and damn, are they a #powercouple and #couplegoals or what!? They discussed health, happiness, and the components of a successful relationship. A lot of the topics they spoke about are topics close to my heart. And some of the things they discussed are things that I already value a whole lot (like Ayurveda + food, and its impact on health, etc), or things I need to incorporate in my own life (like areas where I need to improve about myself when it comes to tackling arguments, etc). And I highly recommend that you watch their interview on YouTube rather than listen to it, cuz that love, admiration, and respect they have for each other is swoon-worthy!
“My name is Jay Shetty, and my purpose is to make wisdom go viral. I’m fortunate to have fascinating conversations with the most insightful people in the world, and on my podcast, I’m sharing those conversations with you. New episodes Mondays and Fridays.”

COPY ME THAT: Again, not a recent find, I have been using it (and similar sites) for years but don’t think I ever shared about it. When I was recently writing the Meal Prep blogpost I suddenly thought of this website and wanted to tell you guys all about it and how helpful it is. Copy Me That combines a recipe manager, shopping list, and meal planner into one seamless flow - which means no saving recipe links on Evernote or emailing them to yourself or bookmarking links under multiple folders on multiple devices, phew! It gets rid of all the extra text and copies only the recipe while also retaining a link back to the original webpage. You can use the in-app browser or add the Copy Me That Chrome extension. It also allows you to organize with tags, search, filter, print, email, and share.

CELERY JUICE AND THIS MESH STRAINER: Speaking of the kitchen… Yes, a strainer, who would have thunk!? It has literally saved me 15 mins every morning, wohooo! You might have seen the recent addition to my daily routine (I mean, as of the new year) - having celery juice at least once a day (read more about why it is such a huge topic of discussion and so so important on medium medical), but as I started juicing I realized that I did not own a big enough strainer to do the job of separating the fine fiber (thanks to my favorite Vitamix Blender) from the juice before consuming it. The small strainer I own can’t get this job done quickly enough so I would impatiently waste time trying to make the most of it. And I finally made it to a store to figure out the one that does the job the best (cuz you can’t really tell which is the finest strainer by looking at pictures online, but now that I bought one I can tell). And boy oh boy, why didn’t I go to the store sooner even if it was exclusively to buy this one item - shaving 15 mins off of your morning routine is no joke, it helps a HUGE DEAL! And again, it’s really the small things that make a big difference!

LANIEGE WATER SLEEP MASK: Not sure when I received this product, must have been a part of one of my Sephora Beauty Boxes but I finally put it to use in January and let me tell you, my skin has never felt this soft when I wake up in the mornings, like, baby soft (I know exactly what that feels like thanks to Aarush!). This overnight, moisture-recharging gel mask absorbs quickly and deeply hydrates your skin while you sleep. It does not contain any parabens or phthalates so that is a huge win as well! Now I can’t wait to try the Laniege Lip Sleeping Mask, my lips need all the TLC in this brutally cold weather (because I have been terrible at using my kitchen remedies - applying good old ghee (clarified butter) or coconut oil).

NEW FOUND LOVE ON INSTAGRAM, ACCOUNTS TO FOLLOW: When it comes to Instagram (or social media in general), I hate the word ‘Influencer’ and what I hate even more is the numbers game. A true influencer doesn’t have to have thousands of followers, their ‘influence’ is beyond the perfectly curated feed, beyond the 238754 followers (again, a word I hate) they might have, and beyond all the social media strategies. You could have no followers at all (I mean, you could be a private account that I follow for all I care) and still influence me to make a healthy recipe that I fall head over heels in love with, so why the heck wouldn’t that make you an influencer? While on the contrary, several accounts which claim to be an ‘influencer’ on IG have absolutely nothing to offer, nope, nothing at all, nada (except maybe a pretty face and some cute outfits, but that doesn't feed the soul, not at the very least! Anyway, enough with my rambling, what I wanted to say is that if you have a message then I am here for it, and on that note, I recently discovered these ladies accounts on IG and absolutely love their vibe, the messages/topics they share or the issues they try to address #girlbosses indeed! #CrushingRealHard -> @hithapalepu@thechutneylife@sumonaseth_@amidesai

