Cake Smash | A Year In Review | Happy 1 To Our Son

April 17, 2019

A baby fills a place in your heart you never knew was empty...

Motherhood doesn't come with a manual. No book can ever explain to you what it is going to be like. No one, not even you, can ever tell you what you are going to be like once you become a mom. There is no right. And there is no wrong. But there is love, pure and unconditional love. Being a mom is the hardest thing to do, yet the most beautiful too. Days are full of crazy, chaotic mess, but all strung together with the broadest smiles, twinkling eyes, biggest hugs, and endless kisses. You cry. You laugh. You doubt yourself. You question everything you do. But in the end, you are doing the very best you can for that little piece of your heart which lives outside your body, laughing, crying, crawling, walking, cruising, running, tripping, falling, hurting, growing, all right before your eyes. You don't teach, but you learn, every.single.minute of the day. Your life changes, once and for all, and you will never be the same again. You try to become a better person, Becoming a mom is indeed the biggest blessing ever. And for all of this, and more, I have my mom to thank. No matter how angry, mad, sad, happy, unreasonable I am. No matter how much pain or joy I have brought/bring her. She's always there for me, doting on me, and caring for me. I can't help but ask her, several times a day (in my head of course), 'mom, how the heck did you do it and still continue to do it?'

Wrote this blogpost right after Aarush’s first birthday, but never published it (I guess I want to hold onto a few things and keep it just to myself just a little longer). But I am making sure that I post it now before he enters the TERRIBLE TWO’S this week… where the heck did the time go?

Reading this post also makes me both nostalgic (emotional, teary-eyed) and also makes me realize just how much and how little things have changed between the time he turned 1 and now when he is about to be 2!? 

P.S: He is not his usual charming-smiling-naughty self in these pics. Never is when it comes to cake - every time we bought a cake for his monthly-birthday celebration the first year, don't know what it was... 

If you haven’t already read all about Aarush’s First Birthday Celebrations, head over to the post now

But before we threw him a 1-year birthday party, there was this long-awaited and oh-so-fun cake smashing that happened on the day he turned 1! I don’t know who it was more fun for, for our baby boy to smash the cake, or for us to stand before him and watch/encourage him to smash the cake. 

Our little monkey was probably in dismay that his parents for once let him thoroughly and completely destroy something. But he wasn’t one to waste time thinking, he quickly got on with the act. He was probably worried that if he didn’t act sooner his parents might probably change their minds haha. 

Ideally, we would have liked for the cake smash to happen outdoors in a park, but the weather was still too cold for that when he turned 1 and we stuck to doing it indoors. We wanted it to be a simple affair, with us parents and his fave uncle flying in from the east coast. It was mostly about Aarush having fun and celebrating this BIG milestone. 

Every time I think of this past year, I can’t help but wonder what an incredible journey this has been, both for Aarush and for us his parents (I’d say more so for us because he still doesn’t understand any of this, to him this is the norm, to us it is the ‘new’ norm)… 

So so sooo much happened in just 365 days, from a little baby who was once confined to the small space of a DockATot to one who just can’t be confined by any known or unknown boundaries anymore.

Aarush has grown by leaps and bounds in this past year and I can’t help but be in awe of all his new skills and talents he has learned (and continues to learn 

I am sure that every parent probably feels the same way about their babies, but when it is your own baby, even the smallest of things make you go all awwww and go gaga over it all day long (if not longer) and talk about it at lengths! 

Here’s a quick year in review - some things Aarush loves, is a pro at, and thoroughly enjoys. 
“It seems like just yesterday you were brand new, and now there are so many things you can do.”

He says...

I was never a baby who could stay still, from the week I was born up until now, my legs have always been on the move. At first, it was my vigorous cycling moves in my dockatot to later crawling all.the.time to now non-stop walking and running. My parents say that their legs hurt just by watching me, hmm.

Yoga all day, every day! Mom says that I have the best form when it comes to doing a downward dog, I can even walk for a bit holding that position. She is shocked, and wishes to one day, like me, be able to do just that, good luck mama! 

I LOVE playing Peek-a-boo. I can play it all day long and still not feel bored. I became an expert at it when I was about 6 months old. 

I only like to eat things that are inedible. Every.single.thing my parents object to, has to, without a doubt, go in my mouth. 

Making cute faces at mama and dada when they scold me. Who wouldn’t fall for such a cutsie face when I sway my head from side to side? They still can’t believe that I learned this all by myself, without anyone ever doing so in front of me. 

Smiling endlessly and laughing uncontrollably (with some naughtiness to it, of course!). My parents just can’t get enough of it.

And if you want me to laugh even harder, just tickle me. I love it when mama/dada tickle me, they say that my laughter is infectious. 

All things music - I can play piano, guitar, drums (and everything in-between). I always keep myself entertained by playing a tune on my guitar (see my favorite here) as I go about my day. 

So obviously, my day begins and ends with me singing, or so my parents think. All the cute noises and sounds I make is apparently music to their ears, let’s just hope it remains that way forever. 

And dancing, when you love music as much as I do, is only natural, right!? All I need is for some party music to play in the background for me to shake a leg or two (and even squat to it).

Running away from mama/dada as they come to catch me. Which reminds me, I love to tempt people to play ‘catch me if you can’, aka chase me. I could be at it all day and not get one bit bored, or tired, duh! 

And by running I also mean up the stairs, it’s probably my #1 favorite thing to do now. My parents only need to forget to lock the gate (which they have apparently put in place to ‘try’ and stop me) for like a minute and they know where they can find me, almost halfway up the stairs (if not in one of the rooms with me being up to my usual pranks). 

Playing with all things electronic - mobile phones, laptops, remotes, they are only like my favorite things, the real ones, not the fake ones, I can tell the fake ones from a mile. 

Finding obstacles in every nook and corner of the house and conquering them. You see, I love a good challenge, especially when my mom naively thinks that I won’t be able to go past something, I mean, who does she think she is underestimating! 

And to make it even more challenging, I love to walk/crawl with my eyes closed or with a cloth over my face. My mom’s heart literally either skips a beat or beats way too fast with the fear of me hurting myself, every.single.time. 

Playing in water - bathtime, splashing water, opening and closing the tap. I can spend hours in water and not want to leave. Have you seen my cute picture in a floatie yet? 

Talking to strangers, having a conversation with others. I want to talk to everyone, I mean, If not talk, then at least exchange a few looks. 

Being a drama king - have you seen my GAZILLION expressions? Wonder who I get that from? Shhh! Don’t tell mom I asked that ;) 

I always want to have the last word. If there is a make-some-noise competition between me and others (parents, grandparents, uncle), I won’t stop until they give up. And my family says that I am louder than my mom, shocking! She is supposed to be the loudest in the family (so let’s just say that I get it from my mama and I beat her to it ;))

I love to pull everything from where they belong and throw them on the floor. My mom says she is tired of decorating a specific section in our new home only to put it all away a day or two later. I mean, what was she thinking, with me in the house? 

These are only a few of the million (or more) skills that our little baby boy has become a pro at in just 365 days. Our wish for him is to always continue to be such a loving brat and reach new heights! 

Happy 1 to you our darling son… 

Not a day goes by when I don’t reflect upon what motherhood is and smile… in these very 365 days, I too have learned a thing or two, though I might not have mastered any like my baby boy…

Here’s giving a tight hug to all the loving mamas out there and their darling babies… life truly is beautiful because you make it so! 

May we always cherish and celebrate all the little and big achievements of the apple(s) of our eyes!!! 

“A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten and the future worth living for.”



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