ALL.THE.LEGGINGS, I MEAN, ALL.THE.HIGH-WAISTED.LEGGINGS: On a quest to buy a replacement for my lost Z by Zella leggings (probably left it somewhere during our last Asia trip) I might have gone a tad bit overboard and bought 6-8 pairs of high-waisted leggings/jeggings (I have lost count) in the last few weeks. And honestly, I am not even sorry, all of these leggings are absolutely Ah-MAZING and I just can’t bring myself to return any of these back. I mean, when you find a good pair of high waisted leggings that is super soft and stays put, you buy one (or a dozen!). Found them all at Nordstrom Rack, Amazon (of course) and Old Navy (1 of each from these 2 places almost looks exactly the same too hehe) and all for less than $20 (except Z by Zella which is more like $26, worth every penny and all the rage). Haven’t been able to find the exact ones I bought online for a few items, but linking a few similar ones from the same brands - option 1, option 2, option 3, option 4, option 5 - all of these comes in dozens of colors. P.S: If it's not high-waisted don't even talk to me about it :-/ 

FAKE PRESS-ON MANICURE/NAILS: Not sure why I hadn’t given these a try in all these years. I mean, especially for someone who wants to pretty much try everything from the beauty world (with a few exceptions which go against the kinds of products I endorse of course). Picked these up during my last trip to Target and gave them a go when we went away on our Anniversary Weekend Getaway (and the dada-son duo were still sleeping). It literally took less than 5 mins, was super easy to apply, and looked like I had got the best manicure done without even leaving the comfort of my couch, whoa, like what!? They stayed put for 4 days, maybe it would stay longer if you don’t wash your hands too often. All in all, they are perfect for when you need to give your nails a face-lift and don’t have time for a fresh mani (or have the time/patience to apply nail color), and also perfect for when you are going away on a vacay. I also bought magnetic lashes at the same time, but haven’t had the time to play around with it yet, will report back soon with a review. 

JULES KAE BLUSH TOTE: This neutral-hued vegan leather bag is versatile and can go with you where ever you go and regardless of what you are wearing - from a day out to date night to the office to the beach. The con is that this bag doesn’t by default come with any kind of pouch or zippers (which is a deal breaker for me) but I made it work to my advantage by putting a purse insert organizer that I use with other big bags too. That way I have a designated space in this tote to carry all the essentials (and more) I bring with me when I go out, and also carry a laptop when I need to, or simply take the inserter out and dump everything in when we are going to the pool or a beach. I have at least a few dozen handbags in the closet but this one has been on major repeat ever since I got it in my Box Of Style P.S: Of all the items listed in this post, this is the only one that was #gifted (everything else I have bought myself). P.P.S: BTW if you have never used a purse insert organizer, it is life changing #nokidding. 

NEW WAY TO STYLE YOUR NECKLACE/CHAIN: Thanks to my baby boy and his constant need to pull/play with all the accessories mama wears I realized, rather, he showed me a new way to style my chains - putting the back of the chain in the front and the front of it on the backside, thus reaping twice the benefits of what you paid for once, and also making a statement at the back (if you have an updo hairstyle going on). This happened with a specific Kendra Scott Necklace that I own (KS necklaces have a really cute backside with their logo design on them), but I have been trying to do this with all my other chains since then. I totally think that Kendra Scott should design a necklace with just their design logo and the chain extender, it will surely be a dainty delicate hit among many. I tell you, this kid is a smart one, he already has a sense of style and how to get the most bang for your buck! And if you are looking for a chain extender to give you more flexibility with styling chains/layer them, here are some of my faves -> option 1, option 2, option 3.

iPHONE STAND: Again, not a recent buy, this was, in fact, one of my most favorite purchases from last year but still one of my absolute faves (was also featured in one of my gift guides last year). We have a few at home and plan to buy some for our parents too. If you spend a lot of time on your phone Facetiming or watching videos or scrolling through IG and IG stories you need to do yourself a favor and get this thing. It prevents you from bending your neck in that awkward position which is definitely going to cause your harm sooner or later (trust me, I suffered from it a few months back, but never again). So prevention is better than cure!

MAKEUP/TOILETRIES BAG: The name might be a misnomer, because, you could very well use this bag to keep anything and everything organized even at home or take with you on your travels. You guys watched my IG stories about a bigger version of this bag (which I LOVED BTW) and then I ordered a smaller version (thank you, Amazon Lightning Deals) and couldn’t have been happier about this purchase. Before this bag came into my life I used to feel like my cosmetics and beauty products that I brought on my trips were all in one big makeup bag and it would be hard to sift through everything to get to that one thing you need (such a waste of time), but with this bag, everything is more organized, is in its own place, and easily accessible.

There you have it, most of my recent favorite finds. I have a feeling that I am forgetting to mention a few more faves, which is exactly why I will be writing more of these posts to keep me honest.
Hope this was useful and that you will give some or all of these a try. And if you have any recent favorite finds of your own then please do share them with me.

All photos used in this blogpost are from the respective websites.

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